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Demo Projects


Bootcamp is an example of a third person shooter set in a modern day scenario.

Car Tutorial

his in-depth tutorial will take you through all the necessary steps to create a fun arcade style race car mechanic.

The tutorial project also includes a high-end, physically accurate and realistic car model. Use this if you want to make more simulation-like games.
AngryBots (Already available with version 3.4)

The player infiltrates a building filled with not very happy robots, which explode in many pretty ways when collections of fast moving bullets are applied.

Dependent on platform, the game will present the player with dual sticks for navigation, aiming and shooting or WASD and mouse.

You can find more at
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Dec 7, 2008
Glad that this forum for unity was started. I had downloaded and installed it but was having problems understanding the script.

If someone needs resources then there is a good video tutorial series for making an RPG. Very Detailed. Uses C# (C Sharp)
[Someone edit the link to give the direct link to the youtube series. I need to use a proxy to access youtube]

Also there is one big list of unity tutorials here

Don't have the time to follow all the tutorials but maybe this may help someone
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People I have problemm:

I installed programm, 4.1 I think and when I start programm some space girs show on screan, but next what I get is:


There was a problemm communicating with the license server . Would you like to do manual activation instead?

I have gone to their site for manual. I have uploaded my alf file, and then I was asked for serial key. But I have no idea where can I find that serial key. I readed to it should me in my email but it is not. I have dl unity3d 4.1 from mobile and I was loged in when I was dling it so am I doing something wrong?
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