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D3 Walling Bug

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Level 4
Sep 30, 2011
So in one of our D3 runs, I got to thinking that it would be possible to wall the Lieutenant seeing as his character model would always go around on me on his way to Gaspode. Also btw, this is more or less two bug reports. I also heard something from some people about some way to block Succubus so she wouldn't attack in an older Gaias map version, I don't know whether or not that was fixed.

• Gaspode shouldn't be able to be moved by players.
• Character models of bosses should be changed drastically so blocking them to mess up their AI doesn't happen.

Also note: Using exploits, or any other type of cheating we don't condone in Clan Gaia, if I see anyone trying to attempt something, even if they're messing around I have no problem banning you off our bot.

Not open for further replies.