Battle land: Stranglethorn Vale!

Level 7
Jun 29, 2008
Hello everyone!
I started a project for a mounts ago.I was bussy and stop for some time to doing it.
He was called Battle of Ancients but i think to make chain Battle Lands.
This project is not finished! Thanks to the interested people that wanna to help me.
Current Team.
sadvisor (terrain)
Djole (item maker)
Me (item maker,hero maker,spell maker and the map creator).

Berzeker but can be more.

May be everyone knows stranglethorn vale and its not needed story.

About the map:
Its going to be fighting map with a lot of heroes.
Everyone will start with one hero and 3 units choosen from him.
They will be some modes.
The win will be based on killed heroes.
A lot of items will be here to buy them and they're specific items for every hero.A lot of more and more.

We Have Done.
Terrain - 100% ( Done ).
Creeps - 0% ( Not started... )
Heroes - 12% ( 11 heroes are done they must be more ! )
Spells - 5-10% ( Bad bad! )
Items - 5-10% ( Bad bad! )
Overall - 18% ( is done bad... )

Battle System (showing dmg dealt)
Up to 5 spells for each hero
Max level 30
Custom models/icons/skins
Equipment System
And more!

What the map's needs!
We need - Triggerer,creeps maker,spell maker and loading screen maker.:thumbs_up:
You can see it now !


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