Deadly Mushrooms

A pack of deadly mushrooms I made. Check the spoiler for descriptions.
I decided to put them in one bundle since they are basically edits of each other and because they share a theme - deadly mushrooms.

While drawing these, I found out, that apparently there's a huge difference between simply inedible and outright poisonous deadly mushrooms. But I couldn't quite figure out what it is, so my apologies to all the mushroom experts out there, in case that some of these are not actually deadly 😅

Some types of mycena can excrete milk-like juice, some - glow in the dark, and some - grow hail-like growth! Some types of this mushroom are so rare, they are considered endangered species. :(
Fly Agaric
Apparently those white warts on agaric mushrooms are remnants of the universal veil, a membrane that encloses the entire mushroom when it is still very young, making it look like an egg.
Autumn Skullcap
Has like a thousand different names like Deadly Galerina or Galerina Marginata, and is apparently one of the most deadly poisonous mushrooms out there. Grows on trees, so... stay away from trees, I guess?
Death Cap
Considered to be the deadliest poisonous mushroom out there, with 1% survival rate (from eating it). Some sites mentioned that it has a sweet taste, and I'm terrified of thinking how they figured that out.

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The Panda
Nice work! Love them all.. Approved.