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Sands of hell

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Level 3
Dec 9, 2007
You enjoying your life just a couple of friends and you care free untill you wake up one morning and your not at your house any more its a dark and evil looking place. You must Survive the manhunt that is sands of hell by building and runing. (A.K.A like vampirisim)

TileSet is...

Builders: build stuff to keep alive
Devil's workers: Kill the builders to win
Hell fire minon: Once a builder dies he turns under the devils command
Lost souls: once human. thay wanna get outa hell as much as you do thay will help you if you can find them.

Items: (Hells workers and minons only!)
Only for the works and minons only!
Hell fire orb (Price 500 Evil deeds (aka gold)Adds 300 damage.)
Sword of Evil (Price 40 Evil deeds adds 15 str.)
Orb of dispare (Price 40 Evil deeds adds 15 agi.)
Devil's Book (Price 40 Evil deeds adds 15 int.)
Hell Fire Potion (Price 3 Evil deeds Regains 200 mana.)
Sword of darkness (Price 55 Evil deeds adds 40 damage also adds 20 agi.)
Book of the unforgiven (Price Unbuyable (you cant by this item) Unknown power)
Human Skull (Price Unbuyable (when a human dies he drops his skull) Adds 10 int)
???? (Untold item.)
???? (Untold item.)
???? (Untold item.)
???? (Untold item.)
???? (Untold item.)
Metal of satan (Price 50 Evil deeds adds 25 str.)
???? (Untold item.)

There are a few more untold items but eh ill pass doing all of em i think you get the idea =D

Humans Only!
The humans are mechanics and there training will allow them to build buildings. also you can upgrade and train them more allowing them to build better buildings.

Sentry gun
Upgrade center
Steel wall
Turrent (Has to be manned by a marine.)
Watch Tower (Has long range of sight and allows you to see enemys coming.)
Bunker (allows the purchase of marine units)
Elite Bunker (allows the purchase of elite units)
Unstable hut (The main building of the tech tree.)
Stable hut (Upgraded Unstable hut.)
Tent (Upgraded Stable hut)
Elite Camp (upgraded Tent)
Reforced steel wall
Stone wall
Reforced stone wall
Flix Wall
Elite sentry gun
Better turrent (has to be manned by a marine.)
Automated turrent (Dont have to be manned)
Elite automated turrent (Dont have to be manned.)
Cult of the damned (allows you to get evil deeds)

There are more buildings but thats the basic ones

Human Only!
Useful upgrades allows you to have stronger buildings/units and so forth.

Building upgrades
Upgrade to wood
Upgrade to clay
Upgrade to stone
Upgrade to Metal
Upgrade to Steel

Unit upgrades
Upgrade guns
Upgrade elite guns
Upgrade Marine guns
Upgrade Armor
Upgrade Elite armor
Upgrade Marine Armor
Upgrade Life tanks
Upgrade Better Life tanks
Upgrade Elite life tanks

The Devil's workers get evil deeds each income also by killing the builders
The Builders get evil deeds by cult of the damned
The Builders get workers to mine lumber.
Depending on if you made it out alive you will win/lose
Builders win Kill the devils workers or wait till the selected time is up.

I desided i dont wanna put times you got untill you kill the devil's worker and his minons!

i hope you enjoyed this walk though thank you and have a wonderful day.:infl_thumbs_up:

Terrain 100% done!
Units 23%
Triggers 63%
Over all 30% done
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