Conflict For Sereg D`or

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Conflict for Sereg D`or takes place in a world rife with political conflict and strife. There is very little trust among factions and the stage is set for war.
Website for Comments/Questions/Ideas:

1) Detailed Upgrade Based Spawning.
2) Minor Heroes that become full heros.
3) Player activated and linear events.
4) Unique Economic System.
5) Event Alliances.
6) Detailed back-story, and lore.
7) And considerably more!

Conflict for Sereg D`or 4.0

- Added in inventories for all heroes.

- Added in Bukinatal Hero Event for Gray

- Added in the new alliance events

- Removed old alliance system

- Added in Debug for leaderboard

- Clarified the Nalestor joining empire text.

- Various other minor changes.

Conflict for Sereg D`or 2.7A

- Quests updated as incorrect text for Mino Pact

- Fixed pathing bug from editor save problem.

Conflict for Sereg D`or 2.8A

- Added in New Troll Rebellion command for pink. This lets him join CS at any time and become the Troll City State. Type -troll rebellion to get this event.

- Nerfed Flesh Titans from 3500 hp to 2500 hp. Attack from 100 to 75.

- Nerfed all Fear Aura to half their former movement speed reduction.

- Nerfed Demonic Aura on Blue. -now only raises by 15% move speed.-

- Buffed multiple high elf units.

- Changed Dwarf Sgt and Chaos Dwarf Sgt to pierce damage.

- Code optimization to Lesser Empire spawns.

Conflict for Sereg D`or 2.9

- Bukinatal emissary now counts as living.

- New alliance Dark Pact between Dark Elf and Otters. Type -Dark Pact when you have level 5 demi god of shadow, and level 5 fel otter cultist. *To clarify for rest of changelog, only one alliance event per group*

- New Last Alliance event for Yellow and Pink. This event can only fire if vampire court has happened. Type -last alliance as yellow or pink to ally. *If pandas are going servitude I suggest you wait, I didn't code an exception into that event yet to make that not bug out.

- Lowered requirements for Dark Elf, and High Elf Alliance to level 5 heroes.

- Broken Spawning requirements throughout purple/pink/yellow have been fixed. Proper spawn ratios and spawning should occur now. *Thanks to witch and others for finding this*

- Added new frost mage upgrade to yellow.

- Fixed High Elf Ranger Hero Portrait bug *Thanks shadow*

- More coding optimization

Conflict for Sereg D`or 3.0

- Added in Spawn Rally to CFSD. -Long awaited change.-

- Added in Blue/Red alliance. This alliance is activated by typing -taint. Going servitude breaks this alliance.

- Event text for getting tiber spear was wrong. Fixed now.

- Tooltip on Queen of Corsairs had wrong information as well.

- Trimetal Crown now drops from Kul'namoth upon it's death.

- Vel'jun Longtusk *Troll rebellion hero* now has a city state ring.

- Mostly putting this update out there for the blue/red alliance and spawn rally.

Conflict for Sereg D`or 3.1

- Added in new requirements for alliances. Blue/Red alliance requires red panda mage, and troll mage to be level 5 respectively. The Green and Red Alliance requires level 5 otter king, and level 5 Minotark Chief.

- Fixed hotkey issues on Paktarn heroes.

- Nerfed Shogun's ultimate from 425 damage to 250 damage.

- Changed Broken Spirit Swarm hotkey.

- Fixed LB/Blue Alliance, and changed it's text in quest menu so it correctly mentions that you have to type -serve Naghullak as lb.

- Fixed Otter Hammer Duplicating.

- Fixed Way of the Samurai hero skill from not working.

Conflict for Sereg D`or 3.2

- Fel Ogre no longer requires bandit king to die.

- Vampire Court now gives LB a new minor hero because he loses the ability to get the vampire hero.

- Nerfed Kamikaze Spell from 100% at highest level to 15/30/45%

- Fixed Rally Point for FT Knossus

- Added a minor heal to evil Lohun.

- New event for Lohun at level 10. If Lohun dies after this happens orange will not receive him.

- If Blakoth dies an Undead minor hero version of him is spawned. He will become full power blakoth still if he gets all 4 shrines, and can still activate the chaos dwarfs.

- Fixed charming darius/durant

- Fixed Red/Blue happening after vampire court.

- Full Hero transform for Paquar

Conflict for Sereg D`or 3.3

- Nerfed Flesh Titans further down to 2000 hp, and 65 attack.

- New Elven Supremacy upgrade for yellow

- Buffed elf conscript base hp by 100

- Nerfed range on red catapults

- Nerfed AShan towers attack rate by 33%

- Raised lumber cost of orange altars

- New named defense tower in orange south base

- New ultimates for dg wolf hero and nagaking in full hero form.

- Raised cooldown on missiles for goblin, and fixed stutter

- Fixed lb vamp crimson tide bug

- New abilities for many units! *thanks to arvay for suggestions*

- Buffed Corrupt Ents, and War Ents so they are heavy armor, and have a higher attack rate.

- fixed hotkey bug for venom spray

- Cannibalize now targets enemy units instead of friendly units

- Added resistant skin to otter demis

- Can no longer charm many of the special neutrals.

- Fixed neutrals spawning bug *ongoing bug from many versions ago*

- Nerfed Lodis HP

- many other minor changes

- Replaced Gazdrull's Speed Aura with a Vamp Aura

Conflict for Sereg D`or 3.4

- Added new ultimate for Korak the bloody.

- Added in repair ability to nature wisps

- Added in gurth'kano emperor event if he gets the trimetal crown.

- Added in new passive speed 5% aura to high elf sorc

- Replaced the dwarf scout with spirit scout on high elf

- Children of Wren now have attack and def leveling up

- Fixed bugs with the frostomancy elves

- Nerfed axe throw, and inferno fist.

- Removed unholy frenzy from chaos trolls, replaced with berserk

- Nerfed chaos troll damage

- fixed broken hotkey issue on dragon lord heph

- Tried to make the opening text less horrible.

- fixed elf supremacy not applying to frost elves

- Various minor fixes

Conflict for Sereg D`or 3.5

- Re-made all fort spawns so that non-empire players spawn different units from each other if they own them. For instance red owning fort creates drunken brawlers instead of merc units like old versions. This has been applied to all forts, and vark. -Metal_Brick's idea

- Reterrained Fort Civus

- Added in two new towns and some neutral creeps north and south of Empire, with some terrain changes as well.

- Added a worker unit to The Dark Gates

- Increased the Model Size of The Dark Gates

Conflict for Sereg D`or 3.6

- Buffs from the Elf Crown are now unique -arvay idea-

- Culdendel Conscripts now spawns different units at level 3

- Centaurs now have drunken brawler

- New ultimates for Ogre Archmagi and Bandit King full hero

- Cannibalize skill only worked on undead replaced with Undead Servitude

- Buffed Resurrection from 6 to 10

- Buffed Elven Fury

- Fixed damage caps on waves

- Fixed bugged Phoenix Wave

- Aisha'a barrage is no longer fireballs

- Fire elements have immolation

Conflict for Sereg D`or 3.7

- Fixed Hotkey issues

- Made Varshen Temple work correctly

- Added in Alliance Penalties.

- Changed amount healed by healing wave from troll shamans.

Conflict for Sereg D`or 4.0 Changelog:

- Buffed all basiccasters to have more durable HP.

-made orange's satyr hero ranged, too many melee heroes.

- Reworked Gurth'kano spell set to have less aoe.

- Reworked High Elf Priest to have less aoe.

- Blakoth Gains chaos damage in full form.

- New abilities for Avatar of Earth and Water.

- All priests are now on par in terms of abilities, and stats.

- Picking Republic gives a global aura from Minotaur base as well.

- Numerous new abilities for units, and stat re-balancing.

- Gave Everin redbeard trueshot aura instead of evasion as he has innnate drunken brawler.

- Orvark is now a ranged hero.

- Permanent Summons are back in the game with a few exceptions such as ultimate permanent summons IE: No Bandit Knight ult, No Dark Mage Ult, and High Elf Conscript ability.

-aura of death has greater range.

- New item for Blakoth, this is fair as DG had more items than blakoth, blakoth only had one.

- Fel Ogre spawn is now more unique from regular ogre.

- New ghoul improvement upgrade for purple.

- Upgrade cost re-balancing where necessary.

- Fixed voices on some units.

- Fixed a pathing error near The Dark Gates.

- Buffed certain mage heroes HP.

- Changed effect of Shield of Carkus to not cause lag.

- Lots of new unit ability types added into the game.

Special thanks to Arvay, and testers for feedback.

Sereg, Panther, Strategy

Conflict For Sereg D`or (Map)

10:56, 17th Dec 2008 Rui: I have played the map before, and it is OK for approval. I have added hidden tags to the description, seeing as how it is large.




10:56, 17th Dec 2008
I have played the map before, and it is OK for approval.

I have added hidden tags to the description, seeing as how it is large.
Level 8
Oct 23, 2006
For version 1.02 which should be out by tommorow or late tonight. I'm adding a scaling system that will let you play with 6,8,10,or 12 players. Instead just 12. you have to close every city state to do 8. close satyr and nature to do 10. and close city state, nature and satyr to do 6 player. The map will scale the powers of the other nations based upon this.
Level 9
Sep 2, 2006
1) This map lags on my PC as well - and is not that kind of low-end PC, but it may just be Vista to blame...

2) I was kind of surprised when I saw my icons in there... You should have used the PASBTN or the AttackType icon for the attack type (you used one for the Hero attack).

3) In the future realeases, please change my nickname and have it show "by BlackDoom" npt "by the blackdoom". ;)

Seems nice! I played it a bit, and I noticed the Panda Samurai!

Will rate it when I play it and cover it 100%.
Level 8
Oct 23, 2006
The reason there was a gap between updates for the test version recently was, I was overhauling every single one of the heroes in the game. I only didn't touch about 4 of them, but in 1.04.2I I do plan on making them better as well. The heroes who weren't updated are Otter King, Pirate Captain,High Elf Mage, and Dwarf Lord.

The new heroes that were added in this version are,

Light Mage*ranged*, Dark Mage*ranged*, Champion of the Empire*Melee*, and Great Ent*Melee*.

Several new units were added as well, such as the Dullahan.

The skill sets for the new heroes are as follows.

Champion of the Empire: Ride of the Empire*Speed boost*, Imperial Draft*summons militia/footmen/knights*,Lance Strike *Bash*, and lastly Battle Cry*75% increase to damage for 20 seconds*

Dark Mage: Unholy Servitude*Leveling Animate Dead 3/5/7*, Darkness Wave*Shockwave based 35/70/105*, Dark Ritual,*like the undead spell but changed to work on humans 33/66/100* and lastly but not least, Army of the Dead*Summons 15-25 Assorted Undead units with a cooldown of 300.*

Light Mage: Holy Light*Stomp with Low damage lasts 3 seconds 50/75/105*,Unholy Servants*Summons Dullahans 2/3/4*, Majestic Aura*Mana Regen Aura for 30%/60%/100%* and lastly his Ultimate: Healing Blast*Works like healing spray with 5 waves of 80 damage healed, 60 second cooldown*.

Great Ent: Rock Throw*Stun for 3 seconds and deal 100/225/305*, Eat Tree*Heals ent overtime for 100/200/300*,Tree Stomp*Stomp for 3 seconds and damage for 35/70/105*, and Ultimate: Spirits of The Wilds*Fast Rampage based spell with spirits of the forest 50 damage per hit*.
Level 8
Mar 6, 2007
No question

Exeptional design and gameplay.
You have managed to take an incredibly steriotyped map type and transform it into something wonderfull.

Full props and +Rep
Level 8
Oct 23, 2006
Ratherion, thank you ever so much for your suppourt, I tried my hardest to make a map that was original and innovative, and good enough to save a genre that is normally stigmatised from a terrible fate. Also, im adding 1.04.2JD in now, this adds in a lag fix based on sfx, a bug fix based on the fel orc transformation trigger, where-in he didnt fully lose humanoid units and normal orcs. Lastly, the update made the overall years take less time towards the end, where they were being noticably drawn out.

Thanks to everyone who helped out!
Level 2
Jul 20, 2007
I am curious as to how your units are made. I like to look at all maps that i can to get ideas, and i noticed that your latest version has no custum units or anything, and i cant find any triggers that create any from scratch. Can you explain how you are able to have no custum units in the editor but have them in game?
Level 8
Oct 23, 2006
Glad you like the map, and i'd like to point that I do have custom units, I just happened to use a widgetizer to reduce load time and file size. Instead of vexorian, which would have left unit data intact... Anyway, its all there you just can't see it. If you really want to find out more I have a considerably more active forum for this map on , the one on here no one ever seems to post on. Even if I make mentions of updates etc.
Level 8
Oct 23, 2006
Change log for 1.04.3:

-Redid terrain for all City States and Gravyard.

-Replaced Nerubians with Bukinatal.

-Added in Events and heroes for Bukinatal.

-Replaced all Citystate Demi heroes, with Minor hero versions of them.

-Balanced the High Elf Caledor Tower, making it weaker.

-Changed stats on Ogre units to be better.

-Added new unit for Pink, Troll Witchdoctor, which has Healingwave and Demon Slayer Abilities.
Level 8
Oct 23, 2006
Change Log for 1.04.5:

-Redid Terrain for Fort Terenas,Satyr Base, Dark Elf base, and otter base.

-New Capturable Base for Satyr: Darkborne Manor

-New Hero for Satyr: Fallen Paladin

-New unit for Darkborne Manor: Fallen Elf Mage

-Replaced Orange's Satyr demi-hero with minor hero of same name and abilities

-Removed Orange's starting Vampire minor hero

-Made Unholy servants summon have a 30 second timed life.

-Fixed some icons that displayed all 0's for data.
Level 8
Oct 23, 2006
Changelog for 1.04.6:

-New units for "EVERY" Race.

-Fixed Dullahan Summon for light mage, as well as replacing his light stomp with a new healing move.

-New Bonus Event for City States: "United They Stand" Automatically activates the Bukinatal coming to aid the Ogres, as well as giving every single city state a new minor hero! As well as improved HP for all city state units. This event occurs at year 84 if all City States are still alive *capitals not minor bases*.

-New Bonus Event for Otters: "Religious Resurgance": The otters gain a new Otter lightseeker unit as well as a new minor hero known as Otter HIgh Priest. This event will only occur if every otter base is alive, and the purified hammer is on aggronor, as well as aggronor and the aktarian king being alive by year 63.

-New Bonus Event: "Kinship of the Elves": The High Elves and Dark Elves gain respectively one unique unit from each others tech tree permanently, and they both gain a new minor hero. This Event will only occur if the high elves and dark elves are allied, and they have lost no bases,heroes, or minor heroes.

-The Sword of Virtues Item.

-Hammer of Hate for Fallen Paladin hero.*item*

-Improved Hero Design for otter hero darkness.

-Improved Hero Design for otter hero Aktarian King

-Helm of Aktar *Item for aktarian king*

-New Aktarian Mage unit, to replace wavesummoners at southern base.

-Five new normal events, including 1 for each individual city state.

-Two New Epic Events: Forge Lord, and Fel Otters.

-Sellable towers!

-Combat ships for Lightblue and Red.

-New Minor Hero for Pandaren !

-New High Elf Ranger Captain Hero for High Elves!

-New Hero Dark Elf Priest for Dark Elves!

-New Hero for Otters! Fel Otter Cultist!


-Refined spawn triggers for even less lag! and more coherency of spawns!

-Roke Sanctum, and the two new mage units that go along with it.

-Elemental Kings Boss monsters, who guard the element bases.

-Enhanced Element Base units *better stats and abilities*

-Better terrain for element bases!

-Better Spawn For Murloc base, it would have Naga like units.

-All Widgetizer Bugs fixed if I can find them.

-Lastly, but not least. Redone Spawn for Darost. *stonehenge like place*
Level 8
Oct 23, 2006
Changelog for 1.04.7A-

-New Wolf Lord Minor hero for nature.

-New Spider Queen hero for Dark Elf.

-Fixed various tooltip/mana bugs for units.

-Altered stats on water elements as well as fixing a upgrade bug.

-Drek'thall the orc king is now a Minor hero.

-New Za'darians base south of nature for Barbarians.

-New terrain for Empire Capitol.

-Changed terrain for the demonic place of power near gray.

-All demonic places of power now start hostile.

-New Centaur Khan mini-boss in the pass between Empire and Barbarians.

-Symbol of the Empire is now found on the Centaur Khan. Instead of Sigmar.*drops on khan death*

-New hydromancer unit for Empire and Pirates.

-Fixed some more tooltip bugs still evident in the protection program.
Level 5
Aug 3, 2007
Yes, you're obviously too important to chat with people. By the way panther, have you seen the sun these past few months? I'm telling ya, it's out there! All you have to do is go outside! (crawl out of the cave)
Level 8
Oct 23, 2006
Changelog for 1.06B-1.06E:

-Buff to lb's strating unit count.

-Replaced ogre bandit spawns, with enforcer spawns *hurray less useless gray*

-Fixed Mammoth Description, it used to say pigmen not trolls

-Nerfed to brown's starting unit count

-Fixed blakoth triggers for whiteshire.

-Increased duration of Black Rage of Blakoth

-Fixed hotkey for Black Rage of Blakoth

-Made Elven Caviliers based off of a upgrade.

-Add in minor hero for pink(trolls)

-Made new boss monster that guards the island demonic point south of nature

-Fixed Blakoth/Whiteshire bug

-Increased dark altars hp to 2,000 and armor type to fortified

-Added in critical strike innate to blakoth

-Added in dark teleport innate to dragon lord aka 'Count Dane Hephaestus of Knossos

-Added in Dispel Magic Innate, for full hero Sigmar II

-Fixed tooltip bugs for dark mage, and champion of the empire

-Removed Edward E Chaney II

-Freed up more space near nature, for future use, more pointless landmass area.

-New Dragonlord hero.

-Fixed Movespeeds for highelf heroes to be all the same.

- Blakoth now starts off as a satyr hero, but in a lesser form.

- Getting all 4 demonic places unlocks Blakoth's full power.

- Nerfed all shockwaves, and slams.

- Minor adjustments to terrain pathing, for some tree areas.

- New ultimate for Blakoth "Black Rage of Blakoth", it's a mass bloodlust spell. *only usable by full power blakoth*

- New Force Field spell for Chaos Dwarf Sorc

- Slight Nerf on Dwarf Force Troopers

-All ogre units have had their HP increased by 200

-Darost no longer spawns wildkin, but ents. Then Druids of the Ocean, when upgraded.

-Graveyard, is now capable of being upgraded twice, to unlock abominations, and then death knights.

-Fixed icon for elite unit summon on dwarf heroes.

-Fixed year 46 city state grand army event, to be more useful, and no more pigs.

-Changed Zombie lord hero, and removed teleportation marker, replaced with dark teleport, and critical strike. Which are both innate.

-Removed Satyr 06 year event.

-Lord Dark Leaf, now starts with Empire.

-Mithris Caledor starts as a minor hero.

-Sigmar I does not die, from event.

-Sigmar II starts as a minor hero.

-New Force Trooper unit and upgrade for dwarves.
Level 8
Oct 23, 2006
Sereg D`or Changelog: *Emergency Update, because of unknown flaw*

-Boss monster in southern demonic place is with neutral hostile not lb.

-Aktarian king has been altered, he no longer has mass dispel, but demonic mirror, and a innate bash instead of healing.
Level 8
Oct 23, 2006
-Revised Terrain for Za'daria

-New upgrades for lightblue, and gray.

-New Seige Workshop upgrade for highelves to compensate for lack of siege.

-New Tiger Rider, Hired Ninjas, and Merc Captains upgrades and units for Light blue

-New Double-tier Orcish Tribes upgrade for Halori *Unlocks Orcish Raiders, and then Orcish Shamans*

-Entirely Revised Magiroth Daemonbane, and he can now leave Whiteshire regardless of Capitol being alive or not.
Level 8
Oct 23, 2006
1.07A-C Changelog:

-Revised dark elf tunnel/to spider. New secondary section, that seperates them, so it isn't *Instant* movement to the other area.

-Wren the God of nature, available via upgrade for Nature

-Changed the costs of some Dark Elf Upgrades, based on testing.

-Revised Dark Elves, and Dark Elf terrain.

-New Creeps near Empire

-Nerfed Chaos Dwarf Sorc summon

-Changed some stats on nature units.
Level 2
Jun 14, 2007
I wrote Battle Tanks in search field and the first what I found was This map! Nothing to do with Battle Tanks! Really weak... delete catchers please!
Level 1
Apr 13, 2008
Not bad, but today afternoon we won with my mate like this:
He rallied his fel orc hero and his army from base to base, I ordered all my pandas to patrol his hero so they helped him in every fight without me not even glimpsing at the fights, I defended my tauren fortress in the meanwhile and in an hour or so the land was ours.
So, in my opinion the need for a little more player prescence would be nice, like more buildings or something, but in overall, it's a nice map. 6/10 from me.
Level 6
Feb 21, 2008
Excellent map, I love it! Host it on Every LAN I have.
I have yet to find this map hosted on battle net though, looking every day :cry:

Terrain on the aktarian empire is quite dull, Its an island filled with mass towers.

And the naga to the left of the otters are hostile to the otters, yet they are spawning the same units, history?
Last edited:
Level 2
Mar 2, 2005


I do have to say that this map was great to play and to observe, even though I did it alone. Perhaps with some more players fun would be enormously increased (not to say that the AI is already decent)

As the one who rated above me, I also have to say that you'd take some Warhammer elements and merged them with some of the Warcraft races, not that I don't like the Warhammer lore (it's already the opposite) but some things are just too... Evident. However, I'd enjoy it all, and also, using just the ingame models with such a creative spirit do rise the count up.

There's something with the AI that I cannot explain to myself still, and it is, why the Pandaren, Minotaur, Aktarians and Za'darians are the only ones who almost try to take over the nearest encampments? The other factions just stand still, excepting the ogres, who aid the troll base whenever an attack occurs.

Also, it is there a winning condition? Although I'd razed anything at sight, I had to quit the map by myself to actually end the game.

However, the map is great. A 4 by me.