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[Solved] Condition for buff doesn't pass when it should?

Level 23
Dec 3, 2020

I made a trigger for when Anti Magic Shell is cast, an ability to be added to the target unit of Anti Magic Shell; adding the +3 armor item ability which has been transformed to a normal ability.

The trigger goes like this:

Event -
- Every 1 seconds of game time
Conditions -
Actions -
- Unit Group: pick all units in playable map area and (do Actions):
- If Picked Unit has buff Anti Magic Shell Equal to True:
- Do Nothing
- Else:
- Unit - Remove "Mage Armor Bonus +3" from Picked Unit.

The problem is that it removes the ability from the unit that gives it +3 armor.
I turned off the trigger and the armor is added so that's not the issue (armor is added in another trigger).

Any idea why the condition is passing as False?

EDIT: SOLVED ---> turns out the buff did not appear for unknown reasons even though I added it in the object editor's ability Buffs field. The fix was that I just copy-pasted another buff and added it in its place and it works perfectly!
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