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Custom Human hero unit

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Level 3
Jan 26, 2015
hi all!

i was toying with the human heroes.

i copied the human paladin hero and made it into a custom unit
then, i replaced its model with the Blood Elf Spell breaker model

also, replaced its portrait and icon with those of the BE mage

i did this using just standard data, right from inside the object editor

so, no external tools used!

the new unit is called a Blood Knight --- same skills as regular Paladin, except i replaced Devotion Auro with Mana Drain

however, to my surprise, in game, at game start, still at Town Hall, i noticed that queueing a Blood Knight did NOT disabled the other heroes (as it happens in the case of the regular, stock heroes) making them require Town hall Upgrades

upon further testing - i made custom heroes of all regular human heroes --- just copies, no changes of any kind, simple cloning

so now i have Paladin, Mountain King, Archmage and Blood mage as custom heroes

ofc, in Altar of Kings, i replaced the old stock heroes, with the new custom heroes

to my surprise, at game start, at Town Hall level, i noticed that the custom versions of the stock heroes ALSO do NOT grey out/ block the other heroes when they are queued (i.e. queueing a Archmage- the custom version, does not grey out the others, like its stock counter part does!)

why is this ?

and how can this be overcomed?
Level 24
Aug 1, 2013
In addition to Maker's post:
In Gameplay Constants it is way at the bottom:
Techtree - Dependency Equivalents - Hero: (Unit-Type List)

Also if you notice that you can train that new hero multiple times after you have added it to the list, you also need to limit the training of that unit-type for each player.
Just a simple trigger at map initialization.
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