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Disable Spell Casting (Silence/Cloud) question

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Level 10
May 27, 2009
I'm currently making a spell and have the following description:

The unit targets an enemy, disabling it for using spells.

My problem is.. Is there any possible thing or trigger that Cloud or Silence or the likes may be casted on a specific target? (because those are for Area not specific target) but still they can attack.

triggers/jass or any ability may help.. i really need this or just give some ideas :D



Hosted Project: SC
Level 14
Jul 1, 2010
Make an ability that is not AoE, meaning only 1 target (storm bolt). Then, make a dummy unit with silence ability, but very low AoE, maybe 100 will be good or even less.
After that, make trigger:
Unit casts a spell

Spell equal to Storm Bolt (your spell this is just example)

Order Dummy Unit to Silence Targeting unit of ability being cast.
Level 33
Mar 27, 2008
Moin moin =)

..or just modify "Soul Burn"

The way of Vunjo can be failed under some conditions, if the unit is teleport away, then the silence will miss for example...
(This is just a note not critic)

Dr. Boom

  • Events
    • Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability
If a trigger consist of THIS particular line, Vunjo's suggestion doesn't fail, WHY?
Because the unit will be first effected by stun (Storm Bolt) and LATER it will create dummy unit at the position of targeted and order it to cast Silence later
Meaning, it will NOT miss as the unit is first STUNNED, later on he will be silenced
That is the meaning of A unit Starts the EFFECT of an ability
The Effect (stun) must takes place first before firing the next order
If the Silence area of effect is a low number, it won't, under normal circumstances. But if you have units nearby your target unit, that have their pathing (collision) disabled, they will also get the Silence buff.

You want a silence with no buff? Hm, the only way is to replace the target unit's abilities with dummy, passive abilities, but you would need every unit's abilities to have dummy abilities, which is a huge bla bla and pain, so, don't do it. Just use Soul Burn and all set ;]
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