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ClockRing: The Dynamic AoS! (FFA, 6v6, 4v4v4, anything!)

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Jan 4, 2011
Hello! This is my first post at The Hive! Please excuse the unattractiveness of this post - I am unfamiliar with the formatting, and could not figure out how to do "spoiler" boxes, etc.

I am here to show you my map... Clockring: The Dynamic AoS
The initial goal of this project was to create an FFA AoS. I quickly realized I did not need to limit the Map to just FFA, and decided to turn it into something completely adaptive. This Map blends the default WC3 Melee experience with many of the familiar/popular AoS maps.

What is a "Dynamic" AoS?
  • A typical AoS consists of 2 locked teams. Each Player is assigned to 1 of 2 teams, and engages in a Linear battle against the opposing team.
  • ClockRing consists of no locked teams. It may be played: 6v6, 4v4, 3v9, 4v4v4, 3v3v3v3, 1v1, FFA, or any combination of Players and/or Computers you desire!
  • The AOS battle-path in Clockring is not a Line, but rather a Ring. The 12 Start Locations are located at 30 degree angles - like the hands of a Clock.

The Challenge:
A couple years ago, I asked this question:
Has an open-team AoS map ever been created?

The response was... No. (I think?) So, I decided to attempt it - and this is my most current release. ("Beta 17")

Download from EpicWar.com

Current Progress of ClockRing
Almost all of my time spent on ClockRing has been getting the systems to work, and balancing the upgrades/items/cost/etc. Very little work has been done on the terrain!!

This is my first update in over 4 months, as I was playing a lot of League of Legends, as Season 1 of LoL came to a close. (had to get that Gold tier!)
Also, the Clan I had been playing this Map with has mostly dissolved.
Assuming there is any interest in my map, I would like to keep updating/improving it - with the help/inspiration/suggestions I get here!
If not - I suppose it can drift in to the abyss!

If you want to Help:
  • Contact me: You can hit me up on League of Legends (Youtheart) or BattleNet US East (Lma)
  • Play the Map! Find bugs and/or imbalances!
  • Modeling: While I do not really want custom Units in the Map, I do want Auras/Buffs! Please let me know if you can make great Buffs, I can easily sketch and animate what I want as GIFs in Photoshop!
  • [B}Terrain:[/B] I would consider letting someone else do the terrain - I am undecided. I just have not spent much time on it yet.

Sketch of Current Beta 17 (2011-09-30)
I literally just hastily threw in the water boundaries this evening. The terrain needs lots of work.

Sketch of Original Beta 1 (2009-12-01)

How does ClockRing Work???
  • Map Init: Loop through the Base (Start Location) Region Array. If Player/Computer occupation is detected: remove the Workers, and create the custom ClockRing Base and Tower layouts.
  • Periodically: Loop through the Base Region Array, spawn Race-respective Minions for each active Player, and order the Minions to Attack-Move to the respective Junction Region.
  • When a Minion arrives at a Junction for the first time, it is randomly assigned to 1 of 2 Unit Groups: Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise.
  • Order each Minion to Attack-Move to the next Junction in the Junction Region Array... (in it's assigned direction!)
  • When a Minion arrives at a Junction at any future time, if an Enemy is detected at the respective Base Region, order the Minion to Attack-Move to the Base Region, else, order the Minion to Attack-Move to the next Junction Region in it's assigned direction.
  • Any surviving Minion left at a conquered Base are ordered back to the respective Junction.
  • Chaos ensues! Rinse, Wash, Repeat.

How is this Map similar to a Melee Map?
  • ClockRing is setup as though it were a standard Melee Game: Race Selection, Team Selection, Teams Together, Lock Team, Visibility and other typical game modifiers are all relevant and applicable.
  • Each Base contains a Town Hall - this Hall may be Upgraded to increase Food Cap and grant access to More than 1 Hero.
  • Each Base contains a Race-specific Hall, as well as Race-specific Shops, Research Buildings, Units, and Towers.
  • Many traditional Heroes have some of their default WC3 Spells.

How is this Map similar to DoTA?
  • The Shops contain a few familiar DoTA items.

How is this Map similar to HoSK?
  • When you conquer a Tower or Hall, you gain Ownership of it.
  • Telepoters take you to super "creeps".
  • Towers do Splash damage.
  • The Shops contain a few familiar HoSK items.

How is this Map similar to League of Legends?
  • Ironically, ClockRing actually plays out somewhat similiar to LoL's new relase: Dominion.
  • Language; "minions".
  • Tooltips: Hero Tavern/Altar informative "tags" inspired by the old LoL website's jquery functions.
  • Spell Hot Keys: Q - W - E - R.
  • Heroes: "C" key opens up a Passive Spellbook: Critical Strike, Bash, Evasion, Spell Power, Leadership, Movement Speed, Spell Resistance.
  • Shop structure (by type).
  • The Shops contain a few familiar LoL items.

  • -give [playernumber]: Transfers ownership of a Selected Hall or Tower to an Ally. This can bring back an Ally that has been killed off, or strategically give control of a Hall to an Ally who has more powerful Upgrades for that Race.
  • -r: Gain (formerly "-request") ownership of a Selected Hall or Tower from an Allied Computer. Does not work on the Allies default Race.
  • -ms: display Movement Speed of Selected Unit.

  • Denial of Minion selection/order.
  • Universal Passives are entirely Triggered: Items raise/lower your Crit/Bash/Evasion/etc via triggers.
  • Dynamic Food Cap: Food Cap is lowered by 1 for each Ally you have. (makes swarms/pathing manageable with Setups such as 6v6)
  • Dynamic Bounty: Killing a Minion/Tower grants varying gold depending on if you killed it with a Hero or Minion or Tower (40/20/10). This simulates the urgency of "last hitting".
  • Neutral Mercenaries.
  • Recipes, and Unique Recipes (1 per Game Instance)

HIVE RESOURCES USED (also credited within the Map!):
  • CommandAura, by JetFangInferno
  • Shiva's Wings, by JetFangInferno
  • Fire Sphere, by Kitabatake
  • Time Rune, by Matilda_Knights
  • Jungle Troll Skullsplinter, by Norinrad
  • HolyAura, by sPy
  • BTNSanitysEclipse, by 4eNNightmare
  • BTNFireyBow, by Army-of-Pandas
  • BTNHeavySword, by Army-of-Pandas
  • BTNCRDragonBloodHiveArmor, by CRAZYRUSSIAN
  • BTNRedWand2, by D.ee
  • BTNSearingArrow, by Darkfang
  • BTNSerpentShield, by DiscipleOfLife
  • BTNFireSword, by Elainiel
  • BTNArmoredBoot, by ElfWarfare
  • BTNBloodCurseV2, by Hellx-Magnus
  • BTNRitualDagger, by Hellx-Magnus
  • BTNfag, by ike_ike
  • BTNScythe, by KingB00ker
  • BTNImprovedMageStaff, by LiOneSS
  • BTNGoldenDagger, by NFWar
  • BTNAbsoluteEnchanted, by PeeKay
  • BTNBloodStinger, by PeeKay
  • BTNWhiteBoot, by PeeKay
  • BTNfireStaff, by trippledota
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Dec 3, 2006
Modeling: While I do not really want custom Units in the Map, I do want Auras/Buffs! Please let me know if you can make great Buffs, I can easily sketch and animate what I want as GIFs in Photoshop!

If you make the texture i'll try to attach it to a model with animations how you want(I can attach pretty much any texture long as it's either .jpg,.png,.tga,.blp). I figure i'll need to make some new effects for my map anyway eventually.

Add me on skype; Switch33 .
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Jan 4, 2011
Thx for the posts guys.

Well I think it is different AND that it is good, Chucky.

Everyone I have played with is generally in awe that such a thing is possible. (ie, the dynamic-team aspect)

The games are extremely unpredictable and unique. I have had games go 5 minutes or almost 2 hours (in an FFA with like 8 people).

If you guys have a group of friends/clan/etc, and want to play with me, that would be great.
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