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Level 1
Apr 5, 2005
I'm gonna start the project RpG!, need a Work-team.

I need:

2.Terrain creater.
3.Heroes maker.
4.Ability maker.
5.Icon maker.

Do you have high skills on doing Cinematics?
Well sign.

<Terrain Creater>
Can you make Unbelivable nice Terrains?
Well what do you waiting for?, sign up.

<Heroes Maker>
Can you make 100 Heroes? (no abilities)

<Ability Maker>
Are you a Creative ability maker?
Sign up.

<Icon Maker>
Do you got the right skills to do Very high Quallity icons?
Sign up.

I can make all this... but i maybe need more ppl for this 1.

The part: Ideas, helping Create this RpG.
Sign up.

<Sign up today>
PM me or send a E-mail at [email protected]
and give me your msn if you have msn...

later on... the begining of our map... is gonna be faded with our names in cinematic. (Cinematicer dosen't include in that part)
Level 1
Apr 5, 2005
Icon Creater huh!
Sounds good, i don't know how good you are but can you give me a prove?
if give me 2 Icons(This 2 is not gonna be in the RpG)
Icon 1:
a Sword
Icon 2:
a ability (You choose)

and Yes you can have 2 Professions.
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