[Misc] Computational Geometry

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Jul 10, 2007

After hours of searching, I finally found some good lectures on computational geometry as well as a few good books. I am posting these up here so that if anyone else needs this knowledge, they don't need to go through hours upon hours of searching like I did.

Computational Geometry essentially covers advanced data structures. The simplest of these data structures is the Binary Tree, which is useful for sorting values.

Computational Geometry is used everywhere. For example, a Kd-Tree in Warcraft 3 can help sort coordinates, which means that one could easily retrieve units within a range of another unit without the use of the GroupEnum native.

Processing time can be important for things like auras. For example, if one were to have 100 moving units on a map, each with an aura that gave a bonus based on distance, that person would need to find all units within given ranges of each unit. The maximum iterations would be 9900 (100*(100-1)).

For those who would like to continue on with computational geometry, these are the most useful books I've found.
Computational Geometry: Algorithms and Applications
Geometric Data Structures for Computer Graphics

Handbook of Computational Geometry
Handbook of Differential Geometry


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Nov 11, 2006
Rules are dah rules. I can always make exceptions, although that is for specific cases. In this case, it will mostly be used as a link-back anyway, which means that it would be fine in the graveyard. It could serve as a miscellaneous tutorial, but unless the tutorial shows an example of an application related to wc3 or the hive in some way, it will have to be graveyarded.

The graveyard is a place for tutorials that don't fit the standard rules and guidelines, but that doesn't take away from the fact of whether or not they are tutorials. I'm sure this will still provide use, and they just need to download the file anyway.