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Creating Enterable/Exitable Houses

Level 4
Dec 14, 2007
//First Off This tutorial is public u can use it all u want and create some pimped out buildings that are enterable and can have shops inside of them and all kinds of stuf//
Requirements - Basic WE Knowledge,Medium GUI Knowlege,The Abilty To Download Files From wc3campaigns.net(OPTIONAL)

1 - Basics Of Creating The House
2 - The Triggering(G U I)
3 - Making a 2 Story+ House
4 - Creating Complex Houses
5 - Extra
Coming Soon»Demo Map,

First Off To Create This We Will Need To Go To »Object Editor»Units Tab»New Unit,First Off We Create A New Unit,Base it on iuno Peasant?»Name It HouseV000

if u dont know how to do this dont even go any further on this tut cuz ull never understand it
Ok Now Change Theese Values On The Unit To Theese Specififed

ok now that weve got that done find a spot in your map and place the new unit we just created,now we will create a region for the house,Create A Region The Exact Size Of The House And Name It...House000 or sumthing it doesnt realy matter

And Now So That Units cannot enter from where ever we will put Pathing Blockers To Evrywhere but where u want the units to enter at heres an example\/ \/ \/ \/

Its Optional To Create Line Of Sight Blockers Outside The Building So They Cant See Outside
Now Will Create Some Scenery Inside The House i suggjest using http://www.wc3campaigns.net/showthread.php?t=85128
Now Create A New doodad call it like floor,Set Its Pathing»Pathing Texture»None so the unit can walk on it,Set its minimum scale to 0.20 and maximum to 10.00 And Put The Floor In The Building And Scale It To The Correct Size To Fit Perfectly Like So

Put Tables Or Anything You Want Inside The Building.
Now For The Semi-Hard Stuf,If u dont know how to use gui im truly sorry

2.Ok Create A New Trigger Catagory Call It House Enteration,And Create A Trigger And Call It House Initilization,Make It Hide Evry Unit INSIDE The House DO NOT HIDE THE HOUSE!!!! u may need to temporarly move the house to select units inside!The Triger should look somthing Like so
  • House Init
    • Events
      • Map initialization
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Unit - Hide Paladin 0002 <gen>
2.1Create A New Trigger Called House0000E And Make It Look Like This
  • House0000E
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit enters House0000 <gen>
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Camera - Set the camera bounds for (Owner of (Entering unit)) to House0000 <gen>
      • Unit - Hide HouseV000 0000 <gen>
      • -------- Now Make Actions To Unhide All Units In The House --------
      • Unit - Unhide Paladin 0002 <gen>
2.2Now We Will Create a Trigger To Exit Name It House0000L The House It Should Look Somthing Like This\./
  • House0000L
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit leaves House0000 <gen>
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Camera - Set the camera bounds for (Owner of (Entering unit)) to (Playable map area)
      • Unit - Unhide HouseV000 0000 <gen>
      • -------- Now We Will Hide All Units In The House --------
      • Unit - Hide Paladin 0002 <gen>

3.Now We Are Going To Make This Building Have a Second Floor To Do So We Will Need a Stair Recource,I Suggjest The Stair Model From http://www.wc3campaigns.net/showthread.php?t=88797
Ok Now We Do The EXACT Same Thing For The Building
Create A New Doodad Called Stairs Make It Like Floor,(Same Scaling And Stuf) But Make The Model To The Stairs
Put The Stairs Some Where In Your House A Create a new region infront of the stairs name it sumthing to do with stairs,Make It about 4x4 or what ever side it needs to be for it to fit infront of the stairs example below

Now That Weve Got That Done Go To Somewhere In Your Map Maybe A Corner And Create A Place Like This I Used WEUnlimmited To Add The Abyss Tile So,You Can Use Boundary Or Use WEUnlimmited To Use Abyss i do beleave its on this site I Used The Wooden Floor Model I Shows U Earlier And Tinted It To 0red0blue0green and scaled it down to make the hole,And Create A Region Like This And Name It Sumthing Else

3.1The GUI Triggering For This Should Be Sumthing Like This
Going Up
  • Going Up0001
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit enters House0001Stairs <gen>
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Camera - Set the camera bounds for (Owner of (Entering unit)) to House0001UpStairs <gen>
      • Unit - Move (Entering unit) instantly to (Center of House0001UpStairs <gen>)
Going Down
  • Going Down0001
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit enters House0001StairsDown <gen>
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Camera - Set the camera bounds for (Owner of (Entering unit)) to House0001 <gen>
      • Unit - Move (Entering unit) instantly to (Center of House0001 <gen>)

4.Ok Now Ill Show U How To Make a Complex House(2 or more rooms and stuf like that) hes a semi-simple way to make Complex House..First Create Another House UNIT same specs as the other ones but this time for the model put it to sumthing like
City Large Building
Horizontal Or Verticle But Not Diagnal,now place it sum where in your map and put the tiles in it and evrything you want,As youll notice you cant make 1 region fit the whole building without making it go outside of the building this is where ill show u how to fix that problem,First Off Create A Region To Fit The First Part Of It Like So

Now We Will Create a Second Region Like This

Be SURE to Overlap The Two Regions Or It Wont Work
Ok,Now i will create the triggers and show you them

  • House0002E
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit enters House0002 1 <gen>
    • Conditions
      • (House0002 2 <gen> contains (Entering unit)) Equal to False
    • Actions
      • Camera - Set the camera bounds for (Owner of (Entering unit)) to House0002 1 <gen>
      • Unit - Hide HouseV001 0006 <gen>
  • House0002L
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit leaves House0002 1 <gen>
    • Conditions
      • (House0002 2 <gen> contains (Leaving unit)) Equal to False
    • Actions
      • Camera - Set the camera bounds for (Owner of (Entering unit)) to (Playable map area)
      • Unit - Hide HouseV001 0006 <gen>
Those Are Examples Of Trigers You Need To Make For The House To Be Like Mine

Here Are Some Very Usefull Kits For Making Houses (all supported by wc3c)


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Level 40
Dec 14, 2005
Some things:

  • Please write normally, Not In All Caps Like This, and with proper spelling/grammar. If you wish, I could fix that up for you
  • You can always fade the house, that way you can easily tell where it is. (Set alpha to 80 or 90%)
  • Since you have divided your tutorial into sections, you could always use the Goto/Point tags. (Check out the vB code list to figure out how to use them)

Otherwise, it looks pretty good.