Dwarven Workers

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Dwarven Workers, capable of switching roles at their Town Hall. One being a builder; and capable enough miner; the other being a woodsman, better equipped to harvest lumber.

This Dwarven labourer can also arm themselves for battle at their nearest Barracks, becoming a Guardsman.

Feel free to use and/or edit this model as much as you like, but remember to credit me.

Fixed an issue with the Lumberer.

Dwarf, Alliance, Lumberjack, Miner, Worker, Peon, Peasant, Builder, Militia, Footman, Soldier, Guard, Not Quite a Witty Keyword

Dwarven Workers (Model)

Dwarven Workers (Model)

14:19, 6th Jul 2014 MiniMage: Same as the other models




14:19, 6th Jul 2014
MiniMage: Same as the other models
Level 11
Apr 17, 2011
All your dwarves are pretty amazing.
The only problem I see with this, although it isn't much of a problem, is that it has no lumber animations.
But because he's a dwarf I guess it sort of makes sense.
All in all it's very well done, the animations are pretty cool. Specially liked the Stand Work animations.

EDIT: Just noticed the portrait was lumber... now this model is pretty damn perfect.
For anyone interested, what I'd initially had in mind was that the Dwarven Labourer could go to either their local Town Hall, Lumbermill or Barracks to equip armor, a builder's hammer and gear, or some other gear meant for gathering lumber; and having the freedom to stay in that state until they're needed for other jobs.

Miners/Builders, Lumberjacks, and Town Guards on demand.