City of Terror II (v1.2j)

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They have returned...

CoT2 is a fast-paced zombie map with a nice list of features.
It offers both survival and arena mode.
It's predecessor, City of Terror, already had jetpacks and lots of badass enemies, but now there's gonna be more.

I. Interface and Controls

Aim for the head!
In contrast to most other shooting/zombie maps, you have the ability to shoot manually in CoT2.
1.2h+ (new)
The new way to shoot:
- Use left-click (double click) and optionally hold down mouse button for continuous fire
- Stationary MGs: right click
- W and Q and -aa still work, but are not needed anymore

1.2e (TFT)
In detail, there are 4 ways to fire your guns:
- Right click enemies
- Press W (hold position) and right click anywhere
- Press Q and left click (like using an ability)
- Enable auto-attack (type -aa)

Another advantage is that you don't have to open an extra spell book for further commands (and you still have them all!).


1st row:
Q Attack
S Stop
W Hold pos
E Toggle jetpack
2nd row:
A Throw nade
R Reload
T Sprint
V Nightvision
3rd row:
D,F,G Class-specific abilities
X Shockwave (Liquid-Crystal-Armor)
The jetpack can be controlled via arrow keys or the mouse.

II. The Classes

There are 4 classes currently which can be selected at the beginning:
- Medic: Heals wounds, infection and revives fallen comrades
- Engineer: Establishes barricades and transports stationary MGs
- Explosives Expert: Plants anti-person, anti-tank (vs. bosses) and remote controlled mines
- Operator: Can display the last dropoff point for ammo (or trace enemies in arena mode), call for airstrikes and has a motivation aura

III. Weapons and Ammo

Besides the classical chainsaw, there are lots of weapons dropping throughout the game and each has different types of ammunition you can load it with, like fragmentation ammo for the rocket launcher, chlorine gas for the flamethrower and burst ammo for the shotgun.

But not all weapons and types of ammo fit in every situation, since explosions also hurt teammates and you sometimes just need a better fire rate than that of the AWP.
To use a certain weapon or ammo type just click on the item.

Basic weapons
What's more fun than killing zombies with a chainsaw?
Hell, I don't know!
The USP is the lightest gun which allows you to move swiftly and escape from precarious situations.
Good close-combat weapon.
The sub-machine-gun is an excellent choice for urban warfare.
AWP Sniper Rifle
The AWP can take out any enemy from really far away.
The machine gun can take down whole armies of zombies within seconds, but it is very heavy and makes you an easy target for fast enemies.
Rocket Launcher
The Rocket Launcher has the highest damage.
Be careful not to kill yourself or your teammates!
Flame Thrower
Great for meele combat, burn baby!
Experimental weapons (only 1 drops in every game)
The BFG (big field gun aka big f***ing gun) deals massive amounts of area damage with a moderate fire rate.
Fires bolts of pure energy, that penetrate any kind of material and ignite it instantly.
Cannot drop in Arena Mode.
Coil Gun C43
Creates a static field, causing lightning bolts to jump on nearby enemies.
Uses the same ammo as the Railgun.

Last but not least, there are stationary machine guns which can be packed and set up somewhere else by the engineer.

They only cover a certain angle, so they should be set up wisely.

IV. Enemies

Zombies? Yea, but those are the least threat for you.
This map introduces the next generation of brain-eating enemies (correct me if I'm wrong) that will push forward wave after wave, barely allowing you to stop and take a breath.
You need skill and teamplay to survive on the long run, you will barely have a chance alone.

V. Survival vs. Arena

Survival Mode
Arena Mode

In Survival Mode, your have to make it through 12 waves, which requires teamplay and skill.
There are a few tasks which can help you survive.
I will point out only the scientist in the military area (south-east), the rest is for you to find on your own.
The scientist is hiding behind a pile of trash and flesh and tries not to get eaten while you get to do the dirty work for him:
You have to get some infected blood for him so he hopefully can develop an anti-virus and later escort him out of the contaminated area.
(Thanks frostloh for the idea)

In Arena Mode, you have to reach 15.000 credits to win the game.
Each Marine you kill will increase your credits, ending a killing streak will give you even more.
With credits, you can buy various items like nades, or zombie spawns and bosses, which will hunt the other marines on their own, making their lives miserable.
There are certain marked points where guns spawn all the time, so you never run out of ammo. There also is an exclusive new gun in Arena Mode, which you can't find in Survival Mode.

VI. Final Notes

This map is supposed to be even more challenging than CoT1, so please don't start complaining about the difficulty if you've played only once or twice.
There are 11 waves of blood thirsty enemies plus an end boss waiting for you, and 5 tasks (counting those of the scientist in the south-east as two).

If you can't move there are 2 possible reasons:
1) You pressed W to hold position and shoot with right clicks
2) The infection took over (lasts at least 5 seconds, occurs when infection level >= 75)

- A short intro/tutorial so you don't have to teach newbies about the controls
- Survival with 12 waves with challenging enemies, including 5 bosses and tasks
- Arena with very fast-paced gameplay
- Jetpacks
- Custom aiming and shooting system
- Lots of weapons and ammunition and weapon sounds
- Detailed spooky environment with background music and sounds

Player commands:
-aa Toggles automatic attacking.
-m Toggles background music.
-clock Locks the camera to your marine.
-c close/medium/far/[2000<x<3300] Set camera distance.
-class Change your class (Arena Mode only).

Admin commands: (The first active player is admin)
-nj No jetpack mode.
-hd Missles & explosions deal only half the damage to Marines (Arena Mode only).
-limit x Set credit limit for victory to x (Arena Mode only).

Happy fragging!

Thanks to frostloh and AngelCarnage for ideas and motivation.
Thanks to
Frotty for the idea to detonate remotes with hero icons.

Thanks to the following people for their great models/skins!
Kofi_Banan Buildings & Phone Booth
Deolrin Crate
Dionesiist Creature from wave 2
L_Lawliet Blood splatters
Thrikodius Ammo Box
Happy Tauren Medkit
Death_Minion_ (Chlorine) Gas Cloud
The_Silent Installation Computer
Scythy Dervish Laboratory ground tile
Mr. Bob Spider Bob
chilla_killa Laptop
WILL THE ALMIGHTY Mind Flayer (End Boss)
Illidan(Evil)X Tank and Containers
MassiveMaster Street Tiles
Trollschnitzel Oil Drum
anarchianbedlam Danger Zone Post
crl Blood Plague Cloud
tee.dubs Bloody Chainsaw
modafoka Resident Evil UI

Cobbot Marine Soundset
CSS & Quake3 Weapon Sounds
Blizzard Music (Low-pitched)
Free-sound-sites Others

Shooting triggers optimized a little.
Improved shooting mechanism, can now hold down mouse button.
Nightvision makes enemies more visible now.
Friendly fire damage reduced to 33%.
New shooting system with left clicks.
Reforged version! (Enforces classic mode.)
I don't remember all the changes..
Some of them are:
- 2 more guns (Desert Eagle and xm1014)
- Minor improvements in performance and other things
- 2 more game modes:
Relaxed Survival: Has additional zombies waves in between the normal waves.
Training: Mass zombie spawn, weapon spawns and automatic revival (like arena mode)
Fixes: No infection after respawn (arena mode), various minor things
Other: New Guns: Railgun and Coil Gun
Fixes: Various minor things
Other: New Mode: Arena
Fixes: Reload bug, minor things
Other: New Interface, new class (Elite Fighter)
Fixes: Bug that caused the whole magazine to be shot at once, minor things
Other: Improved Interface
Fixes: Chainsaw doesn't hit down from roofs anymore, minor things
Other: Alternate controls (fly with mouse, auto-attack, and hotkey-attack)
Fixes: Various
Other: Added chainsaw, items spawn with a little space between them
Fixes: Sentry bots
Other: Buildings block vision
Fixes: Last 3 waves not working properly, m3 and RL alternate ammo
Other: CPU usage reduced
Fixes: Server split, minor things
Other: New task
Other: Better ambience, more sounds

Triggers: 254
Doodads: 3971
Map version (editor): 1990
Imports: 194 (4,18MB uncompressed)

Zombie, Undead, Monster, Horror, Terror, City, Blood, Splatter, Shooter, css, Guns, Weapons, Tank, Creature, Infection, Virus, Barricade, CoT

City of Terror II (v1.2e) (Map)

City of Terror II (v1.2j) (Map)

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Level 3
Nov 1, 2013
Map so dark... could make some light glow just like FullVisor map Zombie Temple Map. He has a light glow just like flashlight. I think he use some sort of triggers to make Flashlight and map darker. But your map better 4/5.
Level 10
Jun 1, 2008
Uploaded another version (1.2g):
- Shoot with (left) double clicks instead of right clicks.
I think this feels better and you can even shoot while using the MG, while flying and while having the marine deselected. Will not shoot when clicking inside AOE range of the current weapon.

- Auto-reselect of marine when right clicking or selecting an enemy unit.
- Leep ability stops current order to prevent strange turning while leeping. speed increased
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Level 10
Jun 1, 2008
Wave 8 boss keep letting the team growing infection, how to fight it?
You mean in relaxed mode 'The Rejected' (green guy with tentacles)?

- If you have to fight him alone, try to keep your distance by using jetpack and sprint. Run, shoot once or twice and run. In that case I sometimes still get a high infection level and have to use anti-virus/medic spells.
- What helps a lot is to complete the scientist quest right in the wave before. (Bring the scientist to the destroyed bridge.) Then you get the gunmen as support and they can kill him or at least distract him.

Good luck :)
Level 7
Feb 23, 2015
You mean in relaxed mode 'The Rejected' (green guy with tentacles)?

- If you have to fight him alone, try to keep your distance by using jetpack and sprint. Run, shoot once or twice and run. In that case I sometimes still get a high infection level and have to use anti-virus/medic spells.
- What helps a lot is to complete the scientist quest right in the wave before. (Bring the scientist to the destroyed bridge.) Then you get the gunmen as support and they can kill him or at least distract him.

Good luck :)
Thanks, I'll try.
Level 10
Jun 1, 2008
Information if you want to play this in Reforged, multiplayer:
There is a bug which freezes marines randomly.. has to do with the triggers. Something works differently in Reforged and breaks the system.
If I wanted to fix this, I'd have to rewrite half of the stuff, so it's not gonna happen any time soon. Sorry about that!

How bad is it?
You may play some waves together, but in the later ones a single freeze can kill you easily. So it's bad.
You'll have no problem when playing alone or in an old war3 version.
Level 10
Jun 1, 2008
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