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Draenei Luminary

This is an asset I have been meaning to upload for awhile. It was intended to be used as a hero unit, but I have provided regular versions without hero glow and with decay animations as well.

Please give credit and do not redistribute without my permission.

Draenei Luminary (Model)

Draenei Luminary No Glow (Model)

Draenei Luminary Portrait (Model)

Eredar Luminary (Model)

Eredar Luminary No Glow (Model)

Eredar Luminary Portrait (Model)

General Frank
A cool pack of Dreanei and Eredar units and heroes. Works in-game and performs well. Great job.
whoa, hawkwing putting up models? Ouo groovy

It certainly has been awhile!

Another great one. I could submit that there should be a few more differences (in terms of face/skin/accoutrements) between this guy & the Adherent; they seem somewhat similar (different weapon/armor choices notwithstanding).

Absolutely. I built the adherent first and the luminary was sort of an after-thought. It was entirely built upon the adherent, but I modified the textures and geometry a bit and then transferred different animations to it.
Level 2
Dec 31, 2012
Sold af. Very solid. nothing boring, nothing crazy, but if everyone made crazy, they would all be bad. GOOD WORK!
Level 24
Nov 9, 2006
Any chance you could fix this model and Draenei Adherent?
I've included a picture with notes with the main problems these models have.

I also can't get portraits for this model to work when using the no-glow model.
I tried both portraits that were attached.


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