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Draconian Blademaster

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
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This is my first ever model. It was a model i made with magos and oinkerwinkles tools.
the idea just came to me.


v1.0 Original Concept
v2.0 Redid Wrap and reconstructed face
v2.1 Fixed minor connection mesh flaws
v2.2 Fixed Portrait

Dragon, Blademaster, Fire, Demon, Awsome, Red, Dentothor

Draconian Blademaster (Model)

Level 26
Jun 15, 2006
1. : fix the models internal name(in magos under: edit-->model properties)
2. : fix the geoset animations
3. : improve the unwrap
4. : I think you should also change the position of the horns.
5. : remove the part in the blue circle on the attached picture

Oh and I like the concept of the model, but you still have to clean it up.


  • fix.JPG
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Level 12
Feb 7, 2008
Messy. Fix the messed parts of it.
On my personal oppinion, make the head look better, it certainly doesnt fit the model.

2/5 - not approvable. (imo)
Level 26
Jun 15, 2006
better now but these parts still have to be improved.
blue cirlce=wrap
yellow circle= mesh


  • wrap 1.JPG
    wrap 1.JPG
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  • wrap 2.JPG
    wrap 2.JPG
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  • wrap and mesh1.JPG
    wrap and mesh1.JPG
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  • wrap and mesh 2.JPG
    wrap and mesh 2.JPG
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