Core Hound

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Core hounds are massive two-headed fiends of molten magma and without question one of the most powerful beings the plane of fire has to offer.
They are found in the deepest caverns, volcanoes and dungeons and are often accompanied by other denizens of fire pledged to serve Ragnaros, the Firelord.
Their unique appearance makes them easy to distinguish and their crushing jaws, fiery breaths and their naturally superheated bodies make them a challenge even for the boldest and strongest of foes. Born of fire, their bodies naturally emit an immolating aura that can fry skin and melt sword and shield.
The green variant in outland has been known to be broken and domesticated by both demons and warlocks but can also be seen wandering the landscape as hostile creatures or guards to forgotten artifacts or areas.

Custom icons available in red and green and only one custom texture needed per model.
Please credit me if you use this model.


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Core Hound Fel (Model)

Core Hound Fel Icon (Icon)

Core Hound Icon (Icon)

Core Hound Red (Model)

Core Hound Yellow (Model)


Arena Moderator
Level 35
Jul 29, 2008
Another absolute banger of a model. Explobomb you are knocking it outta the park. Shame about the custom texture, but what can ya do. ; ) Also I'm kinda surprised it has bones, to be honest.

Looks splendiferous & acts great. Kodo animations?



Level 1
Apr 24, 2014
Awesome, kinda surprised there aren't more "demakes" of WoW creatures like this.
Level 8
Feb 2, 2011
This model gives me a special kind of nostalgia, because I've used a Core Hound model converted from World Of Warcraft in one my first maps that were never released. Anyway, it's good to see that someone finally recreated this doggy in Warcraft 3 style.
Both mesh and textures are great and I really like the work you've done with Kodo's or Lizard's animations. :peasant-thumbs-up: