How to play TCO in 2020 (tutorial) and thanks to Aeroblyctos

Level 2
Feb 7, 2020
Hi everybody,

I just finished the game in hardcore, I enjoyed it quite a bit, it was really amazing.

So I would like to thank you, Aeroblyctos, for the great experience you allowed me to live. And to congratulate you for the great result of your hard work. Really, from the bottom of my heart, thanks man :).

Since I must not be the only one who wants to play this awesome game in 2020, I thought I would make a tutorial explaining how to play it today.


- the very long loading screens are unavoidable. This tutorial won't allow you to avoid that
- this tutorial explains how to play TCO with an older version of warcraft 3 because I was not able to play it properly on the version 1.31.1 (Warcraft III/Patch 1.31.1), i.e. the version pre-reforged. I did not try with war3 reforged.

Problem with 1.31.1 and other versions

The game crashes. In chapter 1, my game always crashed at some point. I tried using other settings, nothing worked.

How to play TCO in 2020?

Go here: Warcraft 3 Legacy Installer (1.21b - 1.27a), get and install Wc3_1.21b_ROC _enGB.rar and Wc3_1.21b_TFT_enGB.rar. You'll need your CD key.

right click on frozen throne.exe, compatibility, compatibility troobleshooter, try recommended settings, test, save.

Even with these settings, the game crashes quite often, especially in later fights (in chapter 10). And sometimes, some boss phases don't allow you to save, because the save file, when loaded, will crash after a few seconds.

I must admit, I only say this based on my experience. Maybe some people found workarounds. For example, I read that playing in windowed mode helped. I tried, it did not work. I don't know.

During the last chapter (
Zyl fight
), crashes became so horrible that I used this soft: 4GB Patch – NTCore. I cannot vouch for it but it seemed to help. I also typed "-illu" to disable illusions for the first time. I am not sure but I did it anyway. And I also put the lowest settings everywhere.

The most important things to remember when discovering the game

It is really difficult to approach the game. I played immediately in hardcore, and the game can sometimes be quite difficult. You have to add the fact that the loading screens are really really reaaaaally long, so each death is quite exasperating. But the game is so awesome that it's worth it.

That being said, if you begin without any help, you will realize, in chapters 5/6, that your items are not powerful enough because, for example, you never found a specific item in the first chapter that would have allowed you to synthesize a more powerful item later in the game. And since you can't go back to previous chapter and the game gets to difficult to be fun (I must admit, playing in hardcore in my first run was not the best choice), you don't have any other choice than resetting your game. That's what I did when I reached chapter 5 or 6, with the give-up option, with 100k to begin the game with, which made things easier.

So what I would recommend: use the guides you will find on Hive Workshop (which I list hereunder).


- when you kill a boss and the next scene takes place elsewhere, always go back to the boss' lair to get the drops
- think ahead of your build: if you plan on making a character whose strength is the spells, always keep that in mind when you give him items or prioritize this or that spell.
- don't do the quests when you feel like it, do them in a specific order, especially because doing certain quests first deactivates some other quests, so check the correct threads
- there are a lot of bugs, so sometimes, you are tempted to think, when a quest/boss gets tricky, that the game is bugged. It is often not the case, the game is very demanding.

The important threads

warning: some information does not apply to the latest version of the game. AFAIK, the most up to date guide is the item guide: how, where to get them, what do they give (all 10 chapters):

TCO Item List

when you finish a chapter, always check the section "ITEMS IN EACH CHAPTER", because sometimes, you have to click a specific character to allow it to give you something. Sometimes, you just forgot a little something.

Where to dig/steal? (only 8 chapters)
[Guide] Complete Dig site and Stealing v 1.8c

Riddle questions (10 chapters):
[Guide] All Riddle Question Answers

Things not to forget (8 chapters): to see chapters 7 and 8, click in "spoiler" within "chapter 6")
Perfect Completion TCO Checklist (v1.8d)

A good playthrough (8 chapters)
[YouTube] Hardcore Walkthrough 1.8e/h (no give-up) FULLY UPLOADED

Be careful: he sells some items that I found very useful and kept, but then again, I began with 100k because I used the give up option.
Moreover, he seems to have played with an older version, because the way he describes some items and booses seem off (for example, he says some items give a bonus when you level up, when the bonus does not work that way anymore).

How do digging and stealing work?

click a character, click "f", click "e" to dig, or "f" to steal.


Chapter 10: Libot: don't skip the cutscenes, and when you have to look for him, look EVERYWHERE (at some point, he is hiding in the center of the map, near the river, and you have to teleport to join him). Chapter 10: the monstrosities give a lot of money, but are really difficult once they reach lvl 80 (bizarre spell that kills you in 5 quick hits)
Chapter with the auction hall: do not buy the true zozi for 60k (it is really expensive, and was more expensive than said in the TCO items list), it bankrupts you, and even when beginning with 100k, you are not rich enough to do whatever you want in later chapters
Chapter with the auction hall: the auction hall is bugged: save before you go there the first time. Never leave, and wait for the specific items to be auctioned. If you leave and come back, sometimes there are items which do not appear, and sometimes, instead of one slot filled with the auctioned item, you see 2 items, and when you buy it, you don't even get it.
Chapter 10: mystery box: to activate the first cutscene, you have to try a few times and make some mistakes.

The most important thing

Thanks again Aeroblyctos, and thanks again for the great game.