Creeps Battle Field Needs more Units :D

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Jul 7, 2010
Creeps Battle Field
by x3GlikE

Hello everyone I am x3GlikE and currently working on a map like Castle Fight , I currently need more Custom units so please if you can help me host down here :
What i need help with,
Custom Units with models and units (See template below.)

Unit Name :
Unit Hp :
Unit Hp Regeneration :
Unit Attack Damage :
Unit Attack Speed :
Unit Mana :
Unit Mana Regeneration :
Unit Armor :
Unit Armor Type :
Unit Movement Speed / Fly or Walk :
Unit Model : (Please give me a link to it and i will give credits to who made the model)
Unit Tool-tip :
Optional ,
Unit Icon :
Unit Spells :
Unit Special Effects :

If any of your suggestions are good enough and not overpowered I will put the units in the game with credits in the toop-tip saying ( Suggested by <User> ) from hivesworkshop..
Also I Am Giving Rep Points
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May 29, 2009
Ok man,i'm aways full with ideas rofl,but you didn't explain anything...Tell us how strong they should be and how strong are the units you made untill now.
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Dec 17, 2009
I was trying to make a map like the castle fight. but I have not idea how are the triggers. And I do not have the courage to map hacked anyone.
* Here are my ideas:
Unit Name : Goblin Truck
Unit Hp : 200
Unit Hp Regeneration : nome
Unit Attack Damage : 1 - 1
Unit Attack Speed : 1.00
Unit Mana : 0
Unit Mana Regeneration : 0
Unit Armor : 5
Unit Armor Type : normal
Unit Movement Speed / Fly or Walk : walk moviment - foot - 270 - turn rate - 3.00
Unit Model : war wagon ( wc3 original model )
Unit Tool-tip : N/A (create yourself)
Optional ,
Unit Icon : war wagon
Unit Spells : Auto explode - when explode spawn 3 Goblin robot bomb. 3 spawned robots explode after touch a enemy unit.
Unit Special Effects : Auto explode
- Image

i hope you like.
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Oct 29, 2010
Listen dude, I am also map maker so I can give u 1 important hint. Do not rely on public guys on forum with inventing units, with aking icons, model - yes. You must have ur own imagination, if ur short in ideas - no one will save ur map. I could but I have another big project.
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