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[Solved] Elevators {how to make them higher/what is change occlusion?}

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Level 37
Aug 14, 2006

I have a small problem with elevators.

  • How do I raise them higher? Now they're like handicap elevators.
  • And what the hell this suppose to do?
  • Destructible - Set the occlusion height of Elevator[2] to 1000.00
Map is attached to the post. Rep will be given to the helpers.


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Level 13
Oct 25, 2009
You raise higher the elevator(Except you use Ctrl+Page Up,you can push it up,and set the level of the elevator.)
EDIT: I tried this also,doesn't work lol,but work for 1-3 level.
  • Destructible - Set height of Elevator[1] to ((Height of Elevator[1]) + 2)
Occlusion is actually what blocks the vision of units. Terrain height is what affects the vision of units; terrain height is actually the cliff-layering, while "raise" tool is not considered as an alteration to the terrain's height.

When you have a value of 1000 for Occluder height, this means that a unit, in order to see above this height, it has to stand on a 1000/128 ~= 8 level cliff, since each cliff level equals to 128 height. Keep in mind that a 0 level cliff is the ground, untouched.

So, when a unit steps onto the elevator, if the area around is fogged, up to the occlusion height of the elevator, it will be able to reveal the area nearby (which is also affected by the vision range (day/night) of the unit) (the height of unit must be higher than the occluder height of the elevator).


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Level 26
Mar 19, 2008
For further information, you can always use this tutorial. Scroll a bit down, there is also part about field Art - Occluder Height (Real).

There is only one way to change elevator height.. via triggers ofcourse. Its trigger mentioned above already:
  • Destructible - Set height of yourElevator to X
Where X is the integer number from pool: 1, 2, 3. One is the lowest level. There are no other levels, warcraft3 engine doen't support them thus doesn't react on actions forcing it to do so.
Remember that action above opens way on newest level for any unit and closes on previous one.
You can learn a lot about Elevator here.
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