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DTS - Dalaran Tactical Stronghold

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Level 3
Oct 23, 2010
Dalaran Tactical Stronghold

Map Progress: 42% or so

Coming Up
New Tier system, as well as mercenaries, AI and Special Units, which have to be chosen at the start of the game. Races will be included, expect more spells.

Dalaran Tactical Stronghold is a game of strategy, as its name implies. Units are used widely in this game, but heroes play a part. Players (Player 1 - 8) build their bases, and train units to fend off the invading orcs (Player 9). Light Blue = Dalaran Ai, and Brown = Raider Ai, which can be activated or deactivated at the start of the game. Players have a Save/Load system by Nestharus, to save their experience, which can be used for perks like having more starting gold, income or even getting a hero. Red is the King, and Blue is First Defender, and start with more units and structures than the other 6 players which are Generals. Playing the right strategy will affect the game. Raider has sub-classes, undead and demon, which will affect his tech-tree.


To get 1 exp you must...
Experience Table is below:
Red / Blue : 100 kills
Generals : 80 kills
Raider: 150 kills

After loading experience, type -loaded to start the reward system
Rewards are stackable

Functional Rewards:
50 exp: 500 more starting gold
100 exp: Adds 100 income
150 exp: Gives 5 Captains / 10 Grunts (+15 food cap)
200 exp: Gives 5 Crossbow / 10 Skirmishers (+15 food cap)
250 exp: Adds 200 income
300 exp: Adds 1000 starting gold
400 exp: Tier 2 Heroes Unlocked! (Not for red / raider)
450 exp: Adds 50 hp to all your units ( no structures )
500 exp: Gives 5 Cavaliers / 5 Executors (+30 food cap)

Non-Functional Rewards (not yet done)
600 exp: Start with 300 food cap, and +2 damage to all units (no structures)
700 exp: +2 armor to all units (no structures)
800 exp: Another 50 hp to all units (no structures)
900 exp: 1000 starting gold and 300 income
1000 exp: Mega unit (random)
>1000 : ????
More to come.
Note: For unit giving, there is a time to wait before it comes out. EG: Hero only comes out after 5 minutes.

Gameplay Video / Trailer


Game is relatively simple. If you are 1 of the Dalaran Defenders (Player 1 - 9), there are a few strategies.
Red: Having a king is a big advantage from his spells. His spells will help lots to bring victory or change the tide of a battle. Send your starting units to blue early, and support with strong units.
Blue: Being first defender is risky, but full of adventure! Having many starting units, and gold, start by building quality units and some clerics, move the units near your headquaters into position. Be sure to cover the 2 blind spots on the wall where Warmogs of the raider (siege ladder like), can unload units up.
General: Being a general, is slow at first, but grows to be a strong power if left alone for a while. Building farms first and sending your units to blue will help. Build units like archers to get some War Points for your structures. When you have a steady income, support one another and push the raider out!
Raider: You need to be quick, having starting units that are strong, take down blue's scout-post infront of the castle to blind them. Use any tatic necessary to get into the castle and over the walls. Try to sneak units past blue and wreck havoc on the unsuspecting generals, but avoid Red as he has towers. A fast and swift victory will be required, or doom could await if the generals get strong. Your food is limited by the number of defenders so choose Quality > Quantity, if u can afford it.

Normal Guide, Advanced Guide, Strategic Guide, Combat Guide, Ai Guide

Normal Guide

Dalaran: Start by building up to 10 farms, and make an Archery Range, send your starting units to the main passageway at blue's base to help him out and score some kills. Build farms until you reach around 40% of your food cap used up, than start upgrading them slowly. Save some money to train some crossbows and request that blue trains some clerics to heal them, seeing that they require War Points. Get around 5 - 6 farms to farm 10 as soon as possible, to get a high income, before you go on to combat.

Raider: If Ai is enabled, follow his lead and take the fight to blue's base. There are hidden meanings in your starting units, so read the strategic guide to find out some of them. Train alot of ranged units and a few underlings to build up an early army, and aim the weaker Foot Soldiers of the dalaran army to score some kills and get valuable War Points. Upgrade your tier and continue massing strong units, make good use of your hero to harass enemy heroes, or the game could turn ugly in time.

Combat Guide

Dalaran: Training an army is an expensive and long proccess, so training the right units to suit your budget is important. Training higher quality units in a small group beats a mass of lower quality units, which will just be food to the raider. Units have ranks, which give them extra health, evasion, critical and damage, which is very valuable. A smart way would be to last hit with your valued units and heal them often, repeat for many different units and you'll find yourself with an elite army that can score you many kills.

Raider: Training an army is hard! If ai is enabled, you can use him to your advantage, read AI Guide for this. Training ranged units is not effective, as they are expensive, weak and paper. A well placed nuke from enemy spellcasters could have your ranged units dead in no time. Train a strong tanking army, before you move on to ranged. For advanced, read the Strategic Guide. Mounted units which have high movespeed, should go for the lower health ranged units of dalaran, which if massed is deadly, but can still be brought down one by one if a few units make it through.

Advanced Guide

Dalaran: The raider gets both gold and war points from killing your units, so you must beware to not spam useless units. Make ranged units and position them on top of the walls, retreat them if the raider climbs up to attack, even if its still far. The top and left pathways across the moat, is important. Position stronger ranged units to attack the warmog and kill him within 4 seconds, as melee units below will only fall prey to the raider's ranged units. If the raider does an early rush, do not panic! Calmly retreat to the inner walls where blue's towers will take care of them.

Raider: Blue has strong starting towers, which have limited sight. Use your catapult to knock them down, while defending the catapults with ranged units as the catapults can be positioned in a way that they cannot be seen from above the walls. Wyvern positioning, helps too, as trees block ground unit sight, you can position your wyvern to give u valuable sight on the walls of the stronghold, where u can attack the archers who think they are hidden in fog! Warmogs make good siege ladders, so attack the sides of the stronghold with your stronger units to make them panic, and attack the main gate with your ranged, so while they are distracted you can slaughter their ranged units and pillage some farms.

Strategic Guide

Dalaran: Starting units, play an important role. They defend, they protect you from wyverns, they kill. They can be your strongest asset early game if used right. Cavaliers are strong tank units, which if positioned in a line, would fend off any early raider attack that might come. Food cap for the raider is just as limited as yours, so persuade your allies to make lots and lots of quality units, keeping them out of view, and if the raider's army is defeated, attack his base! Destroy all his structures except his headquaters first, as there is still the Last Resort. After destroying his base, retreat most of your melee and some ranged units, and harass the raider's base. He will last resort, and after that, crush the summoned army when out of range of the aura, and defeat the raider.

Raider: The warmogs you start with help as siege ladders, which will destroy blue's archers and towers easily early game. The executors, can be loaded onto walls and run past them to crush the blue's farms and buildings, and if possible run loose into the generals' bases to cause some havoc, making them keep in their bases in fear, not being able to support blue, do not attempt red as he has a strong array of towers to keep any ground unit out. Wyverns. have very slow attack speed of cooldown 20 seconds, but an incredibly high damage. If you could hit-and-run the archers. towers, farms, buildings, the dalaran would be forced to position random archers all over the map depending how well you harass them. Wyverns have high regeneration so they can repeat the same thing over and over again, like an assassination.

Ai Guide

Dalaran: If fighting a professional raider, try to get red to -ff and deny his weaker foot soldiers before they even get out of the base, or simply block them off with farms. Pump him gold and war points to upgrade his spawn and such, or it will still be pointless. The ai plays an important role every 10 minute big fight, and can overwhelm the raider if you destroy his 2 minute spawn, constantly harassing the raider's ai main base.

Raider: Your ai is parked in a dangerous position, and would get himself killed if given time. You have to defend him, as the 2 minute spawn is the only thing that keeps the dalaran from expanding onto your base. -aiattack is a powerful command, but should not be used all the time. Pumping the ai gold and warpoints is a great idea, but do not overdo it as you will destroy yourself eventually. The ai is a valuable companion that will win you the game if used properly, without you lifting a finger.

Units and their model / icon / texture owners:

Headquatersl : Red XIII
Orc Upgrade Center: Mephestrial
Fortress Model : Mr.Bob
Castle Model: Mr.Bob
War Points Icon: Elainiel
Dalaran Barracks: Skrab
Dalaran King: Tranquil
Dalaran Blacksmith: Lord_T
Dalaran King Icon: kola
King's Guard Model: HappyTauren
Sword Iconer: Elainiel
Crossbowman: HappyTauren
Longbow: Frankster
Shortbow: supertoinkz
Crossbowman Icon: SeW
Grunt: Tauer
DemonStronghold: Gottfrei
UndeadStronghold: HappyTauren
Raider Camp: Red XIII
Raider Barracks: Red XIII
Longbow Icon: Pike
Spear Throwerr: Radagast
Skirmisher: Frankster
Ghost Hunter: PaulH
Warmog: NightWolf
Wyvern: olofmoleman
Raider: Lord_T
Executor: frostwolf
Cavalier: wingednosering, Icon: Muoteck
Smasher: Wojia10502
Goblin's Reprive: Frankster
Howizon Tank: ikillforeyou
Mystic Knight: Model: Devine, Icon: Juan_Ann
Advanced Tower: Tranquil, Iconer: Unknown
Magonel: Deolrin
Trebuchet: olofmoleman
CatapultV2: Kitabatake
Forge: takakenji
Archery Range, Stables and Mages Guild: Mr.Bob
Bloodelfpheonix Archer and Crusader: Frankster
Arrow: Deorlin
Pikeman and Crusader: Elenai
SteelPledge: HappyTauren
Lightning Blade: Kola
Captain: HappyTauren


Did Dalaran Farm income
Castle Income
Raider Income
Castle, Keep, Headquarters

Dalaran Total Income fixed
Doodad changes
Decription and etc. changed
Added -income command
Changed Description and credits of game
Enabled bounty
Placed starting locations
Changed lumber to war points and interface changes
Advanced module changes for heroes.
Created stone paths to wall for siege ladders
Gave opening instructions to all players
Added the 3 melee units
Added king
Added red and blue units
Added 3 archers

Added more models

Raider: Underling and grunt added
Fixed lots of bugs
Trigger issues fixed

Smasher, Cavalier added for humans
House 6-10 added
Nerfed other houses
Executor and Ghost Rider added
Income command
Warmog added
Food farm added
More starting units

Raider altenative income method
-kills command
-income command can be used more often and accurately
Limit training of Wyvern to 5 and increased hp
Executor has higher hp and attack
Less starting units for blue, more for rest
-Attack command for raider

Basic Tower added for Dalaran
More bugs fixed
Headquater now gives 30 food
Warmog costs more
Smasher and Cavalier food cost down to 3

Balancing system added
Couple of bugs fixed
King Skills added
Limitation of Wyvern to 10
Increased raider's ranged unit range
Raider camp has defensive measures now

V0.10 :D
Fixed pink income bug
Raider has less income increase now

Mass-Archer and Rapid-Flame tower added
King skills fixed and balanced
Light Cleric, Demolisher, Raider added
Out-Of-Position Blue units added

Teching possible for both orc and human
Fixed bugs with units and abilities
Warmog carry load decreased.

More upgrades and tech
Fixed a couple of bugs concerning tech

Multi-Board for kills
King Buffed up, ulti weakened
More tech avaliable
Cleric Buffed up
Sniper and cluster towers added

V0.15 - 0.18
Warmog Rider fixed
Cleric's Heal aura fixed
Food cost is 1 for all units now
Limitation on number of units one can train
Save/Load System for experience
Encoder by |CFFFFFF01Nestharus|r Special Edition
Perks Added
Multiboard Enhanced
Bugs fixed!
6 New units
2 New Buildings
Balistic tower added!
Wyvern no longer scouting unit, is attack unit

Fixed Battle Shaman's spells bugs
Balistic tower made weaker
Lightning mage and fire mage new spell
-attackall and -massattack command added
Food farms removed, starting food increased

V0.20 !
Blue has 300 food forever
Unit ranks are added!
Many new units and buildings!
Heroes added!
Units Descriptions emphasized!
Trailer video out!

Major Changes to spells
Ai spawns weaker now
Brown Ai has towers to defend him now.
Ai's have more tatics (brown will climb walls)

Major Revamp-
-Tier System
-Special Units System
-More Organised
Yet another Major Revamp
Special Unit System
Different Balancing Type
Hero now avaliable for all
More Units

Bug Fixes
Perk System revised
Towers now cost food
New modes
Food Cap used instead of Food Max

Raider Ai climbs wall properly now
First custom hero for dalaran generals
Raider Hero improved
Raider spawn system improved
Anti-air and invis for dalaran strikeback
Global upgrades for ai periodically
Ai uses gold more often and smartly now
Ai spawns better units as time goes on now
Unit bounties and costs balanced furthur
Red's starting towers changed

Trading System implemented
Units improved
Modes improved
Bug Fixes

New items
Spearman buffed up
Last Resort's effect changed
Units balanced futhur
Changed blue's starting units
Added ai towers for ai's
Added building upgrades for ai
Added "target" system for raider and his ai
Guides added
Tanks made weaker and costiler
Last Resorrts work now
Upgrade changes

Gray Ai will take over if absent
New Mode - Vs Gray Ai
Balancing / Bug fixes
Last Resort made weaker / stronger

Gray Ai is now stronger and more advanced
Dark Green now playable as Raider Assistant
Bug fixes / Balancing
Protection against hostbots implemented
New Hero: Grimrock
Hero Revive system reloaded
Multiboard fixed
New items
Spearman and Crusaders now considered Special Units

Fixed all bugs from V0.3
Balancing issues!
2 new Air units for raider
Assistant Raider gets a hero
Multiboard now shows exp
New Mode: Deathmatch
Changed king's 3rd skill
New items

New raider units - Ranged warlocks
New items
Fixed the 2 heroes bugs
Sylvanas ulti changed
Raider ai balanced futhur
King's 3rd skill changed
Upgrade costs changed
Orcs' forge cost changed
Upgrade center costs changed

Warlocks requirements added
Bloodiabath balanced furthur
Melee heroes now only cost 200 WP
Ais' now have a fixed spawn amount for their 2 minute spawns
Gray Ai cannot exceed 60 units
Blood Bounty's now works
Cleave of Bloodiabath weakened
Preview Added!
Finally officailly released

Ketsuno Anson (for helping me with spells and suggestions :D <---many times)
Jhanda (Aka Cotton Jun Hong, helped me with spells too)
maple48 (Video Maker :D Thank him for trailer!)
GIANT_CRAB (for trolling me till I got determined)
Xia0PiggyX (for testing raider cause no-one wanted it, several times)
Teh Mods (for helping me with the questions)
Everyone on the hive (Thx for supporting me on Hivechat :D)

Got a idea that you think will fit my map? Heres what you can do:
Post Information: Building / Unit / Mechanical / Doodad / Effect / Spell
If a unit: Damage type, Damage amount, Attack Speed, Movespeed, Movetype, Defense Base, Hp, Mp, Hpregen, Mpregen, Model / Icon.
If it has spells: Post spell properties and if u wish, the trigger, and any requirements
If it has upgrades: Post upgrade type, upgrade bonuses, gold and lumber cost.
Model / Icon / Spell / Effect: Give me link and I'll take a look

Ideas will be considered! Post as a Reply.
To those who read: Post your comments on their reply if you wish.

Public Board of Requests
Currently:Requiring a spell for Patrol Guard, to give him an ability.
For every other patrol guard near him (500 range), he gains 1 armor, up to 5.
For every 2 patrol guard near him (700 range), he gains 1 damage, up to 5
For every 3 patrol guard near him (900 range), he gains 10 hp, up to 100.

Anyone who can get me a spell like this will be credited! Thanks.

Also: Looking for Closed Beta Tester Team - Hopefully all in same region for less lag and delay. Post a reply saying "I want in" or something like that, i'll write your name down, include country too please.

Requiring a team!
I need a Modeler, Terrainer and Iconer, Coder/Trigger/Spellmaker

Stable Game Download Link:
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