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Converting TFT to RoC

Level 8
Jun 16, 2008
Converting TFT Maps into RoC Maps

Note: This is not for people that are creating roc maps that auto-converted to TFT. This is for TFT mappers that want their map to be available on RoC.

Follow each step below exactly as it is stated to convert your map.

  1. Download Winmpq Here (Official WinMPQ site).
  2. Open your FT Map with WinMPQ.
  3. Highlight ALL of the files inside the map and extract them to an empty folder.
  4. Open a new Reign of Chaos map with WinMPQ.
  5. Delete all files inside the map.
  6. "Add" all of the files that you extracted from your FT map into the now-blank RoC map. Do this by highlighting all of the files.
  7. Custom import all TFT files into your map; these include Models and animations. If you do not import them, they will not show up. If you do not want to import the models into your map, then I would suggest that you use RoC models to replace the FT models.
Now you're done! Your map can now be played on RoC!

Be aware that this method increases file size dramatically; even in some cases doubling file size. My advice would be to use Vexorian's Map Optimizer to lower your file size. Try not to use too many imported items when doing this process.

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Level 13
Feb 18, 2009
Since some people like RoC better than TFT, and play that online instead, so you could hit everybody.