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[Role Playing Game] Dael'Barun Revenge

Any wishes or hopes?

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Level 12
Mar 30, 2013
Hello my fellow hivers!
I have seen that my map: Dael'Barun World Defence Have gotten many hits since August, and i wanted after time to create an continiously map after that.
The map contains mostly of the same content, as Dael'Barun World Defence.
But, there will be a lot more things to do in Dael'Barun Revenge.
In the map it will be the new things as following;
-AoS sort of side-quest to do, to gain more reward. Help Dael'Barun to Destroy the enemy base and you will be granted an hefty reward.
-Items/stores will be added, so you can make your hero stronger. There will be Gods to kill to gain Legendary Weapon & Armor.
-The game will be an quite of an strategy, more than the Dael'Barun World Defence.

The Conditions of win and lose is different.
-Defeat can be gained by if Dael'Barun Dies.
-Win can be gained by killing the Godess her self.

The last god will not spawn, she will already be in the map when it starts.
So is Dael'Barun.

Some History so far:

After the help of the mighty three survivors that managed to help Dael'Barun to keep the World Tree safe for totaly destruction. She gave them the ranks of ''World Saviors and the three true heros of Dael'Barun.'' Tho, she gained the remaining Humans, heir allies, the wisdom of her people, and they therefor gained their Loyality & Friendship that would hopefully last forever. After the epic battle of her, she said to the people that wished to follow her continously to the bitter end, that she will take her Revenge and Attack the Godess of the Demons by her own hands, and make the world a much better place for all the race's that lives there. And by doing that The Legions from almost all across the lands wished to help her acomplish that.
So the Human Legion, Creep Legion & Infernal Legion joined her cause and bring the Destruction to the Demons.
But first Dael'Barun needed more warriors, she trained her people to be the most brilliant fighters that could manage to kill the Demon gods so easy that se were willing to do that, even if it costed her everything...
So on, the Godess of Peace & the God of War gave her the rank that maked her an god just like the other gods. She now have gotten the name:
Dael'Barun the Godess of Hope. After she gained the rank of that the were stunning for a long time. Tho, she kept on helping everyone that needed help with the training or whatever they needed. 2 Years and 11 Months later she and her allies Marches in huge armies to attack the Demon Godess. They all putted out huge camps and the World Tree gave her an gift of life whereever she marched, so the trees grown and birds singing wherever she walked.

That's the story for now.

If you look a bit down here you will see my progress on my map. Will be Updated eventualy!
  • The map is; 9% done. 28/10-2014
  • The map is 16% done. 30/10-2014
  • The map is 22% done. 01/11-2014
  • The map is 28% done. 02/11-2014
  • The map is 36% done. 10/11-2014
  • The map is 44% done. 11/11-2014
  • The map is 51% done. 23/11-2014
  • The map is 57% done. 29/11-2014
  • The map is 66% done. 04/12-2014
  • The map is 72% done. 14/01-2015
  • The map is 80% done. 21/02-2015
  • The map is 83% done. 28/02-2015
  • The map is 86% done. 16/11-2015
  • The map is 91% done. 04/12-2015

And by the way, the terrain is gonna be one of my best, i have worked on an single small area for the demons for almost 3 days. And thats just the terrain and i aint done with it yet.
So i hope it gets good enough and playable.


Thanks for reading and hope you are excited!
Hoping to read some good comments below!
Thank you.

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Level 12
Mar 30, 2013
->Reserved for screen-shots<-

There will be no more pictures because i think it will spoil.

Tho! Vote on the poll to make your wishes to become True!

If you didnt understand the Poll totaly, i can write a bit more of it down here.
1. A lot of buildings to build
In my previously game; Dael'barun World Defence, there werent so much to build.
So if you want more to build vote on this.
2. Cool Terrain, Cool Hero's & "Story"
If you want an smooth terrain with bunch of doodas (not spammed).
If you want Cool heros. I therefor ment that if you want it to be imported custom spells, made by others. And unique attack types for the different heros.
Now to the ''story''. If you want a bit of a so-called story, where you get more of the gaming feeling.
3. Many to kill (More fun) And faster to get resources
The spawn creation will be a lot faster & better, more units, and not to hard to kill them.
Get Lumber and ??? Faster, than my previously game.
4. Items & and Gods to be controlled by an Player
If you want it to be items to be putted in, like Common, Rare, Unique & Legendary items.
And somehow, not telling how. You can controll an god like The God of Fire f.eks...

Wanna support the Project? Use this signature to show some love to the project! Put on "[" on before IMG and the Url.

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Level 12
Mar 30, 2013
Thanks :)

*UPDATE* 28.07.2015*

I am proud to say that im almost done with everything, there is just some few spells that are remianing, but that will be completed in some few hours. After that is done, i will do the Triggering. That will maybe take some days of hard work. So im hoping to be done quite soon!
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Level 12
Mar 30, 2013
It is Like Dael'Barun World Defence.
But now i got an different terrain and i have putted in an "sort" of AoS

will it be Dael'Barun vs demons or something else?

Team 1 - Dael'Barun & in my story description ; Human Legion, Creep Legion & Infernal Legion & The Forsaken Legion

Team 2- Demons & Unknowns.
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Level 21
Jul 6, 2014
I know how you feel. Also taking a break and starting again soon. I'm on a break until 14th january and then ill continue at full speed.

Lokking forward to updates once you continue
Level 12
Mar 30, 2013
"I'm on a break until 14th january and then ill continue at full speed."

"Lokking forward to updates once you continue."
Hehe i'm probly not gonna have any more pictures, maybe i put out 1 when the map is 90% done. Hoping to continue before the 10th January.


Already at 72% and 13300 Doodas already placed in the map.
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Level 12
Mar 30, 2013
Just brought an New computer. I will continue now and hopefully be completly done now. Sorry for the waiting!


The Terrain is: 100% Done!
Doodas Placed in the Map: 18233.

Now Working on: Units, spells & Items.

When that is completed i will be working on: Triggering.
Time: 14.07.2015
Estimated completing time; Very soon!
[Due to vecation i haven't been map making for a while. Hope you understand.

LAST PICTURE! I have upload this to show that im still working on the map.


-nedio95 have becomed my triggerer!
-Bosses Completed!
-Terrain fixes/improvings!


Thank you.
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Level 1
Oct 28, 2015
hero's not heros, sorry that just bugged me a lot, and wow just from the few screenshots i think that you are making a amazing map 10/10 would play
Level 12
Mar 30, 2013
Hello everyone.

Many of you probly think why this game hasn't been released yet.
The only thing that maked it that is that i actualy hired an triggerer (coder.)
For about 5 months ago now, i gave him an simple task and i haven't heard from him yet.
So now im continuing on this my self,

So im DEEEPLY sorry for all this waiting!
Stay tuned please and i hope you haven't lose all the morale of the game yet.

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