Doomhammer Skin Bundle

This bundle is marked as high quality. It exceeds standards and is highly desirable.
Hey all!

I was originally not going to upload a Mag'har skin for Tauer's Orgrim model because I figured it would be too simple and basically anyone could throw it together, but since y'all seemed to like Shaman Gul'dan and Iron Grommash, I thought "why the hell not?" and decided to make it into a bundle of alternative skins to make it slightly more justified.

The lighter trim color variants came about when I was making the first brown-skinned Mag'har version and realized gold on brown looked a bit off (to me, at least), so I decided to make alternative trim color versions for each skin color, including the original.


Chaos Doomhammer A (Texture)

Chaos Doomhammer B (Texture)

Iron Doomhammer (Texture)

Mag'har Doomhammer A (Texture)

Mag'har Doomhammer B (Texture)

Mag'har Doomhammer C (Texture)

Mag'har Doomhammer D (Texture)

Glad to see your name in the resource section again :) Thanks for sharing. Great with alternate versions. Approved!