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Abandoned Farm Skin

This is a non-TC version I made. An update will arrive soon.
I thought that because Halloween is around the corner, why not make something Spooktacular?
Besides, using this as a haunted abandoned site wouldn't hurt, would it?

- 84 KB
- 86.5 KB

I have made a new version of the Abandoned Farm, this time with a Haunted appearance.
Not only is it armed with deer skulls and jaws, but I also use the red glow to illuminate it for its alternate animations.
It may be used as a hunter's shack, as Mint Blancmanche had stated. It can also be an abandoned place, where the previous owner decorated their place with animal bones because, why not? They're out in the middle of nowhere, so nobody would bother them. However, I digress.
It comes in with two new textures, especially the new Windows. I've added more into the alpha channel so it won't have the windows, so all I'm left with is inserting these new Blair Witch Windows. However, the texture I'm using for both the deer antlers and the background are default, in-game versions. To replace those, simply go for one of my deer skins and the Haunted Forest TC background.
Credits ado to Blizzard Entertainment for the original Meshes and texture in which I've used for this piece.

Abandoned Farm Skin (Texture)

Abandoned Farm TC (Texture)

Haunted Abandoned Farm: By StonemaulMidget (Model)

A minor gripe, that is only visible when zooming in, but the TC version have holes in the windows that lets you see the inside of the mesh.
instead of farm, looks more like a hunter's shack, with the skeleton thing on the front.
It doesn't have to be a hunter shack. It can be, but it can also be someone who's into deer skulls and used them for decoration in that point of time. Sorry, I should have added that one in.
Besides, deer in the wrong way look kind of creepy.
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