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Elemental Planes (Campaign)

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Level 10
Aug 11, 2009

So I have decided to start a side project. Reason for this is I want to make a fun single player experience which isn't limited by file size (so there is a chance this campaign will be huge). Will contain custom models, music, perhaps doodads.

The campaign will be much like the Rexxar campaign by Blizzard. You will start with one Hero (Horde, Alliance, Sentinels or Forsaken). And as you progress you will gain 2 additional Heroes.

There will be quests, dungeons, tactical Boss fights, end Bosses of dungeons can be done in Hard Mode for extra rewards. There will also be professions, Blacksmithing, Alchemy and Jewelcrafting.

Items will be seperated into Weapons, Armors, Jewelry and Potions. Each Hero can only carry 1 Weapon and 1 Armor but the rest 4 slots in inventory is for Jewelry or Potions.

As it looks now there will be 7 maps in total.


Will somewhat follow the Warcraft lore but it will be my own ideas. Lets say it is up to Cataclysms lore, so this will be a new lore to replace the Cataclysm lore.

Millions of years ago, the Titans defeated the Old Gods and brought peace to the world of Azeroth. The Elemental Lords were captured and imprisoned in the Elemental Planes along with their elemental minions. Ragnaros the Firelord was banished to the Firelands, Neptulon the Tide Hunter was banished to the Abyssal Maw, Therazane the Stonemother was banished to Deepholm and Al'akir the Windlord was banished to the Skywall. To keep the Elementals from escaping, the Titans created a being known as "The Keeper" who is said to be reciding deep in the Caves of Origins.

Over several millenias, the Elemental Lords and their minions grew attached to their prisons, calling it their "home".
By this time, powerful casters learned to summon Elementals to Azeroth, but it would only grant temporarily control over the Elementals as they were eager to return to their home. Many started studying on how to gain permanent control over them, but nothing was found...

What no one knew was that the Elemental Lords held powerful artifacts, the Elemental Orbs, granting them control over their elemental minions. One who would possess all four artifacts would have control over all the Elementals in the world.
One found out about this..


The Twilight Hammer has opened rifts into the Elemental prisons, seeking to take possesion of all the artifacts known as the Elemental Orbs. However, these rifts does not properly work as "The Keeper" is sealing them. So the Twilight Hammer turns their eyes to the Cave of Origins and seek to end the Keeper so they can access the Elemental Planes.

The map plays out in the homeland of the Horde, in the Barrens. The Earthen Ring has managed to reach the Horde settlements and will aid you through your fight against the Twilight Hammer.


Choosing which faction you want to represent will give you different Heroes and the difficulty of the game.

Horde (Easy)
You will be treated with honor and respect. Your Heroes will have more starting stats and the lowest mana cost on their abilities.

Your starting Hero will be a Tauren. You will unlock Shaman & Hexxer later in the game.

Alliance (Normal)
You will be treated with respect, but a slight distrust. Your Heroes will have normal starting stats and a bit higher mana cost than the Horde Heroes.

Your starting Hero will be a Paladin. You will unlock Priest & Sorceress later in the game.

Sentinels (Hard)
Commanders will see you as rather weak, believes you won't last long on the battlefield. Your Heroes will have slightly lower stats than Alliance Heroes and a bit higher mana cost on abilities than Alliance Heroes.

Your starting Hero will be a Druid. You will unlock ? & Archer later in the game.

Forsaken (Very Hard)
Most won't trust you and believes all Forsaken are the same as those who killed both Alliance and Horde at the Wrathgate. Forsaken Heroes start with the lowest stats and has the lowest cooldown on their abilities. Requires alot of switching between Heroes and good control over macroing to get best result.

Your starting Hero will be a ?. You will unlock Banshee & Crypt Fiend later in the game.

Stats & Abilities

You will have your starting stats but won't get any extra stats on level up. You will only get extra stats by spending your skill points to increase one of your stats. The stats are:

Vitality: Increases health & health regeneration
Power: Increases damage done by normal attacks and increases damage or healing done by abilities
Wisdom: Increases mana & mana regeneration


Professions is not needed to complete the campaign but will help you get better items to make it easier for you. You can skill a profession from 1-100.

Allows you to get Weapons and Armors. To skill in this profession you must gather different kind of ores found on the ground or carried by certain enemies.

Allows you to get Potions and permanent stat increases. To skill this profession you must gather different kind of herbs found on the ground or carried by certain enemies.

Allows you to get Jewelry items. To skill this profession you must gather different kinds of jewels and pearls found in shells on the ground or carried by certain enemies.

More info will come, but please let me know what you think of the info you got so far :)
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Level 9
Mar 25, 2010
Have you already started working on this or is it just an idea you have?
I LOVE big Single player campaigns :D

But i know from experience it takes alot of time and devotion to complete them ^^
Nevertheless i wish you the best of luck with this :)
Or if you ever need any help feel free to PM me, i am working on something similar anyway :p ( just smaller in scale ).
Level 10
Aug 11, 2009
I am mostly sketching on ideas atm, but will begin once I have a solid ground to start it on :)

I need the terrain for main map to be done, I pretty much suck at terraining so that is something I'll need help with.

What I will need help with in the future is terrain, cinematics, some boss triggers probably, ideas for boss fights, ideas for fun quests, gameplay and such :)
Level 16
Apr 18, 2011
Terrain screenshot



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Level 10
Aug 11, 2009
since its in the barrens we cant make orgrimmar, it lies in durotar. Though i was thinking we make new built city (just think up a name) and the village you made could be Crossroads, which has been destroyed. Or something like that ^^ im not really sure how we should make it honestly, perhaps sverkerman has some ideas if you talk with him
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