Conquest 7.0a

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12 Player Version

Map Info:

This is the 12 player version of the map. There also is a 6 player and a 1v1 version.

This is a conquest style map. In the start, you select a race and a place for your home base on a huge island. After the game begins, you fight over control points and resources. The more control points you have the more gold you get each "Income" which happens every minute. Resources are needed to create units. For example, you need Iron to make a Footman, and you need Altar to mage a Priest.

Map can also be found on or Entgaming named (12)Conquest6.6a, if you wish to play it.

  • 8 Races - Humans, Orcs, Undeads, Night Elves, Naga, Demons, Goblins and Forgotten.
  • Fight over resources such as Iron and Magic to train the best units!
  • Earn money by capturing control points.
  • Battle on land and sea!
  • Easy to learn and get into!
  • AI Support

Gameplay Videos:





Major improvements to the terrain of the 6 player version of the map.
Tower limit have been removed, but all towers now cost 10 food. Furthermore a new salvage ability have been added to towers, allowing you to salvage them and get the lumber back.
The food cost of all air units have been doubled, to discourage massing of air units.
Increased the lumber of all trees to 350.

Added in 6.6a: Completely new AI scripts for all races.
6.6b notes: Removed destructables and opened some areas a bit more.

All players start location and race should now properly be shown once the first minute have passed. (Hopefully)

New Upgrade: Mounted Warfare, researched from barracks and enables the production of Knights and Gryphons.

Blademaster: Bladestorm now deals 280 damage over 7 seconds, up from 196 damage over 7 seconds.
Kodo Beast: Can no longer be mind controlled ;o
New Upgrade: Mounted Warfare, researched from beastiary and enables the production of Raiders, Kodo Beasts and Bat Riders.

Night Elf:
Warden: Now have 150 mana, and Fan of Knives now cost 100 mana to cast.
Faerie Dragon now have 180 health, down from 220.
New Unit: Hippogryph Rider
New Upgrade: Mounted Warfare, researched from hunters hall and enables the production of Huntresses and Hippogryph Riders.

Crypt Fiend: Web now lasts 8 seconds, down from 12 and cooldown is increased to 24 seconds up from 12.

Nerubian: Web now lasts 8 seconds, down from 12 and cooldown is increased to 24 seconds up from 12.
Carrion Swarm now costs 150 mana, up from 100.
Revenant: Increased the cast range of mist to 700, up from 400.
Obsidian Statues can now travel on water, can can also turn into a Destroyer, a powerful air unit.

Removed the option for -color black.
Removed the scroll of town portal.
Added a limit on towers, allowing you to make a maximum of 10 towers.
You can no longer have the option to choose your start location with a wisp.You now have a stationary structure that you can use to choose your race.
Increased the range of all seige units to make them more effective against towers.
Reduced the health of all flying units.
Increased the food limit to 200, (300 in 6.4b) up from 100. Food units gives same food amount though, the other 100 food is now optained from control points.
Control points grants 10 food each.
All players start location and race should now properly be shown once the first minute have passed.

Night Elf:
Increased the damage of fan of knives to 80 up from 25, but put a limit of 300 on the maximum amount of damage dealt.

The worker unit can no longer swim.

Revenant: - Mist no longer prevents mechanical units from attacking, but instead causes all units inside the mist to have a 25% chance to miss their attacks.
Added air units for all races.
Tooltip changes for unit production buildings. Now shows which units can be made.
All players now start with 50 gold and 500 lumber, up from 30 gold and 150 lumber.
Reduced health and armor of all capturable objectives, and they no longer regenerate health.
Increasesd sight range of all bases.

New flying unit: Gryphon Rider
House - Removed
Defend now causes the Footman to take 25% less damage, down from 50%.

New Flying Unit - Batrider
Farm - Removed

New Flying Unit - Frost Wyrm
Canibalize now restores 20 health per second, down from 30.

Night Elves:
New Flying Unit: Faerie Dragon

Murloc Hut - Removed
No flying for naga, since they can already swim. Might be added later.

New flying unit: Nether Dragon

New flying unit: Flying Machine
New flying unit: Zeppelin

New flying unit: Gargoyle
Twilight Ascendant is now trained from the Forgotten Pool instead of the Forgotten Tomb.

New Loading Screen and Minimap.
Increased health and armor of all resources and control points.
Automatically zooms the camera out for defeated players and observers every minute. Does also work in replays.
Moved a few control points.
All upgrades that enable production of non-basic units now cost more.
Minor bugfixes and tooltip changes.

Slightly reduced damage of Riflemen and reduced their health to 360 down from 420.

Beastiary now costs 250 lumber up from 150.

Night Elves:
Druids can now cast Cyclone.
Wardens now cost 2 food down from 3.
Demon Hunters now cost 2 food down from 3.
Ancient Protectors now have a movement speed of 150 up from 80.
Base now have a movement speed of 120 up from 80.
Treants now have 150 health down from 250, 2 base armor up from 0 and now costs 30 lumber down from 50.

Banshee: New dispel. Now casts Dispel instead of Dispel Magic. "Same spell, just diffrent mana/aoe etc."
Reduced damage of Crypt Fiends.
Ghouls now have 280 health down from 300. Canabalize now restores 30 health per second, up from 10.
Death Knights now have 800 health up from 700.
Necromancers now also requires the Reanimation upgrade to be built.

Eredar Warlock: Now costs 10 gold down from 15, stun duration of firebolt have been increased to 3 up from 2, and mana cost have been reduced to 50 down from 75.

Ogre Magi now cost 2 food down from 3.
Slightly reduced damage of Axe Throwers.

Twilight Ascendant: Now have Fade instead of Blink. Power Overloading now causes the unit to take 5 times more damage down from 10 times.
Replaced Obsidian Machine with Salamander
Dragonspawn: Can now cast Slam, and have slighly increased damage.
Forgotten One now cost 200 lumber and 1 food down from 250 lumber and 2 food.
Ents now have 150 health down from 200.
Reblanced revenants. Now is a stronger and more expensive unit. Also reduced cast range of mist to 500 down from 1000.

Removed a few resources and some terrain changes to areas where they were removed. Also mountain is now lower and bigger.
Remade the Southern Island! It is now the Dark Island!
Food cost changes to various units.
Tooltip changes to all tooltips with spells. Now shows spells what the unit have, but not what they do.

Blademasters, Bladestorm now deal 200 damage up from 126 damage.
New Building: Beastiary, trains Raiders and Kodo Beasts. Raiders is no longer trained from barracks.
New Unit: Kodo Beast
Juggernaugts can no longer carry units.

Banshees can now cast Dispel Magic.
You now have a ghoul if you get selected undead as random.
Ghouls now have Heavy Armor.

Hydra - Reduced damage and range.

Alchemists now requires mount to be build. (lol dafuq)
Healing Spray now heals 75 up from 45.
Alchemist now uses mana.

Reduced the damage of Dark Spawn.
Qiraj now have 550 health and 0 base armor instead of 660 health and 2 base armor. Their damage have also been slightly reduced.
Qiraj can now spawn a maximum of 3 Carrion Beetles down from 4.
Revenants now have Normal attack instead of Seige and have their damage reduced. Their attack speed have also been increased from 1.5 to 1.8.
Mist now last 8 seconds down from 15, and it's area have been reduced to 225 down from 300.
Faceless now regenerate 2 health per second, up from 1.5hps.
New Unit: Twilight Ascendant, a anti magic unit with feedback, blink and power overloading.
New Unit: Obsidian Machine, a long range seige unit.

Other: Some others i forgot, or was too lazy to write down or too minor.

Terrain updates at certain locations around the map.
You can now see where all players first base are when the 1 minute timer runs out.
Map no longer have waves on shores.
Minor improvements to AI.
Added Forgotten to the pool of random races when not selecting a race before timer runs out.
Changed the height of the two camera options. Now is a bit more zoomed out.
More powerful units now cost more food.
Seige units now cost less, but also deal less AoE damage.
Removed the upkeep system. Now you always get 10gold per income, no matter your food.

Made quite a balance changes but didn't keep track of them so they are not in the changelog...

Increased size of a few units.
New model for Oil Platform.
Minor AI Improvements.
Towers now cost food again.
Increased build time on the more expensive units.

Night Elves:
Changed the Base model to Tree of Eternity.
Increased movement speed of all ancients.

Naga Summoner: Renamed Darkscale - Also Sea Elementals can no longer move on land.

Bunch of changes...

Minor terrain improvements.
Now shows the awarded gold for the player who destorys a base.

Knight: Increased attack speed from 1.5 to 2.0.
Paladins: Ressucted units now have 0 mana, instead of 100%.
Barricade now costs 15 lumber down from 25.
Wizard: Flame Strike and Blizzard now deals less damage.

Raider: Changed armor from Medium to Unarmored and increased damage.
Juggernaughts can now transport units.
Barricade now costs 15 lumber down from 25.
Spirit Walker: Ressurected Taurens now have 25% health, down from 100% health.

Necromancer: Cripple now lasts 20 seconds down from 45.
Crypt Fiend: Increased attack speed from 2.00 to 2.20.
Ghouls now have Medium Armor instead of Heavy Armor.
Abominations will now pull targets more consistently on top of them instead of behind them.

Night Elf:
Glaive Thrower now have the Vorpal Blades ability.
Fan of Knives now deal 90 maximum damage down from 150.

Naga Siren: Frost Armor now lasts 25 seconds up from 10.

Increased duration of Banish to 10 seconds up from 6.
Barricade now costs 15 lumber down from 25.
Doom Guard: Rain of Fire now deal 100 damage down from 150.

Increased the health regeneration of Faceless and Forgotten One.
Qiraj: New Spell - Locust Swarm.
Obsidian Obelisk now have a global range on the summon, but can now only be cast once.
Corrupted Treant - Replaced with new lumber harvester that can also detonate to dispel buffs - Soul
Increased size, health, damage, and food given from Dark Spawn and now limited them to 5.
Obsidian Machine - Removed!
Obsidian Creations no longer requires Oil Platform to research.

Updated and improved AI.
Minor terrain improvements.
Spectator command now works with allies disabled.
Resources and Control Points now gain 5 armor per upgrade, up from 2. Also Iron Mine, Fountain, and Altar now have 1000 health up from 500.
Reduced movement speed of all seige units to 220 down from 250.

Necromancer now cost 8 gold up from 6.

Doom Guard: Now have Medium Armor instead of Heavy Armor.
Pit Lord: Now cost 20gold, down from 25.

New Unit: Sea Turtle, costs only wood.
Hydra no longer cost wood.

Tons of balance changes.

New Race: Forgotten
Terrain Improvements
Moved a Control Point near Purples Base.
Reduced the damage of all Battlship type units that deal seige damage.

Sorceress: Slow is no longer autocast by default.
Peasants now use the Standard Model.
Spell Breaker: Steal Magic now cost 50 mana up from 30.

Witch Doctor: Curse is no longer autocast by default.
Burrow: Greatly increased damage.

Necromancer: Raise Dead is no longer Autocast by default. Also now costs 50 mana up from 25.
Increased the health and reduced the damage of all skeletons.

Night Elf:
Dryad: Abolish Magic - Now cost 60 mana up from 30.
Treants now have 250 health up from 200.
New models for Ancient of Lore and Ancient of Magic.

Hydra: Now have Slow Posion. Now also cost 100 lumber.
Naga Siren: Parasite is no longer autocast by default.

Pit Lord: Now have the Howl of Terror ability. Also have Unarmored instead of Heavy Armor.
Dreadlord: Now uses the other Dreadlord model.

Towers no longer cost food.
Updated tooltips for race selection.
Minor terrain improvements.
Halved the build time of almost all units.
You now start with 150 lumber instead of 100.
Reduced health of control points to 300, down from 500.
Basic weapons and some structures now take less time to build, to enable players to get basic units faster.
Almost all seige units have their armor changed to Medium instead of Fortified, their health reduced, and damage reduced.
All boats now deal less much damage and have less health.
Removed a Control Point at yellows base.

Spellbreakers: Reduced damage.
Sorceresses: Greatly reduced damage.
Call to Arms now last 120 seconds up from 45 seconds.

Spirit Walker: Units ressurected by Ancestral Spirit now have no mana instead of full mana.
Bloodlusted units are now smaller and only gain 25% attack speed down from 40%.

Night Elves:
Base now uses the Corrupted Tree of Life model, instead of the normal Tree of Life model.
Keeper of the Grove - Replaced with new unit - Shapeshifter
Metamorphis now cost 50 mana, up from 25, and now have a 40 second cooldown up from 25.
Demon Hunter, can now cast Mana Burn and have Evasion while in Demon Form.
Treants now have 200 health down from 300.
Satyr: Mirror Image now takes 5 times damage instead of 1 times.

Slaughter House: Removed
Iron Weapons no longer requires Basic Weapons to be build, and is now Called Steel Weapons and is researched from the Crypt.
Basic Weapons is now called "Reanimate" and is researched from the Boneyard.
Meat Wagon is now trained from Crypt.
Battleships no longer requires the Explosives upgrade and the Explosives upgrade have been removed.
Lich: Removed
Banshee can no longer cast Dispel Magic.
Reduced health of all skeletons.
Reduced damage of skeletal mage.
Reduced damage of Necromancer.

Sea Turtle is now a Hydra and now only have a ranged seige attack.
Murloc Priest: Ray of Disruption is now replaced with dispel.
Altar of the Depths now trains Naga Summoners.
Shrine of Azshara now trains all the basic units and contains the basic/steel weapons upgrades.
Spawning Grounds now trains Snap Dragons and Hydras.
Worker and Food units can no longer swim.

Greatly reduced maximum damage of Pit Lords, Infernals & Doom Guards.

Bloodlusted units are now smaller and only gain 25% attack speed down from 40%.

Added upkeep system. You now gain 5 gold per control point if you have over 40 food, and 1 gold per control point if you have over 80 food.
Damage and Armor upgrades now takes 20 more seconds to research each level.
New camera setting, can be activated by -med.
Improvements to AI. Will now cause less lag, and have can now play all races.
Pathing changes for almost every building.
Removed a Control Point near Purple.
Changes to unit levels, so some spells now last full duration on all units.

Restore now works on the Base building.
Cripple now costs 100 mana, up from 50.
Banshee: Dispel Magic now costs 30 mana, down from 60.

Night Elf:
Keeper of the Grove: Starfall now deals 100 damage over 10 seconds instead of 75 damage over 15 seconds.

Pitlord: New run animation.

Shredder: Increased damage.

Improved terrain, there is now more "Dark Pass" at the bottom of the big island.
Player 1, can now enable or disable allies at start of the game.
Changed formation rank of almost all units to better suit their roles. Tanks should now be at front, and ranged should now be at back, when having both units in control groups.

Paladins: Reduced health from 850 to 650, and changed armor type from Heavy to Medium.

New projectile for Watch Towers.
Blademaster: Reduced attack speed from 1.40 to 1.20.

New Unit: Lich, can cast Frost Nova and Death and Decay.

Night Elves:
New Unit: Keeper of the Grove. Can cast Tranquility and Starfall.
Dryads: Now cost 1 food, and takes 15 seconds to build, down from 3 food and 20 seconds.
Satyr: Mirror Image, now takes normal damage instead of 10 times more damage.
Warden: Reduced armor from 3 to 2, and reduced health from 800 to 600.
Huntress: Increased armor from 2 to 3.
Demon Hunter: Increased attack speed from 1.00 to 1.20.

Sea Turtle: Now also deals seige damage to units, and their damage have been increased.
Naga Tridentyr: Increased health from 380 to 400.
Naga Archer: Reduced attack speed from 2.00 to 1.7, and slightly increased damage.
Naga Siren: Increased attack speed from 1.75, to 2.00, and increased damage.
Murloc-Priest: Reduced damage.
Naga Summoner: Inreased damage.

Tinkers now regenerate mana.
Shredders now harvest lumber like a normal worker.

It is now very more unlikely that the AI will cause the game to lag. You can successfully play the game with 12 computer players with much less or no lag.
Minor terrain changes.
Base Armor and Armor Upgrade amount changed for almost every unit. Armor should be generally lower now for all races.
Magic damage now deals 100% damage to Fortified Armor and 150% damage to Heavy Armor, instead of 80% and 200%.
Seige now deal 50% damage to all other Armor Types but Fortified, intead of 30%.
Piercing now deals 125% damage to Light and Unarmored, instead of 200% and 150%.
All Bases now deal Chaos Damage, which does 100% damage to all Armor Types.
Fixed a bug that would cause some races not to be able to repair their bases.
Added and moved a few Oil Platforms.
All ships now take twice as long to repair.

Priest: Inner Fire now grants 2 armor down from 5.

Night Elf:
Satyrs no longer have posion attack, but can now cast Blink instead.
Satyrs now have 575 health, down from 700.
Increased the mana of Moon Wells to 500, up from 300.
Faeire Fire now reduces armor by 3, down from 5.

Minor damage changes for Fel Guard and Succubus.
Warlock: Firebolt now deals 150 damage down from 200, and stuns for 2 seconds, down from 3.

Reduced damage and increased attack speed of Rocket Towers.

Small improvements to AI.
Armor and Armor Upgrade changes to a few units.

Night Elf:
Huntresses now have the Sentinel Ability.
Archer now have Light Armor instead of Medium Armor.

Ghost can no longer Detonate.
Banshee now have a dispel spell.

Worker and Food units can now swim again.
Sea Turtle can no longer transport units.
Incrased damage on Naga Tridentyr and Naga Archer.

Dreadlord: Vampiric Aura now have a 100% lifesteal instead of 30%.
Minor damage increase on Fel Guards and Succubusses.
Pit Lord: Increased range of cleaving attack to 200, up from 150.

Clockwerks now have medium armor.

General AI Improvements and AI can now also play Night Elves.
Removed a horse.
Replaced a few Oil Platforms.
Increased range of Magical Fountain mana regen to 1500, up from 800.

Grunts now have 500 health, down from 600.

Crypt Fiends now have a massive regeneration while burrowed.

Night Elves:
Reworked Demon Hunter. Contains too many changes to list.
Slightly increased damage of Druids.

Brawlers now have Unarmored Armor, instead of Medium Armor.
Greatly reduced damage of Shadow Priests.
Base can now attack enemies.
Headquarters now also have the reveal ability.
Greatly reduced damage of Shredder.

All new terrain for entire map!
Implemented experimental AI. There might be problems with lag if you have too many players. Don't know yet if this is related to AI only.
Iron Mine now also gives a 15% bonus to damage.
Reduced the mana regenertaion range of magical fountains.

Paladins: Increased the mana cost of Holy Light to 40, up from 20.

Armor changes to various units.
Blademaster: Bladestorm now deal 200 damage over 7 seconds, instead of 180 damage. Now also have the Wind Walk ability.

Death Knights: Increased the mana cost of Death Coil to 40, up from 20.

Naga Summoner: Reduced the mana cost of Healing Wave to 50, down from 80.

New food unit for goblins.

All Town Halls now take 60 seconds to build, down from 120.
Goblins have been added to the rotation of random bases, if you don't select a base before time is up.
Fixed a bug that would cause some seige to not damage enemies when attacking ground.

Armor type changes to various units.

Night Elf:
Moon Wells, now cost 50 lumber up from 25.

Reduced the price and health of many units.
Sea Turtle now only use ranged seige attack against buildings. Also its armor have been changed to fortified.

Now only have the worker clockwerks, and those now grant food.
Various bugfixes & balance changes, new spells, removal of spells, etc.

New Race - Goblins

Ghosts can now detonate to dispel buffs, and deal damage to summoned units.

All Races:
Balance Changes & New Models. Too long time and too many to note.

You can now become any color when using color commands, no matter if the color is already taken.
You no longer lose if you do not make a base in time. You are now instead granted a random base.
Reduced mana regeneration range of Magical Fountain to 2000, down from 10000.

Bladestorm now deals 180 damage over 7 seconds, instead of 280 damage over 7 seconds.

Crypt Fiends no longer requires Basic Weapons.
New Unit: Banshee
Disease Cloud now lasts 20 seconds, down from 120.
Undeads can now unsummon buildings.

Night Elves:
Abolish Magic now deals 200 damage to summoned units down from 300.
Wisps can now detonate.
Ancient Protector now deal Piercing Damage, and have its range reduced.
Fan of Knives now deals 30 damage per target, and is now limited to 300 damage.

Sea Turtle now have its Cargo Hold size reduced.
Reduced price of a few units.
Crushing Wave now deals 45 damage per target and is now limited to 450 damage.

Fel Stalker now have the Devour Magic ability, instead of Feedback.

Players now start diffrent locations on the map.
Altars no longer heal nearby units, but instead have a spell that can be used to heal nearby friendly units.
Magical Fountain now only gives mana to friendly units, and its range have been increased by a huge amount.
Added more Oil Platforms.

New Unit: Spell Breaker - An anti spellcaster unit.
Wizard now cost 15 gold, up from 10.

Blademasters now have 325 health down form 400.
Bladestorm now deals 60 damage over 3 seconds.

Ghouls now harvest 3 lumber per trip, up from 2.

Night Elf:
Dryads now have Shadow Meld.

Naga Summoners now have 280 hit points.

All shipyards can now repair.
New spawn location for players. You can still select your base anywhere, just recommended near your spawn.
Base Creator now have a longer sight range.
All Seige now have 100 Range.
Added indicators when hovering over armor types, to see how much percentage damage each armor type and weapon type will take and deal.
Minor terrain updates.
Spells now deal less damage to Light and Unarmored units, and more damage to Heavy Armored units.
Oil Platforms repair is now on autocast by default.
Control Points and Resources now regenerate life.
Map now contains 4 oil resources down from 6.
Seige units no longer cost lumber.

Riflemen now have Unarmored Armor, instead of Light.
Militia now have Medium Armor, instead of Unarmored.
Reduced damage of Seige Tower.
Mortar Teams now cost 25gold, up from 15.
Inner Fire now lasts 40 seconds up from 20, and increases damage dealt by 10%.

Headhunter now have Light Armor instead of Unarmored.
Bladestorm now deals 125 damage over 10 seconds, instead of 245 damage over 7 seconds.
Board now deals 200 damage.

Skeletal Grunts now have Medium Armor, instead of Light Armor.
Skeletal Archers now have Unarmored Armor instead of Light Armor.
Cripple now lasts 45 seconds up from 10.
Ghosts now cost 5 gold, up from 3.

Night Elves:
Abolish Magic now cost 30 mana, up from 15, and deals 300 damage to summoned units up from 10.
Increased the gold cost of Glaive Thrower to 25, up form 20.
Night Elves battleship now do splash damage.

Ray of Disruption now deals damage to summoned units.
Sea Turtles now only deal seige damage to Buildings. They now deal normal damage to all other units.

Demons now create buildings like Orcs instead of Increased transport size of certain demon units.
Reduced Armor and Armor Upgrade for Infernal.
New models for Base, Demon Citadel and Demon Tower buildings.
New Ships for Demons.
Firebolt now deals 200 damage instead of 100, and stun lasts 3 seconds instead of 2.
Added Barricades to demons.

Made map bigger, anw now supports 12 players.

Puverize chance to proc have bee reduced to 10% down from 20. Least i think it was 20.

Night Elves:
Huntresses now cost 18gold up from 15.
Dryads entangling roots now only works for 1 target.
Demon Hunters now cost 15 gold up from 12.
Treants now cost 60 lumber, up from 50.
Treants health have been reduced to 300, down from 500.

Many balance changes. Mainly nerfs.

New Race: Demons
Armor upgrade changes to various units and most buildings.
Seige now does less damage to all other armor types but Fortified.
Heavy armor should now take more damage from all attacks, and piercing should now do more damage to all armor types.

Ressurection now ressurects 1 unit, down from 3.

Taurens now cost 15 gold, up from 10.
Shamans now cost 10 gold, up from 7.
Spirit Walker now cost 6 gold up from 5.
Reduced chance

Night Elf:
Huntresses now cost 15 gold, down from 20.

Animate Dead, now animates 1 unit down from 3.

Sea Turtle no longer requires mount to be build.
Reduced movement speed of Sea Turtle to 200, down from 250.
Increased the Transport Size of all Naga Units.
Reduced health of Sea Turtle to 600, down from 800.
Snap Dragon no longer requires mount to be build.
New Building: Ancient Temple, Damage and Armor upgrades moved here, and this now serves as a lumber mil.
Coral Bed, no longer serves as a lumber mill.
Increased gold cost on most naga units.

Towers are no longer limited to 12.
Towers now cost food.
Damage and Armor upgrades, are no longer researched from the base building.
All base buildings, now have some kind of defense.
All players now start with 30 gold and 100 lumber.
Players now recive 100 gold from destorying an enemy players base.
Control Points, now have True Sight.
Oil Platforms, now have the Repair ability.
Magical Fountains, now restore mana to nearby units.
Altars now restore life to nearby units.
Iron Mines, now have Devotion Aura.
Minor terrain changes.
Control Points now have 500 hit points, up from 100.
Adding -name command, to set a custom name.

Call to Arms now only lasts 45 seconds.
Barricade now cost 25 lumber, up from 10.

Barricade now cost 25 lumber, up from 10.

Increased the damage of necromancers.
Ghosts now have 1 hit point, down from 80.
Possession now takes 2 seconds to cast, down from 4.
Crypt Fiends, now requires the Basic Weapons upgrade to be built.
All skeletons now have light armor.
Skeletal Warriors now have Heavy Armor.
Health Changes to all Skeletal units.
Ghouls now harvest 2 lumber per trip.
All skeletal units are now classified as summoned.

Night Elves:
Treants are now classified as summoned.
Treants are no longer created from wisps, but trained from Base and Tree of Life.
All ancients now cost 1 food.
Archers now have Medium Armor instead of Light Armor.
Demon Hunter and Satyr now have Medium Armor.
Demon Hunters now do splash damage in demon form.

New unit: Sea Turtle, a melee seige unit. Can also carry units.
Mur'gul Slave and Murloc are no longer amphibious.

Newest version is also now avaliable on, if you wish to host it on bnet.

You can no longer train food units when you reach the food cap.
Bases no longer provide food.
Reduced health of all bases to 2500 down from 5000.
Increased health of all ships, and ships now only cost lumber to make.
Minor terrain updates.

Increased duration of divine shield to 8 seconds up from 5.

Board no longer deals damage.

Increased the lumber cost of skeleton to 30, up from 20.

Night Elves.
Base building can no longer attack.
Increased damage and stun duration of Harpoon.
Damage from fan of knives is no longer limited to 300.

Increased cost from Naga Siren and Archers to 5, up from 4.
Naga Archer now have Light Armor instead of Medium Armor.
Reduced health of Naga Archer to 375 down from 450.
Reduced health of Murloc Priest to 325 down from 375.
Snap Dragon now have Medium Armor, instead of Light.

Bug fixes, new icons for damage and armor upgrades.

You can now send more gold and lumber in the F11 menu, with each click.
All buildings can now be placed on unbuildable terrain.
Damage and Armor upgrades cost have been reduced to 25 gold and 50 lumber per level, down from 100 gold and 100 lumber per level. Also each level now takes 60 seconds to research.
Units now start with diffrent armor values, rather then all units starting with an armor of 0. They also recive diffrent values from upgrades.
Made tips stay on screen longer.
Changed the -spec command, so you now become a real observer. This fixes a bug with sharing vision with allies of entire map.
-color commands now only works for colors that aren't already taken.

No changes.

No changes.

No changes.

Night Elves.
Druids, Faerie Fire is now on Autocast by default.

Damage from Crushing Wave have been nerfed to 70 from 120.

Trees now have 200 health up from 100.
Price changes to upgrades, generally they all cost more.
New town hall type building for every race, that can produce food and workers when your main base is dead.
Minor bug fixes, and improvements to icon placement.
You are now granted 500 lumber when your main base dies. This way you can build a new base if you escape with any workers.

Terrain Updates and Balance changes. Also experimental AI you can enable by turning on the AIDetection trigger if you open the map. Very buggy though, can't use boats and only humans.

Made map bigger.

Added a few trees in cities, to make them more attrative for first bases.

I be damned if i can remember all this, so exuse the vague description.
Added damage and armor upgrades, that can be researched from the base building.
Humans now have Arcane and Cannon Towers.
Balance changes for Naga, Undead and Humans.

Minor change to lumber harvesting.

Players now start with 10 gold.
Undeads now start with a single Ghoul.
Upgrades now cost more money.
Workers now gather less lumner. Night Elves gather more lumber.
Ships now have less health.
Units now take longer time to train. The more powerful the unit, the longer time it takes.
Units now have smaller pathing.
Food units now grant more food.

Minor balance changes. Nagas have been added again, now with new units and spells.

Everything rebalanced. All units are now bigger, and deal more damage and have more hit points. New spells have been added to alot of units, and units are also now more expensive. Added questlog filled with information ingame.

Added a sound when displaying hints.
Enabled the ability to ally, using the F11 menu.
Undeads no longer can make graveyards on unblighted ground.
All skeletons now cost 5 wood to train.
Spirit Towers now require the basic weapons upgrade.
Zombies are now trained from the Base, and Acolytes can no longer Raise Zombies.

Released on THW.


[highlight]Thanks to all you people who made these models and spells.

xXSoraXx - Death Grip Spell

Misha - NagaCitadel

Misha - NagaSorceror

Naga Tridentyr by Tarrasque

by takakenji

Wild Horse
by iristle

Female Human Mage
by AndrewOverload519

by Mephestrial

by Tenebrae

by Sellenisko

Alternate Orc Peon
by paulH

Damage and Armor upgrade icons:

Satyr Worker

Demon Town Hall

Legion Teleporter

Demon Shipyard

Naga Royal Vault

Clockworker by Rizz_Boomer
by Rizz_Boomer

goblin hallupdated2anim31
by Burning_Dragoon5

Pirate Battleship (Hexed)
by ViralHatred

Female Goblin
by Kuhneghetz

Faceless One Mastermind
by -Grendel

Assailant Spire
by -Grendel

by Sin'dorei300

Ancient Sacrificial Pit
by Ujimasa Hojo

Ancient Vault
by Ujimasa Hojo

Quiraji Warlord
by -Grendel

Guardian Wisp
by JesusHipster


conquest, domination, cp, control points, capture, resources, strategy, melee

Conquest 7.0a (Map)

13:43, 1st May 2013 Orcnet: a different risk map where you find a suitable base is quite a unique idea, much of the game play and good terrain, any else map approved
Level 4
Oct 5, 2007
One major problem I found with this map is the use of too many big spells on normal units. I can pretty much just run around the map with twelve guys flamestriking the shit out of everything. My advice-Remove them big spells like flamestrike/blizzard and the other ones have no business being on normal units. Otherwise I love the map I play it a lot and that was the only flaw I saw so far.
Level 1
Dec 10, 2013
i think skeletons really need more HP, since they die with a single dispel magic. Or remove foodcost for trained skeletons :wink:
Level 12
Feb 20, 2013
i think skeletons really need more HP, since they die with a single dispel magic. Or remove foodcost for trained skeletons :wink:

Intentional. They basically are free units, only costing lumber. Undead have a very efficent lumber harvesting with Ghouls. A popular tatic with undead is just to build skeletal units, and mass upgrades, since you have loads of gold. When they had higher hp, this was very effective.
Level 21
Apr 6, 2010
Workers can't be hit by Charm, though I suspect that's on purpose.

A suggestion (even if AI only): when a player has neither units nor structures left (only has control points and claimable buildings), defeat him or repeatedly ping their locations, because at that point it is extremely tedious to scour the map with literally no way to die looking for the points and buildings they had (and sometimes they're obscured on the minimap by the building next to them).

The leaderboard often says the last AI player has two control points left when only one is visible.

An AI bug: often they go to war taking their food units with them. Do they use food the same way the player does or is it intentional?

I liked the surprise army (sorry Heidy), though the screen kept shaking even after I'd beaten them.
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Level 12
Feb 20, 2013
Thanks for the feedback. Will look into the defeat thingy. As for AI, i am aware of the bug, and only way to fix it is make them classfied as workers. I do not want that. Also food is used early on to capture stuff. I have a solution, but too lazy to implement. Never really tested the easter egg, will look at that, and maybe make some more ;>
Level 2
Feb 16, 2011
This map is awesome, however, it could use a few more races. Like the ogres instead of putting them along side the goblins, the gnolls, the trolls as a separate faction instead of keeping them with the orcs, even the High and Blood Elf could be added, focusing one on physical combat and the other on mid-range caster combat. To be honest there are many races that can further improve the map. I hope i've given a new and nice idea. :)
Level 1
Jan 1, 2014
The map looks really nice so far but my poor little macbook cant handle the icons so it has crashed on every race that I have tried, anything you can do about that? It may have nothing to do with me being on a mac though idk. So far clicking on the human blacksmith, undead graveyard, demon barracks (cant remember the name) and naga builder unit caused the game to crash.

EDIT: Every single upgrades building causes the game to crash
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Level 3
Jun 23, 2012

I was trying to start this map in warcraft but evrytime it just goes back to the "select map menu thing" or something so i tryed opening it with worldeditor and it came with this error after telling me that "destroy trigger isent a valid trigger: This application has encountered a critical error: Not enough storage is available to process this command. Program: c\program files (x86)\warcraft iii\worldedit.exe Object: [email protected]@ Press OK to terminate the application.
Level 23
May 3, 2009
Hey! I love this map one problem.

There is currently a unit that has water walking and siege damage. (this means they can avoid the units that counter them, that and they can destroy ships. by themselves.) Revenants I believe. That is extremely game breaking in my experience. Make a meele siege, and slower movement speed and no water walking. This way it enables players to use ships instead of revenants. In games I have been In revenants are used over ships.

Dark Spawn also need work. level 8 upgrade allows to go from 19-91 damage. :/ Which is quite overpowered for a level 1 unit.

Plus you can add Draenei, Angels, Elves (Regular like high Elves, and you can upgrade to either high elves or blood elves, magic based army, but not abusable), Werewolves, and finally you are missing Nerubians ;.; .
Otherwise great love it!
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Level 23
May 3, 2009
Well. The AI does some weird stuff sometimes. They sometimes go on a move command instead of an attack command. I have no idea why but eh. More of a multiplayer game. (Insane AI usually according to race do not upgrade accordingly. The biggest problem is that they do not produce ships, so people just go naval and slaughter them.)
For the other part, what version of WC3 are you using, do you have the latest version? (1.26)

The problem macs suffer is not due to patches or anything like that but about the select icons themselves. Here is the link to what I'm talking about: &

If you could fix this problem I would be most overjoyed as I've been wanting to play this map for a long time.
Level 12
Feb 20, 2013
Did you by any chance play it with AI? They can cause lag, depending on the race/location combination, and highly likely to cause some late game, espically if you have many of them. I know whats causing it, problem is finding a solution. It mainly happens when AI gets stuck and starts spamming various move commands. Late game with big armies, high chance for AI to get stuck.
I could try fix, but would take too long and i have no way to test since i do not have a mac. I'm sorry, maybe i'll look into it in the future, but no plans atm.

Right I know for certain that it's the upgrade icons (the ones in the blacksmith etc) that are causing the crash so, if you tell me which ones you used I can make them into mac compatible icons for you. There would be no change at all and the filesize might actually be lower afterwards.
Level 1
Jul 13, 2014
i like it alot. thanks for putting in a computer ai ^.^ i would like to see some changes to the forgotten race though.

dark spawn feel kinda worthless by comparison to other race units like dreadlords and treants. also could we perhaps seethe dragons becoming a heavy armor unit. and perhaps replacing phantasm on the qiraj? i find myself not using it often!

though ive only played about 40 games of conquest so far that seems to be the general feel ^.^ <3 the forgotten
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Level 2
Jun 25, 2014
Love it! However becuase i played alone i have a few thing i would like to note
-AI doesnt rebuild- upon destroying main base they didnt care at all. None of the games in which they had workers left (and they did in a LOT) they built a townhall again. Gave them wood and gold with cheats but still nothing. Built basically every building again excepting the town hall.
-Passive-ish - Altough they attack control points and horses (Cleverly done, i must say) in one game i built orc burrows on the road they took to an allied AIs base. For 10 minutes they only sent units in groups of 3 and decided to just move along, ignoring the 4 burrows and baricades which were killing them. After that they attacked the burrows with very few troops, 5 ghouls 3 crypt fiends and an abomination (knowing they had around 20-30 control points).
Now this one is quite worying...
-Wrong Race - Now this one is really weird. Just played a game before posting a comment. Went forgoten and ally went naga. An AI went human but had a orc base. It attacked and captured a control point with the base but it did nothing else. Just auto attack whenever i got near. No workers, no nothing. Did a greedisgood 10000 but still nothing... I have no ideea how and why it appeared but it was... odd...
Besides that i actually love the map, unless a map is strictly made on AIs (this one is made on multiplayer) i ignore most AI bugs. So 5/5 but i would really want you to see as to the wrong race bug, its the first time. Note- in the lobbu i didnt select a race for the AI.