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Dungeon Escape

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
1. Map info
Using jump and avoidance escape from Dungeon traps. When player touches lava, his hitpoints is greatly decreased. It's the same with Poison, but the hitpoints are not decreased so greatly as lava. Using Jump ability you can jump over lava and poison. The third surface is stone surface. This surface does nothing and player can safely walk over it. The surface is randomly (not random function) placed. Fourth and last surface is ice. This surface forces player to move. The Player can only veer to the location he wants. The end is a hole in the middle of the map by which the player escapes and the game ends.

2. Features
- dont walk over lava
- dont walk over poison
- jump to the safe spot
- by quick when you walk over ice
- write -afk for rest or observe other players

3. Some more stuff about map:
- map has also props like stalagmites and Crater Fieryes
- Jump function works thanks to triggers. Same with lava, poison and ice
- lava does not kill instantly, but causes a big damage per second
- poison does small damage per second

4. Changelog:
- v3:
- added Mortar Teams
- disabled fog of war and black mask
- when player leaves, his Peasant is now removed from the game

- added Peasant life regeneration
- increased map size and number of obstacles
- increased lava damage
- added cooldown to Jump ability

- updated map obstacles

5. Credits:
- map created by Xmapping

6. Autor's notes:
- thank you for playing and have a fun
- please rate this map, thanks




Dungeon Escape v7 (Map)

No update for months. Set to useful/simple!

Deleted member 247165


Deleted member 247165

You've got a nice concept here but the game is merely a beta.
-There's no tooltip regarding the Jump ability telling what's the actual range of the jump, cooldown and so on.
-If it happens by any accident to touch the lava you barely got time to step away from it since you'll instantly burn and die. ( I suggest you lower a bit the dmg dealt). You said that the lava doesnt kill you instantly, only deals high dmg per second. Thats not true, once you touch it, it instantly lowers your health to zero. You barely got time to react or do anything than die.
-A good starting area should be a must in such genre. You cant practically make it hard from the start, it should escalate as you progress throughout the game
-Additional abilities at start wouldnt hurt either, like a mini shield or some health restoration ability so that you can have more possibilities. I dont say the game is too hard but it gives you a very unfriendly feeling once you start playing it.

Please improve it! Set to Awaiting Update.