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Elador Griffith v7

Submitted by ANdROnIQ
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Elador Griffith: Tale of Arcania v7

Please, comment and rate my map, I need your opinion and your suggestions about what to improve.

This is the map I worked for half a year, and at last it is complete (I hope). It is an RPG map, 8 heroes to choose, multiplayer mode supported, each hero has 4 generic abilities and one ultimate, 30 levels

of creeps and 30 levels of hero experience, the creeps respawn with time; 7 primary and 7 optional quests, custom artifact system: the two lower items of your inventory are buttons: the right one switches

between equipment mode and backpack mode, the left one rolls three windows 4 items each in both modes. To wield or equip an item, you need to pick it up (in backpack mode) and left-click it; to unequip - go

to equip mode and click it once again. Chargeable items stack. To talk with NPCs, right-click them as if you wanted to follow them. Active item abilities can be used through a special button on the control

panel. Read Hints to learn more, speak to Advisor to get answers on your questions.

I used many graphic resources from the Hive, they're all credited ingame.

1.23-compatible, 1.24 - not yet.

From now - custom save must work. For sure, please keep 2 different savings to alter and check them, because while tests sometimes on high levels I could save but couldn't load from that save any more.

Change log
v7 (6.03.2010, build 4907)
-Made it compatible with 1.24

v6 (26.07.2009, build 4903)
- Made it possible to use custom save, so the cache save system removed, and you won't be able to load old cache saves any more;
- Fixed the bug with Wizard's Charge reported;
- Fixed the bug with Ranger dying in Olympic Wrath reported (I hope);
- Excluded Memorandum quest item from drop list;
- Corrected a misprint (statup buttons);
- Changed the item system so that it can't lose handles anymore (including statup buttons bug reported), in exceptional case -dbg will help;
- Changed Witchcrafted arrow - now its range increases with skill level;
- Expanded Assassin's Mana Spark with evasion, now it's called Fervor;
- Made it possible to skip quest textwalls hitting the Esc key (except Advisor's hints);
- Moved all text to .wts file, so it's now possible to maintain different language versions of the map (currently developed Russian);
- Corrected some misprints (while moving text to .wts file ;-));
- Added three new text commands: -rh picks a random hero at the beginning, -ar picks random heroes for all the party, and -rand throws dice to divide loot.

v5 (25.05.2009, build 4712)
- Fixed the bug with Greater Healing potion and Greater Potion of Rejuveration reported;
- Fixed the bug with speaking to Advisor and clickng the inventory reported;
- Improved '-dbg' command;
- Fixed the quests where 5-charged items had to drop but didn't (margal Demonite gills in Margal Disease and scrolls of teleport in Castaway).

v4 (12.05.2009, build 4705)
- Just a small bug fix with the new item feature (some items could still drop in old way);
- Improved compatibility with older version save.

v3 (11.05.2009, build 4702)
- Fixed some bugs (didn't save some optional quest progress before);
- Fixed some time lags (loading lag and weather change lag);
- Fixed a bug that might cause disconnect during the last primary quest in multiplayer;
- Now, to acquire or purchase a new potion, scroll or other chargeable item to stack to the ones you already have, you don't need to have a free slot in your inventory (except you or other hero dropped that chargeable onto the ground). Each item that can be picked with no free slots, has a yellow-colored name;
- Corrected appearance of some decorations;
- Used a newer optimizer.

v2 (3.05.2009, build 4646)
- Fixed Witchcrafted arrow for the Ranger;
- Fixed the bug when Assassin affected with Vampiric decoction dies;
- Fixed Forge's sold items (it had an unique item instead of generic steel axe);
- Fixed Spell Shield bonus (it didn't work at all - funny but I don't know what I've done that fixed the bonus);
- Decorated the forests and the gnoll canyon;
- Changed visibility and minimap politics;
- Improved skill data displaying (Assassin's Vampiric decoction);
- Fixed some "wandering" handles that could cause some bugs;
- Made it possible to preview Hero skills and stats before selecting;
- Added mana cost to skill descriptions;
- Corrected a misprint (Barbarian's Avatar skill description);
- Changed Warlock's voice.

v1 (3.05.2009, build 4615)
- The map first released.

rpg, elador griffith, fantasy, tale of arcania, role playing game

Elador Griffith v7 (Map)

20:59, 8th Mar 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
  1. Vengeancekael


    Aug 11, 2009
    StarCraft II Resources:
    Now the thing that just made me check this map is the preview image :p
    I'll check it out tomorrow, if not pm me, then i'll test it and i'll give you a decent review.
  2. GoDCursEYoU


    Mar 9, 2010
    Some improvement plz xD

    this map was great and awesome!!!
    but there is some improvement need to add into this map!! seriously to become the greatest map!!
    the improvement are :
    1. a command and some guide for this map...
    2. monster need to add more and change the respawn time.
    3. make a easy save/load system in single and multiplayer mode like any other nowadays rpg.
    4. the drop rate % and lvl of item droped by certain lvl of monster. for example: lvl1 spider drop a lvl12 sword that can buy forge, kinda unlogic...
    5. quest have done... why no reward, at least some money or exp... T_T
    6. the camera on a character need to change into non lock-on. *mean can free to look anyway in the map but not by looking on the character*-main problem- >_<
    7. can you increase the character lvl until lvl99 and some extra attribute? xP

    that all, this improvement may look hard and some unpleasant to you...
    pls take a concern to this improvement coz this may able to make this map famous!!!
  3. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    There are some minor things to fix and the map would just be good.
    For instance:
    -items/potions need to have a fast (0 seconds?) recharge rate in the shops to avoid waiting
    -the terrain needs more work
    -camera lock affects ranged heroes in that the screen offers less vision than the attack range of that hero in some areas of the map (highlands)

    There are some other weird bugs for some spells especially related to Merlin's. This hero also does not receive an attribute opting inventory as the Barbarian does after leveling up. I was player 1 and my friend was player two (purple).
    The first time the Barbarian resurrected crashed the game. After restarting the map, it worked fine.

    I enjoyed the inventory system. It's an interesting design. I also liked the portal technique.

    I had to not finish the map because in two players (whilst the map suggests 1-8) it gets extremely time consuming from Xander's opening of the portal onward.
  4. raisen


    Aug 29, 2014
    I like it 3/5.
    Thanks for sharing and of-course for making!