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Element Battle Version1.03

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Found some bugs! I fixed them all and there's a bit updated from the old 1.03

Element, Battle, Orc, Human, 1.03, RPG

Element Battle Version1.03 (Map)

20:14, 20th May 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected
Level 7
Dec 24, 2009
A quick description of my map: Element Battle v1.03:
* Main idea bases on DotA, but it has lots of difference.
* Game play: First, you choose 1 hero among 27 available heroes. Each hero's stats, abilities are carefully written in Hero description. Hero's max level is currently 30 and I don't have any plan of modifying this.
Since the 90th second after the game initialization, the first wave of army will appear. Kill the opponent's army and guard tower to gain money and experience point. Use your money to purchase items, strengthen your own hero. Killing nature creatures will give money and exp too. Destroying guard towers will give the most money.
* Elements:
Well, this is the reason why this map is named "Element Battle". There are 5 attack elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind and Dark; with 5 defend elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind and Light. Each attack element has ability to deal higher damage to a kind of armor and deal less damage to another kind. For instance: Water attack deals 85% damage to Wind Armor and deal 130% damage to Fire Armor.
* Items:
Now, I currently have not very many items, belonging to some kinds: Bonus attack, Bonus defense, Bonus stats and Misc.
I spent my time on creating recipe items too. Recipe items work like in DotA - buy ingredients and recipe <if necessary>, then a powerful item will appear as well as the ingredients will be destroyed. Now I currently have 25 recipe items, and this number will be increased in the next version - v1.04. I suggest the number of 30
* Multiboard:
During game play, you will be able to see the game's condition with a detailed multiboard; it writes the number of creeps you and other heroes killed; Total number of time you killed a hero and was killed.
* Ending condition:
The game ends wen the biggest building of each team <Arcane Sanctuary for Human and Tauren Sanctuary for Orc> is destroyed. But, at the game initialization,that target building is invulnerable; by destroying 3 guard towers around it, you will make it vulnerable again.

* After all, I wish you all download my map; Any bug or fault, please post here. I will fix as soon as possible. Please comment too!
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Level 12
May 30, 2009
Why isn't the description in the description?

Some of your triggers leak points (and maybe some other leaks too) and they look awfully unorganized and inefficient.

Phantom Lance, congrats. Unoriginal. You already stated that the main idea is from DotA, so why would I play this when I could play DotA, the much more complete AoS?

1/5 and voted for Rejection.
Sorry i will have to say rejected
Aesthentics sad it leaks -1 point
You have 5 elements Fire, Water, Earth, Wind and Dark but you should add light to balance all the other elements, I mean darknes has no weaknes you cant blow away or set fire or drown Darknes -1 point
Main idea bases on DotA, but it has lots of difference not much of a difference -1
Now I currently have 25 recipe items, and this number will be increased in the next version - v1.04. I suggest the number of 30 i suggest you number 50 the more the better you dont to make new simple items just combine a recepi and a simple item and you have a new item. -1
Rating : 1/5

Sorry for commenting your map so harsh :( I hate to do that if you ever need any help i love to help making a map so you can count on me :D
Level 6
Oct 15, 2009
I didnt like the terrain it was very basic only having one sort of tile, the heros were quite well made but like aesthetics said this map is poor compared to dota so aslong as dota is around this map wont have much use but good try anyway. 2/5 from me.
Level 7
Dec 24, 2009
I need some more idea! I gave up playing DotA for 4 months in order to forget EVERYTHING about it! And please don't compare my map with DotA (comparing a new born map with a map that was updated for hundred times).
You all complain about my triggers, then what is the problem?