Druid of the Talon and Derivatives

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Icons made for Ujimasa's Druid of the Talon and Derivatives pack

Just a heads up, I'm currently accepting commission for icons, if anyone needs it. Kinda doubt anyone would read this, but I could (shamefully) use some change :/

Give credits too btw

BTNBloodElfDruidoftheTalon (Icon)

BTNDruidoftheTalon (Icon)

BTNDruidoftheTalonAlt (Icon)

BTNGilneanDruidoftheTalon (Icon)

BTNSatyrDruidoftheTalon (Icon)

BTNUndeadDruidoftheTalon (Icon)

The Panda
Setting too useful/simple because not a lot of edits, nice work though.