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Jun 17, 2019
Jun 25, 2009


Addicted To Helpin Others

Tiche3 was last seen:
Jun 17, 2019
    1. Kam
      Some issues.

      -I don't use cliff heights to distinguish water levels, I use the raise/lower tool so the spell will still cast in deep water.
      -Upon returning an error message it cancels the spell cast but the caster continues doing the animation forever.
      -Is it possible to do the following instead of just having the units sucked in? Each unit is ordered to move to the caster and then is launched?
    2. Kam
    3. Kam
      Did you have any luck with the unit cannon?
    4. Kam
      How about this. Units in an AOE around the caster turn into a special effect missle and move towards the caster - so imagine the caster "sucking" all the units in. Then they are launched as one projectile. You could use Paladon's jump system for the single projectile. The final issue is that I need it to return an error if you try to cast it on an unpathable area such as deep water or a cluster of trees.
    5. Kam
    6. Kam
      Do you still take requests?
    7. Arisato

      kidding, i hope you'll visit hive again: )
    8. Zpider
      spells* even, apparently I fail at typing even the simplest words when I am tired.
      Anyways, I really like your spellpack. Just thought I should let you know that.
    9. Dr. Boom
      Dr. Boom
      Moin moin =)

      Yes no problem, I remember your spellpack, but my computer is down, so I only can look at hive via mobile phone, which makes me unable to test any warcraft map.
      I will get a new computer in February, when the prices are cheaper and then I review and retest your map.

      Hope this is ok - Greetings and Peace
      Dr. Boom
    10. D0W3R
      I'm creating maps but it's hardest part to my work is to end map. I hate creating alone :(
      first map witch I relesed is gladiators, Now I'm starting new map of type survival, like wamps
    11. Midnighters
      You can check for the level, then make the effect effect all units within [x] range.
    12. baassee
      Yeah now you have to make all spells MUI to get approval :D
    13. baassee
      If you want to learn MUI, look at my spells as they are fairly commented :D "this is not an advertisment".
    14. yeohxin
      Hey, I'd checked those spells. They are well done. Thanks. +rep and credits given =)
      Edit: Actually you can just send me those spell requested through PMs. =)
    15. Tiche3
      Hey guys, if anyone checks this page, then i'm sorry, because the holidays are over and i won't have so much time to help you ;(
    16. Apheraz Lucent
      Apheraz Lucent
      Tiche, rep-whoring is forbidden on THW :S
    17. Hordeon
      Haya! Now I bought a legal Warcraft III CD's (RoC & TFT) just for fun. I remember that Warcraft III is created in 2002, but I don't care, cuz this game rocks for me!
    18. Tiche3
      Away and back, the summer will be >.> i can't help the comunity as i could during the school year.
    19. Arisato
      Make (Triggering Player) +rep me ???
      This is better
      If all conditions are true then do actions
      (Triggering Player is willing) equal to True
      (Triggering Player is happy) equal to True
      Then Actions
      Make (Triggering Player) +rep me
      Else Actions
      Order (Un+rep Player) to help

      nah, i was just joking ^^
    20. ap0calypse
      I'm not mad, just enforcing the site's policy :)
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Kirin Tor


    Check my approved Switch system (aka -switch or -so) NEW VERSION!!!! http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/spells-569/gui-switch-system-v1-4-a-161670/

    Added Hive's Spellpack, where your requested spells are put in there!! http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/spells-569/hives-spellpack-v2-1b-183097/

    Gone to real life and i will try not to come back, sorry hivers : (
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