Easter Eggs

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Level 37
Aug 14, 2006
By Tears

I haven't found all the Easter Eggs yet, but I'll update this thread whenever I found one.

[size=12pt]Chapter 1[/size]
To be updated

[size=12pt]Chapter 2[/size]
To be updated

[size=12pt]Chapter 3[/size]
To be updated

[size=12pt]Chapter 4[/size]
I found a chicken. it's behind a tree next to the river near the starting location. It drops Chicken Head when killed but I don't know where to use it.

[size=12pt]Chapter 5[/size]
According to the information @FishDoom provided, you can cross a magical bridge at the side of the hill near the graveyard and follow it to the very end. The sky will get dark and you will see a ghost.

[size=12pt]Chapter 6[/size]
Drink Glass of Sludge 5 times. Glass of Sludge can be found in Chapter 1, Chapter 6 and Chapter 7. After that, Creator will spawn.

[size=12pt]Chapter 7[/size]
There are 6 Secret Notes around the map. Each note tells you a key you should press. Go to the Summoning Circle near the North East corner of the map and press those keys in the order from 1 to 6. A powerful enemy will appear.

Left Right Up Down Up Left

[size=12pt]Chapter 8[/size]
To be updated

[size=12pt]Chapter 9[/size]
Go to "Near the Bridge" portal, cross the bridge to Yurgimar, turn left at the second (or third) block, at the end there's a tunnel, walk straight into it, you will find a Evil Eye. Do it ten times and Evil Lord will appear.

[size=12pt]Chapter 10[/size]
In the south west corner, you will find a mystery box, you must click on each image in the correct order (creation order, from first to last). After you successfully activate the box, you will find an beautiful Angel holding a tiger in her boobs.

I don't remember the name of the races well, and the images don't have any descriptions on it either, so I'll try to describe on my own.

Udjos (Living Tree)
Fishtern (looks like the mini boss you defeated in chapter 2)
Kanzass (looks like the one you met in chapter 5, during William's quest)
Gazhes (looks like the orge elite boss you fought in chapter 1)
Nazes (looks like a troll)
Human (looks like a worker)
Popag (looks like a wizard)
Zhyon (the icon looks like Resurrection combat king)
Level 8
Sep 10, 2013
I found chapter 8. South near the ice lake (where you fight the troll) there are singing penguins near an ice bridge, each one shows a letter when clicked. Click them in a certain order so that they spell the word Aeroblyctos.
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