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cJass (AdicHelper)

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
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I am proud to present AdicHelper — a cJass to vJass/Jass parser.

What is cJass?
cJass is an addition to Blizzard's JASS2 language, which is fully compatible with the popular vJass syntax. The goal of our team is to grant coders more possibilities to create high-quality and simple code. Core principles of cJass are:
  1. Macro facilities and standard library.
    They spare routine actions, letting you concentrate on implementing your ideas.
  2. Simplified syntax.
    We don't want to start over the argument about the verbosity of syntax, we just let you choose the way you like. Almost all cJass constructs can be written in JASS2-like notation.
  3. Map optimization.
    We keep all cJass additions away from complicating the resulting map's code, so using them won't hurt your map's performance. We are also working on embedded map optimizer.
You can read everything about the syntax in our online manual.

How can I use it?
NewGen WE is required to work comfortably with cJass syntax. You simply download the installer, run it and point to your NewGen folder. All required changes will be made automatically.

AdicHelper comes with an updater app, which will check for new versions and download them if needed.

There are two branches of program: stable, which is tested and generally error-free, but is updated not very often and development, which contains new features as they are created, but can also have errors.

ADOLF — ideas, coding
Van Damm (me) — ideas, coding of installer, updater and Horus, testing, public relations, english translation

Bugs and ideas
You suddenly encounter any bugs or have interesting ideas about implementing new features or extending standard library? Your reports and suggestions can be posted to this thread or our feedback section.

The setup file contains stable version of the parser itself, updater, manual, standard library, some examples of usage and full source code. The installer includes Project Horus 0.4.6 a full rewrite of Scintilla lexer library, which is responsible for JASS code highlighting in TESH. Also highlights delimited comments. Also includes slightly modified TESH to highlight cJass keywords.​

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cJass (AdicHelper) (Binary)

12:40, 5th Oct 2009 PurplePoot: I'll assume you're authorized to post this. Approved. 4/5, as I find some of the facilities (like ++/--) poorly implemented, and it isn't exactly revolutionary anyways. -- Note that this does not imply it will be...
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Jun 14, 2012
Dunno why but i cant install or run cjass. says i miss patch or the ''sfmpq.dll'' is missing on the computer. any help would be nice
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