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Daniel Ohlsson (aka Dan van Ohllus / Kuhneghetz)

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Daniel Ohlsson (aka Dan van Ohllus / Kuhneghetz)

Model by: Dan van Ohllus (aka Kuhneghetz)
Based on gotenkz's DBZ Base Character model

I'm here with my newer Kuhneghetz appearance and will blast any morons with my powerful rocket launchers. Though I can also use my weapons to smack your head and shoot any other types of missiles (bombs, grenades, fireballs etc.).
I doubt this model will be very useful, unless you make a Wc3 Community themed map, or if you include it in some kind of an easter egg credits sequence (in case you're using some of my other resources in your project). I made this model for the lulz.

Model is based on a DBZ Base Character (by gotenkz) with some new fitting animations. Proof of permission to use it can be found here.
Head is based on Villager Child, while hair is from the campaignscreen Arthas.
Ingame textures are used for this model, so don't worry about paths.

Important note:
In a Model viewer, you'll notice that the weapons are flying off in the model's ranged attack animations. This does not happen ingame.


Feel free to edit this model for your projects as long as you credit me for the model you based it from.

Enjoy! ;)

Fitting missile models can be found in these two link:

Plus you can also find some other missiles like grenades, bombs etc. in the model database.

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Daniel Ohlsson (aka Dan van Ohllus / Kuhneghetz) (Model)

Daniel Ohlsson (aka Dan van Ohllus / Kuhneghetz) (Model)

18:35, 24th Oct 2008 General Frank: Pistols are gorgeous and model itself is really well done. What else should I say then....Rejected....No wait it's called Epicly-Win-DvO-Approvedz!




18:35, 24th Oct 2008
General Frank:

Pistols are gorgeous and model itself is really well done. What else should I say then....Rejected....No wait it's called Epicly-Win-DvO-Approvedz!
13 Geosets
3 Geoset Animations
10 Materials
15 Textures (all ingame)
6 Particles

Hope this little facts are helpful. =P

I might consider make a custom voice set for this character, but I have to recover my sore throat first. *cough, cough*
And, maybe, I'll might try giving myself my own theme song (I have some knowledge of composing music via tracker softwares).
Level 11
Apr 6, 2008
Just because you made this, you need a them song. And also I'm going to try and make a Office Paperclip Helper

<------ As seen there-ish

PS: Nice ending to your signature.... and "I am what I am, and thats what I am" has a mistake, it is that's not thats. I wish more people would learn your last statements!
Level 5
Sep 29, 2008
I made a model of myself once.. Out of a kneaded eraser...

A WC3 model of me wouldn't be very original, though. I would have to give myself really long fingers/nails and stab people's eyes out (think Dreadlord-ish) to be at all different from every other human. Speaking of which, that could be my next model I attempt to make. the texturing would be tough, anyone know of grey-blue eyed textures ingame that would wrap well onto an editted dreadlord?
I'm still waiting for someone to transfer peon animations to this model.
This way for once Dan van Ohllus can actually do some work and be of SOME use...!!!
I needed a good laugh today due to a frustration with a harddrive (though that problem was solved). You made my day, sir. Thanks!

But yeah, I have been lazy recently and are less active in the wc3 community. That's what happens when you get hooked on other games (in my case, games such as TF2, SMNC, Diablo 3 and more...).:vw_death: