Defence of the Grand Chase [warcraft3 map concept]

Level 1
Dec 12, 2011
listen guys... Im new in the hive... does anyone know the Online Fighting game "Grand Chase" ?? well, currently im developing a w3 map wherein the concept of the famous DOTA and the fighting game Grand Chase (abbreviated as GC) are all put together as DotGC... I just need a little help from anybody, suggesting some few jass trigger ideas therein each characters performs their respective skills (or spells in this concept), and only a few match their abilities... also I need models, i have no idea how to use gmax... and since, im a fan of the Hive... it's an honor to be a part of this forums... the next time i log in here, ill show some developments on my map... just a little help could be a big improvement to myself... thanks a lot !!

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