DotA AI Custom V1.0

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DotA AI Custom V1.0 (Map)

11:49, 2nd Apr 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Rejected
Level 3
Nov 24, 2008
Being a DotA explains a lot yes but without a description no one will come.

Pls make a better Desc.

I love AoS's but i wanna know, what makes this one better and/or more special than other DotA's?


I'm sorry but i vote for rejection.

First off, i've never been able to play a DotA before, i couldn't even play this one, i tried playing a private game online and it said the file size was too big and on single player it froze 1/3 way through loading.

And even so, why would I play a DotA game online when most DotA players are jerks who won't even let you download so you can get better and AoS style maps get boring very quickly on single player.

Last, in map descrip. when loading it points out that you want the makers of DotA Allstars to 'possibly' use your models, makeing it sound like that was the only reason for the map and not even that is possible if it cannot be brought onto the .
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