complete spell set of bmp's dota fun heroes

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Jan 21, 2010
The skill of heroes i need is:

  1. Skill 1:
    Every 400 hp kappa lost, he gain 1 str
    And when this skill used 10 times he gain 1 str
    Skill 2
    Every 20/15/10/5 attack that kappa take, he gain 1 agility
    And when this skill used 10 times, he gain 1 agi

  2. Skill 1:
    Ensign ricky loses 20% of his max hp, and gain 10/15/25/35% movement and 25/37,5/50/62,g% attack speed but takes 10% more damage
    Skill 2
    Ensign rickyburn up his weapon, make each attack he deal use flak bullet, that causes mini stun that last for (stun duration) 0,3/0,6/0,9/1,2
    Skill 3
    Every 320/240/160/80 shot, ensign ricky gain 1 agility
    The counter does not reset if the skill is leveled, after the first counter is become 0, the new counter use the level of the ability
    Ex:lv 1: 320 shot, a player has attack for 120 shot, and he leveled the skill, after the 200 shot is over, the counter use lv 2 counter, 240 shot
    Ensign ricky brings the big guns to the battle field, increase his range to 1500/2000/2500, but set his ms to 150
    Nb: this skill does not interrupt cooldown and buff (non-metamorph skill)
  3. Incohatus the formless

  4. Take a nap
    The hamster lord take a quick nap, while napping, he gains +25 attack, 10% attack speed, and healing 50 hp a second, the nap last for 2/4/6/8 second, the bonusses timer counted after he wake, and last for 10 second

  5. Hax
    Makes the offender invisible even when casting spells and attacking (using item included) but drain mana each second, mana drained : 200/150/100/50

  6. Drag
    Raider and target enemy heroes paused, after 3 second, raider and the target teleported to raider's fountain
    Ps: when paused, raider can be attacked, but the target enemy hero is not, after all the target looks like being dragged to raider's position when this spell is casted
And i need them as my special hero in ancient war

See their current hero description in play dota
Anyone interested in this set of heroes, plz comment here
And, thanks to bribe for fixing my list
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Dr Super Good

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Jan 18, 2005
If its in a WC3 map, port them from the WC3 map and credit the orignal map as a source. You could even try and ask for the code the abilities use from the map author (if you want a more user friendly form of code). No need to get people to waste time remaking something already made for WC3.

As far as I know there is no liscence placed on JASS script coding in a map so you technically need not even give credits. I still strongly advise you credit the map though as it is only fair (makes you more reputable).
Level 17
Jan 21, 2010
yes, i know this will violate thw rule, since map exporting is forbidden here, so i decided to ask for help here...
Since many dota spell is around, i couraging my self to post this thread...
I'll try to see if the mpq's work, aboveall, i have make a deprotector for certain map, (but, still, i give the original creator of their model of course)..
And for anyone who read this, and want me to deprotect some map, I DO NOT TAKE DEPROTECT REQUEST, since it violates the site rule, so back to topic, dsg, can you make me one of these spell?
Or anyone?
ask those people who loves making DotA spells... I personally don't like making them for public use as they are already made...

if I get motivation I could, but I'm so busy with projects...

and one more thing that makes me lose motivation is that the text you posted is hard to understand... at least separate each spell into hidden tags...