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Help + Beta Testers for Grand Chase Map

Level 10
May 27, 2009
Hello :)

I am currently ongoing on my map project, grand chase. I need help for making some spells and terrain... This is a Hero Arena map.... And spells would be a little difficult because I like it to be based on the Online Gaming Client, Grand Chase.... but the air-spells could be changed.....

I also like to have beta testers in order to test some new features or any other things that is new at my map.... This would be for the version 3.8.

I also like for the beta testers to test the hero score and assistance system because I can't still see how the bug goes......

Anyone who would like to help will be glad to be given credits :thumbs_up:

Please reply if you would like to help....

I also like to ask for help in making the AI Map or submitting a model.