Drive them back - Murloc Edition

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Please read for my sakes!:
This is the Murloc Race I am going to implement in my Campaign.
Please give feedback about it because I really dont want to remake my campaign just because one of the units were too weak or not fun at all.

Things done by design:
-Slightly OP Race
-Murloc Summoner able to conjure an entire army out of nothing.

If you find anything else odd or out of the ordinary please comment about it.

You may host on to promote but do not reupload or edit without my consent!

Credits to Imported goods are in the Quest Menu (F9)

Think my terraining skills are horrible? Give me some tips!

ok u dont have to read anymore, Thanks!

What is Drive Them Back?

Drive them Back is basically an altered melee whereby 2 or more players gang up against one OP player that can only be beaten by teamwork.

Map Description:

The murlocs have become extremely intelligent and are now a huge threat to the ashenvale woods. Murloc Exterminators must work together and eliminate them before they advance anymore. Murlocs must advance and destroy all the Murloc Exterminator's bases who will be the victor?

Murloc, Naga, Race, Custom, Melee, War, Altered Melee, Teamwork, Ashenvale

Drive them back - Murloc Edition (Map)

14:19, 27th Jun 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Rejected