Making Elevators

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Oct 23, 2007

Diffiuclty: 5/10

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-Elevator Necessities-
1] About Pathing
2] About Elevator Levels
3] About Locating Elevator Doodads
4] About Elevator Walls

-A Simple Elevator-
1] Making the Terrain
2] Adding the Elevator
3] Placing Elevator Walls
4] Making the Elevator Rise
5] Making the Elevator Lower
6] Finishing off


I read a tutorial on making elevators quite a while back, and dnt understand it at all.
So recently, i was playing around, and got it to work, as i knew more about triggers now then when i was younger.
And i decided to help other people make elevators, as they are a wicked addition to any dungeon, as a trap, or just to make it look cool. :thumbs_up:
This is a step by step tutorial on how to do this.
You can skip part 1 -Elevator Necessities- if you are good with the editor.

How to do it:

-Elevator Necessities-

1] The most important thing to do, is press P once the editor is opened up, this allows you to see pathing
[Pathing allows you to see where units can, and cannot walk:
Blue ground=Walkable |
Pink Ground=Unwalkable]

2] Now, you gota know about elevator levels.
There are 3 levels:
Level 1 -
Is flat ground
Level 2 -
Is raised [by one] ground
Level 3 -
Is raised [by two] ground

3] Heres how/where to find the elevator:
Doodads > Bridges and Ramps > Elevator(1/2)

And here is where the elevator switch is:
[the thing that a unit steps on, to activate the elevator]
Doodads > Bridges and Ramps > Foot Switch

4] Elevator Walls.
These are like path blockers.
[they are invisible, and just block units from entering that area]

There are two ways it can be placed:

-A Simple Elevator-

Note: If you dont know what some of the stuff here is,
please read part 1 -Elevator Necessities-
The simple elevator lifts unit that step on it, up and down.
There are no switches involved.

1] Now on to the more complex stuff :)
Make the terrain you want, this should be suitable:

2] Ok, now you must add the elevator:
Place it here, in the middle:

3] For a really simple elevator, you dont need foot switches, this works too.
Though you still have to add elevator walls.
Place therm here:

You MUST make sure they are facing the right angle,
they should be like this, and should block off every entrance to the elevator:

If the elevator blockers cannot be placed, hold shift, then place it.
[when you hold shift, it reduces the pathing size of the selected doodad]

Then double click on the bottom elevator wall, and reduce its health to 0
[if its 0, the doodad is dead, if its dead, units can walk though it allowing them to walk onto the elevator]

4] Now we make the triggers.
Press the
near the top of the editor to open up the Trigger Editor.

Right click under Initialization, and make a new folder, lets name this Elevator.
Click on the folder, right click, new trigger, name this Elevator up.

Right click Events and make a new Event
[this is the thing that starts the action]
Heres how to do it:

Click Select a region, make a new region in this area:
Press space and drag over the area you want the region over.
[when you press space, it allows you to place things [units, regions, etc]]
Press space and click on the region to select it.

Then accept, the trigger should look like this:
  • Unit - A unit enters Region 000 <gen>
Now make and action [right click, new action]
Like this:

It should look like this:
  • Wait 2.00 seconds
The trigger so far:
-when a unit enters the selected region
-wait 2 seconds before carrying out the next action

Make another action,
revives a doodad:


make sure to revive the doodad that you "killed" earlier on.

Another action,
Raise the elevator:

Select the elevator for this trigger.
raise it to 2 [see part 1 -Elevator Necessities- ]

now add another wait 1s to the trigger list.
then kill, these doodads:
[killing these doodads allow units to walk on them, allowing them to leave the elevator]

it should look like this:

The trigger so far:
-when a unit enters the selected region
-wait 2 seconds [before carrying out the next action]
-revive elevator wall
-raise the elevator to the 1st floor
-wait 1 second [gives time for the elevator to get to the floor you want]
-kill 3 elevator walls

  • Elevator up
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit enters Region 000 <gen>
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Wait 2.00 seconds
      • Destructible - Resurrect Elevator Wall 0001 <gen> with 100.00 life and Show birth animation
      • Destructible - Set height of Elevator (2) 0000 <gen> to 2
      • Wait 1.00 seconds
      • Destructible - Kill Elevator Wall 0002 <gen>
      • Destructible - Kill Elevator Wall 0004 <gen>
      • Destructible - Kill Elevator Wall 0003 <gen>
Thats it for raising it :thumbs_up:

4.5] Not necessary, but you can remove these triggers in Initialization to make your custom map run smoother.
  • Melee Game - Enforce victory/defeat conditions (for all players)
- If you delete this, it stops the game from ending, if there is no player 2.

  • Melee Game - Create starting units (for all players)
- When this is removed, it stops the computer from making starting units.
[5 Pesants + a Townhall [for humans]]

5] Now to lower it.
create a new trigger, lets call it, elevator down.
Make the same event as last time. [unit enters region]
For the actions, it is similar to last time as well
so you use the same technique:
-wait 2s
-revive these doodads:

-set height of elevator to 1
-wait 1s
-kill this doodad:

  • Elevator down
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit enters Region 000 <gen>
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Wait 2.00 seconds
      • Destructible - Resurrect Elevator Wall 0003 <gen> with 100.00 life and Show birth animation
      • Destructible - Resurrect Elevator Wall 0002 <gen> with 100.00 life and Show birth animation
      • Destructible - Resurrect Elevator Wall 0004 <gen> with 100.00 life and Show birth animation
      • Destructible - Set height of Elevator (2) 0000 <gen> to 1
      • Wait 1.00 seconds
      • Destructible - Kill Elevator Wall 0001 <gen>

6] The final step.
Add another action to the trigger: Elevator up
The trigger should look like this:

and another trigger, it should look like this:

then add these actions to Elevator Down, but reversed.
  • Trigger - Turn on Elevator up <gen>
  • Trigger - Turn off (This trigger)
Then finally select the Elevator Down trigger, and uncheck this box:

These triggers basically do this:
after the elevator goes up, turn this trigger off, [because it cant to up twice], and turn on Elevator down, so that the next unit to step on the elevator, will make it go down.

And thats it folks, wer done :thumbs_up:

I hope this helps someone,
and i will be adding more to this, about different elevators [including switches] and things like that.
Also take a look at the attached map :smile:
Cheers :thumbs_up:


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Jun 12, 2007
Okay first off, get rid of all the color tags. They're unnecessary. Use


, and

tags instead.

Indeed, you do spam colors a bit, you can use them to highlight the header tags to make it less boring though.
I always make my headers colored cyan cause that's flashy yet a very relaxing color. ^^

Also there is a trigger to open/close elevator walls, it's better to use them then to resurrect/kill them all the time.

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Apr 26, 2008
Great tut did it and worked great !

Just one point

You should switch round the wait and the resurecting of the wall, people can walk on then off and the elevator still goes up, if this happened in a game... well the elevator would be pointless :D

But great tut =) so well layed out even i could understand xD