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This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Now this is map in ENG language.
--> Defend Citadel
--> Survive - when you die its end!
--> Kill final boss Dark Dragon ( he come after 25 min. )
--> Buy items and units
*--> Now 2 mid boss
*--> New Tower Upgrades
*--> New units
*--> If you cant win write "Help me!" ^^

DarkDragonsENG (Map)

19:05, 10th Jan 2009 Rui: Categorized. Please read our comments below. [highlight]Rejected[/code].




19:05, 10th Jan 2009
Categorized. Please read our comments below.




Level 40
Jan 7, 2005
The map was not fully translated to English.
I don't understand what you're trying to do with this map. You defend a town and you get attacked by dragons, wow. Everyone who knows a tiny bit about the editor can do something like you just did here.

1/5 (Unacceptable).
Level 18
Sep 27, 2005
Here is my rating and comment:

1 - 10 points go on originality
1 - 10 points go on object editor work
1 - 10 points go on scripting
1 - 10 points go on terrain
1 - 10 points go on bug free
1 - 10 points go on gameplay/fun factor
1 - 10 points go on lag
1 - 10 points go on proper submission and crediting
That equals 80 points max.

Originality: 3 points
As Rui said anyone can do this, who has a bit of knowledge in WE. It is a simple Hero Defense map.

Object editor work: 2 points
Same warcraft spells with different names and descriptions. Nothing good here.

Scripting: 2 points
I could attack my ally, there was not much scripting at all done. Nothing to explain the game or the waves.

Terrain: 5 points
Possibly the only bright spot in the map. It wasn't good, however it wasn't bad.

Bug Free: 1 point
- I can attack ally
- I got stuck infinite times
- Slot 1 for computer?

Gameplay/Fun Factor: 1 point
Just plain boring. Killing dragons woot.

Lag: 9 points
The game didn't cause lag. Loading time was okay.

Proper submission and crediting: 5 points
It was fine. The submission however lacks info and imagry.

In overall: 28 / 80
The map has serious issues to be fixes. Also it is higly unoriginal and boring. You need more interesting things in the map, this is just plain.

For the hive grade: 1/5 I suggest this map for: Rejecting

So don't let this make you feel you don't want to update the map. Keep trying.

Good Luck in improving, bounty hunter2
Level 19
Sep 4, 2007
Lets get down to business.
What I liked about this map was mostly it's simple terrain and gameplay but the flaws pretty much slaugthers the gameplay after a couple of rounds.

-Players could attach each other.
-Not fully trasnlated into English.
-The dragon waves in the western side flew directly into the base rather than following the road.
Level 23
Nov 29, 2006
Lets get down to business.

The terrain was not bad, but not the best either, but was definitely worth my approval. Ive seen maps out there which have been worse. The mapsize was rather small and the gametype was not especially original, some points which you could improve.

Also, what downgraded it is, as redmarine have said:
- Players could *attack* each other.
- Lacks some english translations.
- Too simple? Let go for the terrain, but it was very crowded with basically no custom features but a castle selling items. The heroes you had could also need some work, triggered spells and so on.
- The super wizard tower needs to be better. It was extremely weak and shot at a too slow rate.
- No more info than that the dragon master was coming after 28 minutes. Not a kill counting leaderboard, no timer, nothing.
- Use the quest menu to give tips, credits, version changes and so on. Or add a quest for all players there describing your mission.

So, unfortunantly it will be a 1/5 vote and rejection from me ._: