This skin replaces the Night Elf Runner (and Spirit of Vengance) or the Night Elf Sentry. Because the weapon and scrolls are alphaed out for both models, they look identical with this skin over them, portrait animations and everything. If you wish to use more than the two skins for the above mentioned models, you can make the sentry or runner use more than one skin via the technique explained in this tutorial. Tutorial Link

The three primary posses in the screenshot above were taken with lighting/shadows disabled, because the face of the model has an awkward way of being shaded (the portrait model does not suffer from this).

The weapons have been alphaed out because it will allow the attachment of any weapon. If you don't know how to attach weapons to models you should check it out, it's pretty awesome. You can browse through the attachments in the model section to find a weapon (or weapons) more fitting for this model.

Draenei, Huntress, WoW, World of Warcraft, Alliance, Hunter, Scale, Mail, Purple, Alien, Erader, Watcher, Sentry, Sentinel, Night Elf, Night, Elf, Run

DraeneiHuntress_by67chrome.blp (Texture)

17:27, 8th Jan 2010 THE_END: Very nice, a very clean skin, with a nice amount of details but not too much




17:27, 8th Jan 2010
THE_END: Very nice, a very clean skin, with a nice amount of details but not too much
Level 10
Dec 26, 2009
Another amazing Sentry replacement... not that I don't love your Sentry reskins, but maybe you could spread the love to other female models, like Misha suggests? I'm a bit tired of uploading 10 diffrent Sentry models for every map I make (not that I don't like them, of course). But this adds to a long line of top-quality Sentries, and you would recieve +rep from me if I hadn't done so earlier.
Level 23
Nov 17, 2008
This is actually the first draenei skins which actually looks like a draenei and has all features of a draenei female like glowing eyes. The legs arent draenei, but this is the fault of the model.
Actually all draenei skins and models should have such faces.
Level 4
Dec 16, 2010
This is REALLY good! I love your skins! Can you make replacement skins for the ingame draenei? I have to make a custom race for them for my campaign, and I would get them done sooner if they weren't so damn ugly o_O. Seriously, how did Blizz get the wow draenei based off the ones they made in warcraft!? o_O