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Diablo 3 Razorclaw, Reaper of Angels + Minions

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Diablo 3 storyline boss Razorclaw, Reaper of Angels by Blizzard Entertainment.

This pack includes:
- Razorclaw, Reaper of Angels (Fast, Jailer, Electrified, and triple attack speed)
- Armored Destroyer minion
- Armored Destroyer Birth missile (modified from Inferno, can be used in the exact same way)

This particular monster was my obsession since it was named after me by a Blizzard employee who worked on Diablo 3. Unfortunately this Super Unique monster cannot be found in Adventure mode, so not very many people know it exists. In combat it's basically a mini-Butcher, hence its title.

It uses animation from the giant bruiser mobs in World of Warcraft for lack of a better animation source, although it could stand to be better.

Armored Destroyers were always particularly fascinating to me because of how they entered the battlefield like giant missiles. They're almost exclusively found in the Gardens of Hope in Act 4 of Diablo 3. It wasn't until I randomly happened upon a scan of their page from a Diablo 3 book that listed their subtitle as "Demon Elite" that I finally found what it was actually called in the game files: "Core Elite".

"No one has seen an Armored Destroyer since Diablo was exiled from the Burning Hells centuries ago. Before then, they were the bulk of his army, and they crawled thick as locusts over the face of their master's Realm. Should the Lord of Terror ever return, I fear they would be his heralds." - Deckard Cain

Armored Destroyer (Model)

Armored Destroyer Birth (Model)

Diablo 3 Razorclaw, Reaper of Angels + Minions (Model)