Day of the Cow TD! v. 0.99b


Day of the Cow TD! v. 0.99b (Map)

Level 16
Oct 30, 2004
Very versatile TD! Able to morph to a TD which you desire to play at that time, either it's team TD or solo TD. And not just the normal team and solo td's but a new kind of mode also, the race!

This TD features:
-Over 150 towers (updated)
-6 gamemodes! 3 team gamemodes and 3 solo gamemodes, choose which you want to play! (host chooses at start)
-6 different builders (updated)
-Thought out terrain that allows the 6 gamemodes! Check it out
-50 levels of creeps
-Adjusted difficulty according to the gamemode, choises are: easy, normal and hard
-Special balancing in team modes!
-Suited for pro td gamers and casual players (if easy is too easy, heh, choose hard and push ur limits, and hard is really hard! )
-The Cow Bomb!
-You wont have to play another td again except Lasers&Rockets TD! *joke* ( )

This map is made by Mini-Me @Northrend realm.
I am also the chief of Clan CBS.
Clan CBS is a map making clan and if any map maker is interested in joining, come to our channel Clan CBS @Northrend realm.

Comments/Suggestions/Ideas are welcome! I planned to have a new gamemode in v.0.99 but i had some problems with the balancing so its not included in this version. I will fix the unbalances in the new gamemode and put it in v.1.00. I decided to release the 0.99 version now, and not try to fix the unbalances for it, because i wont have time to work on it during the next weeks and i didnt want to delay it. So here it is with over 50 new towers, hopefully they will bring enough happiness that you can wait for the next version and the new gamemode :).

ALL old builders have got NEW TOWERS so if you already got sick of them try them again now, the new towers will bring more enjoyment to the old builders. Also try the NEW BUILDER which is included.

v.0.95 First release
v.0.96 Fixes
v.0.97 Small fixes
v.0.98 Serious Bug fixed, organized tooltips
v.0.99 Read everything above! +++Some gameplay changes which i wont bother to mention.
Level 5
Apr 8, 2007
Mini-Me, I have played this alot of times, and I can say nothung else than that it rocks! It is challenging, funny, variated and the different "facions" are unlike and powerful in diferent ways, and I will have to say, good job! :p