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Current Projects (RUSKIE)

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Level 6
May 8, 2010
A post which i will be keeping updated on the progress of the maps I am currently working on.

World War III - Atlantis (Clan TAR)

Current Status - Testing (Alpha)
|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| - Completed

"The five.. mighty races.. at each others necks.. to own the mystic island that belongs under the sea.. for a reason" - Medivh

The newest addition to the World War III game series, with brand new game modes (such as infinity mode, traditional mode and farm mode!), new races (fully balanced naga race completed!), certain flying units allowed! (+Handicapped!), beautifully made custom units + skins and to top it off... a brand new terrain to take over!
  • Remade from scratch!
  • Brand new heroes! Balanced with custom abilities!
  • New balanced terrain!
  • Naga Race! (more custom races to come!)
  • Beautiful skins + models used!
  • Bug free!
  • Anti-ganging system!

[Custom Units 10/10]
[Custom Items 2/10]
[Custom Heroes 5/10]
[Terrain 10/10]
[Triggering 8/10]

Dark Deeds Revolution
original by weevilman

"The kingdom.. is doomed" - The Final Paladin
Evil spread from castle to castle, but you manage to arrive at the last known castle which has kept evil at bay. Build a settlement, with or without another survivor, and work together as a team to destroy the source of evil. Surviving is the first problem you have to tackle, the second problem is finding the evil source (a cursed survivor) and putting an end to it!

Dark Deeds Revolution - The Remake, brought to you by Ruskie! With editing skills capable to create anything in the world editor, I have decided to remake one of the oldest warcraft III custom games (& also one of the most successful!), and update it with brand new features and challenges!

  • Brand new evils to fight! (or control.....)
  • New units and upgrades!
  • Brand new heroes with custom abilities!
  • New sources of gold (Hunting, Fishing & Alchemy!)
  • Old features which made Dark Deeds unique (DDscore System! Old evils! Monster Frog! AND MORE)
  • New terrain!
  • New hero weapons!
  • New potions (which sell at a range of prices depending on how rare they are!)
Progress - Still in production

[Evils - 0/10]
[Units - 3/10]
[Heroes - 0/10]
[Upgrades - 0/10]
[Items - 2/10]
[Terrain - 10/10]
[Triggers - 5/10]

thanks for reading!
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