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Corrupt Lands ORPG v1.54

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
An RPG I worked on a while back. Can choose from a selection of 8 Heroes. There are many hidden items. The map is not locked for anyone who would like to disect this game.

Features :
Hero Upgrade - This game features an Upgrading system where you must purchase a "Stone of Power", than enter a circle of power [two on the map]. Doing so will improve your heroes attributes also improving your health, mana, both regenerations, damage and armor.

Attribute + Level saving - No, you cannot save/load but when you enter a circle of power to upgrade your hero it transfers your previous stats to your new hero, so you keep everything you just worked so hard to get.

Ally/ Unally - You are able to ally and unally other players for the sloe sake of, well.. KILLING THEM! Yes thats right there is PvP. All that you need to do to access this feature is go into your allies menu and ally or unally a player.

Credits :
Models from - General Frank, Saphiex
Everything else - 13oot-Me

RPG / ORPG / Corrupt Lands ORPG / Corrupt Lands / Corrupt / Lands

Corrupt Lands ORPG v1.54 (Map)

20:17, 4th May 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected
Level 1
Jul 14, 2008
-hero upgrading system (which is still a bit simple)

-moderate quests

-some use of custom models

-when you start it is impossible to read all model maker names since the text is in the interface and continues outside of the screen...-.-

-the hunter starts as a str ranged but when you upgrade him hes an int ranged??
doesnt make any sense to change his main attribute while upgrading. also i dont think that str or int doesnt fit a hunter =O agi would be more fitting

-are you supposed to start right beside a power stone and a circle of power? doesnt make any fun if you get them directly X_x

-not a single custom spell makes this map just boring like hell...couldnt find any custom items either(beside that stone of power)

-some skills need to be researched like that starting spell of the soldier(that guard skill)!!! fix that

-as already mentioned, this map could need some more creeps (which give you exp even at lvl 5+)

-if you cant save/load in this map dont call it "orpg"
orpg maps= rpgs with save/load
rpg maps= rpg maps without that
Level 6
Mar 12, 2023
Hello there!
So i've played this map. Solo, as usual. In general, it's quite a smooth map. Lack bugs and stuff.

But why the random attack though?

And why the ally mobs are not invulnerable?

If this map is catered for multiple players, then I can understand the logic of having to protect the people.

But solo?

Solo? o -o

Makes me relate to the title. "Corrupt lands" is what it's gonna be if I failed to protect each and every one of these mobs that can die and took some time to revive from the evil that lurks within. Not within, just nearby. A murlock village is next to a human settlement. If I pulled a bit of aggro towards the ally mobs, that settlement will be turned into nothing.


Nice map.

Thank you for working on this map. = v = b