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Element Wars v2.03

A unique style strategy game that utilizes a new gameplay style for warcraft 3 gamers.

Wage war against other plays in 1on1 2on2 or free for all battles utilizing the uniquely designed elements engineered towards different playstyles.

Every element is 100% unique in every aspect, don't believe me? Then download it and prove me wrong.


Updated to 2.03

-Fixed tutorial's beginning to stop overlapping transmission
-Forces tutorial to show with subtitles disabled

Updated to 2.02

-Added tutorial, Activate by typing -help after selecting an element

-Fixed Error with Petrification

-Extended the interval of Solar Flare from 3 seconds to 6 seconds

Version 2.00 was fixed from an extremely old version, 2.01 is an updated version of the original 1.24f

I apologize if anyone experienced massive lag while attempting to play 2.00, there were alot of leaks that were in the map that Darkwulfv helped remove, but when I fixed the map for the blizzard patch, I used the pre-darkwulfv version which had all the leaks and old trigger data. This version is the correct version with the proper credit's to the helpers as well.

Version has no change on gameplay, the update simply allows the map to be played on version 1.24b. Have fun with the map, maybe later I'll come back and add new things again.

I'll repeat, nothing has changed everything is the same from v1.24f

Changelog v1.24f

-Fixed the tech requirements for eagle form and ascend.
-Wind Rider's Arch and Strato Fortress now build their units in a Warp Circle that appears below them when built,
the progress meter show's on the Warp Circle.
-Wind Rider's Arch now has a movespeed of 60
-Strato Fortress and Wind Blade Turret now have a movement speed of 30
-Jetstream has been reworked, it now is required to be researched, but grants travel across the entire map,
speed is upgradable.

Changelog v1.24e

-New Game Mode "-rush"
allows the host to determine the speed that favor is obtained, if you type "-rush 10" you will obtain 10 favor every interval from each control area,
the default value for simply typing -rush without a number is 5.
-All units have the luck factor taken out of their attacks, Attack dice's have been removed and replaced with static numbers.
eg. Units that may have done 20-40 damage, now simply do 35 damage
-Cavalry armor now takes 150% damage from Infantry attacks, down from 200%

-Fixed the message for launching a volcano guard from saying "u guard"
-Fixed the bug where volcanic hide was always active on volcano guards

-Reworked Light Veil, effect is now divided by the number of nearby veilers, instead of setting value to 0
-Reworked Costs and Harvesting system for light to allow easier balancing.
-Reduced Light Veilers damage to 20, down from 41
-Cast time for God of Light's Light Speed increased to 7 seconds, up from 3 seconds

-Arch units cannot immediately fly at the start of the game, the air player must research "Rites of Passage" to gain the ability to fly, this allows other players to grab control points early on without air immediately dominating the race.
-Air buildings have been given 1 move speed to allow group seperation to disperse flying buildings apart, to prevent structure stacking.
-Old gust and new gust are now both on the Wind Callers, New gust has been renamed to Wind Torrent.

Changelog v1.24d

-Added new structure: Furnace, quick building structure capable of starting fire's.

-Added new structure: Rain Totem, Utility structure capable of creating large rain clouds with a mana reserve that only charges through pipeline.

-Accidently Prematurly released new version of gust in v1.24d, New version revised for release
-Gust for Air has been reworked, instead of casting gust directly over wind Generators, it is cast, then the Wind callers fly over the Wind Generators. Gains power with more Wind Callers
-Added Wind Flux skill to God of Air, a wind spell that pushes enemies away.
-Cost of magnetic thunder increased to 200, up from 100

-Fixed error in Solar Flares damage reduction against buildings (It's doing 80 damage instead of 20 damage)
-Reduced Cost of Summon Sun to 20000, down from 50000

Changelog v1.24c

-Fixed coding error that caused "Destroy All Enemies" to only display the ending for Fire
-Added Light's destroy all enemies graphic.

-Fixed the mana cost for Summon Sun (I editted the wrong skill by mistake)
-Increased cost for Summon Sun to 50000, up from 1000
-Fixed tooltip's for several Light Element unit's and buildings.
-Fixed some hotkeys

Changelog v1.24b

-Coal no longer causes any collision

-Removed force of nature from basic denfather
-Increased Ancient Denfather favor cost from 0 to 40
-Increased the Area of Effect of Broodmother's Warmth

Changelov v1.24

-God of Light finished

-Increased the attack range of the Twilight Fortress.
-Increased the cost of the Twilight Fortress.

-Water meld is now counterable, the water melder now generates a blue lightning connecting to the unit. If the water melder is killed, or walks to far away from the target, the water meld buff is removed and the water melder dies. The water melder dies the moment water meld expires.

-Fixed the potential crash that would occur if the mountain heart healed multiple units and the buff was removed too rapidly (dont destroy lightning that is already destroyed >.<)

-Treant Denfather's now have Force of Nature ability, capable of creating free treant minor brawlers in a small area of trees at the cost of mana.
-Treant Denfather can upgrade into an Ancient Treant Denfather, which moves much slower than a regular denfather, except has greater damage, health, and increased AOE of Force of Nature.
-Guardian Spirit is now counterable, the Protector Sprite now generates a shackle connecting to the unit. If the Protector Sprite is killed, or walks to far away from the target, the Guardian Spirit buff is removed and the Protector Sprite dies. The Protector Sprite dies the moment Guardian Spirit expires.

Changelog v1.23

-Cavalry armor protection against Ranged attacks lowered to 50%, down from 80%
-Cavalry armor now takes 200% damage from infantry attacks, up from 150%
-Updated the tooltip for Heavy armor to display the proper reductions.

-Starts with more shapers in the beginning

-Increased the range of Load Volcano Guard, to make it easier to load them.
-Immolation from fire level's up with Fire Resource Upgrade, to make them more effective against units

-Treant brawlers now have additional passive abilities depending on their level. At minor and lesser level they have a movement speed slowing attack,
at Greater and Ancient level, they have 100% cleaving attack. Demolish is now no longer luck based.
-Harvest system reworked, harvest rate is now less laggy, amount of resource's obtained decreased (as well as the costs)
-Tree's created by nature have no collision, but they still hinder vision.

-Recoded Magnetic Thunder, it is now created through a timer and has absolutely no cast lag.

-Completely reworked trapped system, triggers can now directly link with traps, allowing the players to specifically choose which triggers detonate which traps.

Changelog v1.22

-Code has been cleaned up, and leaks have been eliminated, lag issue caused from memory leaks has been taken care of thanks to darkwulfv

-Completely reworked trap system, triggers can now directly link with traps, allowing the player to specifically choose which triggers detonate which traps.

Changelog v1.21

-New Element Added

-Axed and burned some memory leaks found in merge shaper code
-Increased the area that scans for shapers in the merge shaper code
-Merge shaper now properly coded to prevent shaper from losing mana in case the merge fails
-Updated the tooltip for Create Rocks to be more up to date.

-Brand new element added to Element wars.

-Reworked the Forest Sprites, they no longer attach to tree's like normal wisps, and no longer need to for the bonding ritual
-Model for Forest Sprites changed to stag

-A text tag appears now to show the 1 Elemental Power obtained for simply casting gust, gust always gave Elemental Power but never had a text tag.

-Reworked Fire's code to function under a timer, Burning looks much better now.

-Reworked the code for Dark Shrouds Invisibility to hopefully reduce lag.

Changelog v1.20

-Reworked Dark harvesting method again
-Twilight Shrouders renamed to Twilight Consumers, have 250 health again, and have a cost increase for every consumer you have
-Dark no longer starts with a Shadow Grounds, instead starts with 5 dark spawnlings and 1 twilight consumer
-Secret of the twilight health upgrade for shrouders increased back up from 250 to 750 again
-Twilight Consumers are no longer trained, but are upgraded from Dark Spawnlings
-Fixed the Remote Trap Trigger
-Traps now trigger without having to be at full health

Changelog v1.18

-Completely reworked dark harvesting system into a more skill based gathering method
-Twilight shrouders no longer have a limit to their build quantity, have only 50 health, and can no longer be built at shadow wall's
-Dark starts with a shadow grounds instead of a shadow wall, techtree requirements for dark forge now require a guild of the twilight
-Cost for Dark Spawnlings decreased from 100 to 20
-Secret of the twilight health upgrade for twilight shrouders lowered from 750 health to 250 health

-The commands -pause and -unpause have been added to the countdown timer for element selection to allow the host (red) to pause the timer and
allow players more time to choose their element
-Map trigger's prepared for multi-map transfer. Map is now fully importable into another map, expect new terrain in the future created by me or fans of the game.

Changelog v1.17

-Wind generators can no longer spin before being completed
-Recall can no longer work on sky blades, this is to prevent the permanent freezing glitch that occurs
-The god of air is no longer targettable by recall

-Fixed an error that caused earth to not get a full refund when a building does not have enough rocks
-Added a new building for the surveyor to create
-Surveyer build time reduced
-Recoded the burrower den's reform

Changelog v1.16

Elemental Control Tower
--Negative speed aura around Elemental Control Tower, this returns the movement speed of units close to the tower to normal
where as units that are far across the map, keep the speed bonus needed to reach the tower in time before it completes

-The Earth God's Wrath ability has a much larger AOE for its random explosions, and stun duration has been tripled

Changelog v1.15

-Shadow Embrace is now permanent, and costs resources. Embracing the twilight is now basically a taunt, your stating that you can destroy your opponents before you allow the night to end.

-Rock chunks now have no collision and can be walked over. This change is to remove the exploit of hiding really small rock chunks inside of ramps, and allowing for easier earth building.
-Earth Gods Embrace ability now spawns melee units to make up for the rocks being unable to trap units anymore.
-Greatly increased the favor cost of Structure Tear, to prevent the exploit of earth players getting an extremely early advantage in favor gain.

Element Wars v2.03 (Map)

DesKaladA: Hmm a nice map I like the thec tree and i think with some more work and a better explanation of hows its played it would be a fun map My sugestions: []Add some player controled heros []Explane how to get favor []Work on better ai...
Level 4
May 25, 2007
An unprotected version? Absolutely beautiful, it's been a long time since I saw this mod and I am very happy to see it getting some love again <3
Yup, didn't want this old map to be lost to time, and since I dropped development a long time ago, figured it's time to just let someone else dig around it.

I'm actually conceptualizing a standalone sequel, was going to make it for warcraft 3, but with blizzards policy change, I'd probably be better off making it through unity or something.

Either way, glad to see someone is excited to play this again, I hadn't noticed that the map was unplayable for so long, was probably due to the shitty map protection I used for it. But thankfully I found my old external harddrive that held the latest unprotected version, decided to just upload that since map protection doesn't really matter to me anymore.
Level 35
Feb 5, 2009
Oh yeah, I'm definitely disappointed in the policy change from Blizzard, but I guess I don't mind it so much. Like, I don't like it, but I'll probably still make things.

It's definitely a good thing that you were able to find an unprotected version, it's a little strange to think how long it must have been since I saw this map before.