Elemental Lord

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"Storm, earth and fire! Heed my call!"

An Elemental Lord, aspected in all four elements. Based on the following concept art:

Modeled from scratch in Sketchup, rigged and animated in MatrixEater, MdlVis, and Magos. Portrait is included in the base model.
I created this model as an exercise in layered and animated textures, fluid animations, and out of personal interest in the elemental creatures of WarCraft.
Note: some particles obscure the lightning effects in the Hive's model previewer. I recommend testing it out in-game.

Recommended World Editor settings (at scaling value 1.00):
Art - Death Time (seconds): at least 2.00s
Art - Projectile Launch (-X): -42
Art - Projectile Launch (-Y): 276
Art - Projectile Launch (-Z): 200
Art - Required Animation Names - Attachments: Large
Art - Selection Scale: 3.00
Combat - Attack Animation Backswing and Damage Point: 0.500
Combat - Attack Range: 120
Combat - Death Type: Can't Rise, Does Decay
Pathing - Collision Size: 120

As always, all my work is open source. Feel free to modify to your liking. Credits will do fine.

Elemental Lord (Model)

General Frank
An excellently crafted and very good looking model with great animations and use of in-game textures. Amazing job.
Level 13
Dec 24, 2018
model looks epic, i see your hard working on it like how he looks with those magma veins, but i think that wind tornado shoul be good more for wind or water elemental then stone/fire and better looks with stone rotating like wow stone elementals, or fire power,